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The Hunngry Pet Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Kevin hardly knew what had happened! One moment Eve Novack was lying beneath him with her long shapely legs raised and drawn back while he knelt between them and she held the throbbing length of his rock-hardened cock in her small hand. He was clutching with both palms and
spread fingers the overflowing lushness of her nipple-hardened breasts, and like her, staring down between their naked bodies to see her use his swollen rubbery cock-head to part the warm hair-fringed lips of her wet, heat-generating pussy when suddenly she stopped, squirming as she tried to twist and look around his hovering nakedness!

"Wh-Where did he go?" Eve abruptly questioned, letting free of his shaft of thumping hardness as she twisted even further from beneath him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kevin choked, trying to grab his wiggling cock to finish getting it into her. "For Christ's sake, hold still so I can shove it ...!"

"Stranger! Where is he?" Eve almost frantically exclaimed, wildly struggling to writhe from beneath her astonished young neighbor in his half-drunken lust, and quite successfully.

"Jesus Christ!" Kevin swore as she swung her legs up over his head with the ease of a gymnast, rolling toward the edge of the bed to bolt nakedly onto her feet, her voluptuous curves rippling and swaying
enticingly with the effort. Groggily, he knelt there with his lengthy, hardened cock-flesh in his hand, watching as she glanced distraughtly around the bedroom then ran from it through the house calling the dog's name.

Never in his frigging life had he felt so stupid as at that moment gaping down at himself to see his frustrated erection wilting in his hand. And then it struck him that just possibly the damned dog's
disappearance might just be the best thing that had ever happened to him ... because he knew he'd never fuck her now, or any other time! And with that enlightening revelation, the young woozy husband floundered off the bed and began to rapidly dress. Goddamnit, he was going home to Laura where he belonged! Maybe it wasn't too late for them ... if only she'd forgive him ...!

"He's gone! Stranger's gone!" Eve gasped out, charging into the room, her full breasts wildly dancing and quivering, tears dribbling down her cheeks. "He must have gone out the verandah doors while we were ... were ...!"

"Were making a damned fool out of me!" Kevin finished, but she hardly heard him as she ran out onto the verandah to call the animal's name again and again.

Kevin shook his head, amazed and ashamed of his own stupidity at what he had almost done. He walked out the bedroom door and through the house not too steadily, but determined to make a clean breast of the whole sordid escapade to Laura, and if she understood and forgave him for this, as well as this afternoon's brutality, then he was positive they could make it. Christ, he'd crawl on his knees to her, anything she wanted ...! Damn, he loved that girl ...!

Eve was openly sobbing when she walked back into her bedroom, the fact that Kevin Garrett had left meaning nothing to her. She heard the front door close and his car start up, aware now that if it had not been for him her darling Stranger would still be with her. She knew exactly what had happened. Her handsome animal-lover had run off in jealousy! She had hurt him, just as any lover would've been heart-broken to see his mate lustfully spreading her legs wide for another male! Oh God ... Oh
God ... what would she do now without him? Would he come back? Yes ... maybe ... once the hurt had worn out of him ... and oh, how she would pray that he did ... pray more than she ever had for anything in her life ...!

"Well ... so here you are, baby!" a familiar inflectionless voice spoke behind her and Eve whirled in the center of the room to see Bo-Bo's grinning face leering at her through its mow of whiskers. "And right
ready for cock duty, too, I see."

"Wh-What the hell do you want here?" Eve spat at him, not trying to hide her unashamed nakedness as she glared with hands on the rounded curves of her flared hips, as yet not seeing his two equally unkempt buddies in the open doorway behind him.

"Hey ... that's no way to greet a stud like me, baby!" he said, his dilated eye-pupils suggesting the high he was on. "I mean, Lady, you know what I want ... some more of that luscious treasure you got
nestled there between those hot thighs, eh!"

"Y-You filthy bastard! Get out of here before I ...!" Eve stopped short, seeing the pair of shabby, long-haired youths behind him, their lurid grins and ogling eyes letting her know that they too were as
deeply drugged as Bo-Bo.

"Tch, tch, tch ..." her three-day ex-lover sounded with his tongue. "What a way to treat me, and right in front of my friends, too. One would think you'd have a little more consideration for a cat who humped
you the way I did ... but I guess some people are just born ungrateful. Oh well, such is life, eh buds? And after the way we waited for her boyfriend to leave too so he wouldn't think she associated with the wrong people."

Eve saw the taller of the two behind him, a bony, pitted-faced youth with a scraggly Wyatt Earp mustache, chuckle as he lewdly reached down to rub the swelling front of his dirty jeans. An empty clutching of fear had already seized at the roots of her belly and though the displaying of her naked-body before men had never fazed her one way or another, it did at that moment before their drugged, sadistic eyes. She began to back hesitantly toward where her negligee lay across a chair,
inwardly praying that Stranger would suddenly trot through those opened doors!

"Oh, come on now, lady! You ain't going to need that sexy drape for us," Bo-Bo said, moving forward to snatch it out of her grasp. "After all, how are you going to fuck free and easy all wrapped up in this?" He wadded it into a little ball and tossed it toward a corner, then caught hold of her arm to usher her slowly toward the bed. "Now let's just climb right on there, hon, and show us what they taught you in the movies. Oh, my buds here ... the mustachioed one is Cy, and the weight-lifter there we call Rocks because he's got the biggest, heaviest pair of balls you ever did see. Show them to her, Rocks."

"Please, Bo-Bo ... stop ...?" Eve pleaded as he deliberately forced her back and down onto the large bed, her eyes only glancing at the huge muscular youth with the doltish face who was already pulling at the zipper of his jeans. She saw then that the one called Cy was doing the same while Bo-Bo had begun to work at the front of his. None of them wore shorts and almost immediately all three were totally naked, their hardened young penises jutting out from their hairy loins, a trio of menacing, over-sized cocks!

For once in her life, Eve Novack was loathingly shocked and actually frightened at the sight of exposed male genitals, not only because of her remorse over Stranger's disappearance, but at the unbelievable
sight of three such huge cocks pointing in her helpless direction, their thick, veined hardness lewdly heralding the hungering lust of their owners!

"M-My God! What do you think you're going to do ...?" she heard herself ridiculously question as all three began to move in on her, the one called Rocks holding his long length of thickened cock-flesh up so that she could clearly see the size of his massively swaying testicles between his muscular thighs.

"See them, lady!" he proudly exclaimed with an obscene grin. "No shit, I shoot a cupful! Ain't that right, Bo-Bo?"

"Right's rain, Rocks baby," the bearded Bo-Bo replied, watching as Eve fell back onto her elbows, her sultry eyes unusually wide while her small white teeth began to fearfully worry her lush lower lip. A thrill of raw excitement charged through him at the realization and he leaned over her, his grime-imbedded hand reaching down between her white thighs toward her blonde, curl-covered pussy lips. "Come on, hon, spread 'em farther. Daddy wants to inspect that educated cunt-hole of yours and see if anything's changed since yesterday!"

"Oh ... you-you bastard!" the naked blonde girl bitterly spat. Yet, she was too frightened of this young, drugged hoodlum to refuse, knowing his reputation and what he was capable of. Slowly, she spread her smooth trembling thighs apart for him, revealing the pink, still moistened little slit to all of their salaciously leering eyes. She gasped in surprised pain then as he dug into her with two thick fingers
simultaneously, thrusting them right up into her vagina to the palm of his hand, mercilessly fingering the nakedly spread flesh! "Aaauugghh ...! God, please, Bo-Bo! You're hurting me ...!" Eve chokingly pleaded, pressing her buttocks down into the mattress in a futile effort to escape the sadistic invasion between her defensively spread-open legs.

The mustachioed Cy sniggered, his face twisted in a lewd grin as he eagerly watched Bo-Bo's fingers slithering wetly into the pink-fleshed hole of her sparsely haired loins. Fuck, she was far out stuff, all
right. Bo-Bo hadn't been feeding them any shit! He glanced over at Rocks and winked his approval, but the powerfully built, doltish one hardly noticed. He was too taken up with Eve's beautiful mouth ...
those pretty glossed lips. The sweet bitch, she was going to wrap them right around his aching cock for him so he could squirt it out and empty his balls right down her aristocratic little throat! Sonofabitch!
It had been a long time since he'd been sucked off by anything as inviting as they were ... In fact, maybe he never had!

"Come on, Bo-Bo, let's fuck her!" Cy said, obscenely fondling the full length of his heavy hardness . "My cock's thumping like a toothache! I got to bury it somewhere and quick!"

Bo-Bo laughed. He pulled his fingers slowly and teasingly out of Eve's helplessly cringing vaginal passage and stepped back from the bed, staring down at her voluptuous, lightly tremoring curves. "There now, lady, don't get all hung up. We studs don't mean you nothing but cockjoy. Eh? And you know how you thrive on it. So let's just make it a real spaced-out gang-fuck, what say?"

Eve didn't answer, realizing the uselessness of it. Instead, she gasped a ragged sigh of relief after he'd pulled his fingers from her wide-stretched cuntal channel, but she continued to lay back in an unknown
fright, inwardly praying for Stranger's sudden entrance. God, how she wished she had about six drinks to fortify her. There wasn't much doubt but what she was going to need some sort of anesthesia to endure the warped intentions of these drugged, human animals!

"How we going to take her, Bo-Bo?" Cy hissed, still luridly stroking his long, thick hardness. "Like usual?"

"Like usual, Cy, except this time you get the pussy," the bewhiskered, self-styled leader of the trio answer. "I've been nursing a yen to ass-fuck the pretty lady since yesterday, real up-tight with myself because I passed it up for three days. I don't know, but I got an idea that these movie cunts like a little back door sodomizing now and again, eh hon?"

To this point, Eve had said little but thought much, and there was no question but what her trembling belly was filled with an uncontrollable dread. All the same, she couldn't deny the strength of her lustful
sensuality, nor the fact that their obscene intentions were already having a weird, masochistic effect on her! Though the sight of their three huge cocks in full swollen hardness was enough to make any normal girl weep in horror, the abuses they admittedly intended to commit on her defenseless, naked body and were openly discussing with sadistically planned lust, had set off incredible racy excitement in the still smoldering loins Kevin Garrett had never gotten to!

The young, curvaceous ex-starlet shuddered erotically, suddenly grateful for the increasing burning passion creeping over her, knowing that once in the oblivious depths of it she was capable of enduring any sexual degradation their drugged minds could whip up. And then, Cy was crawling onto the bed, his rangy, naked frame moving between her spread legs!

The phenomenon of his long, heavily hardened cock was where Eve concentrated, riveting her eyes on its massive promise rather than the man as he spread her whitely unresisting thighs farther apart with his hands, moving up over her until she saw that his huge, hardened cock with its purplish, blood-engorged head was pointedly dangling less than an inch above the mouth of her now feverishly simmering vaginal channel! He grinned up at her, then lewdly held the length of it in his hand, moving it down closer to finally taunt the thin vertical mouth between her wide-splayed cunt lips with the hugely hardened head. The immediate contact of its hot, moistened tip against the flushed sensitivity of the hotly seething crevice fired instant sensations of passion spiraling through Eve's loins and nervously quaking belly!

"Uunnhhh ..." she moaned with inescapable delight.

"Fuck! You really do thrive on it like Bo-Bo says don't you, lady?" Cy hissed, his drooping mustache twitching as he watched the reflexive expressions of her sensuous face, while he continued to brush his
pulsing cock-head up and down between her now eagerly hungering pussy-lips. He drew it tantalizingly upward through the glistening pink flesh to tormentively massage the tiny quivering bud of her erect clitoris. Again she made a moaning little whimper, squirming pleasurefully beneath him at the erotic caresses. "Tell old Cy the truth, lady," he hotly whispered down into her face, while with his other hand he began to clutch and squeeze the ripe resilience of one breast, it's tiny hardened nipple like a hot little ingot searing into his palm. Christ, even his big handspread was unable to contain all of its rounded, firm fullness! "You want me to fuck you, now don't you? Eh? Come on, doll, don't be afraid. Don't you want old Cy's hard cock burning right up into the hot little cunt-hole of yours ... right into your waiting belly ...?"

"Oh ... oh, damn you!" Eve gasped helplessly, his lewd four-letter words and teasing penile-caresses utter torture for her! Her nature had never been such as to refuse being fucked once she had sexually reached that point of no return ... and she had! She was a boiling inferno of craving desire between her legs, profusely wet and eagerly wanting. God, his cock teasing down between her legs was maddening! She'd go out of her mind if he didn't do more than just torment her pussy this way! "Uuuunnnhhh ... is that all you can do with it? For God's sake, put it in me if you're going to! Fuck me with it, big man ... and fuck me good!" she lewdly hissed between tightly clenched teeth.

Eve drew her long, naked legs back higher and clutched at his shoulders, digging her sharp nails into his flesh, the moistly throbbing lips of her cunt searching eagerly for his heavy cock as she
writhed her hips and raised her buttocks shamelessly up in a desperate effort to capture it!

"Y-You fuck-happy cunt!" Cy huskily spat.

"Yes ... yesss, hurryyyy, damnnnn you! Give it to meeee!" Eve licentiously begged, abruptly feeling him pressing slightly forward and insinuating the rubbery tip between her now hotly nibbling cunt lips
... then slowly her eyes glazed as he leaned into it, slipping its long, thick length up into the moistened hole of her openly receptive vagina. For a moment, she held her breath to the stretching hugeness of
it worming up into her, for he was anything but gentle, flexing his hips to force the huge bulbous, tip up inside the still tightly closed little mouth, then unleashing the full length of it with a fierce, ramming charge which plowed the smooth wet walls of her vagina in helplessly rippling waves before it!

"Aauugghhh!" Eve gutturally gasped, the tormentive, pleasure-edged groan coming from the very depths of her soul! It was not an easy cock to absorb all in one lunge she wildly thought, deciding that it was even bigger than Bo-Bo's ... at least thicker if not longer. And there was no quarter given from him! She was totally helpless beneath him, her pussy hole stuffed to capacity, her flailing legs widespread, the never-rejecting core of her insatiable loins penetrated to the fullest with the huge length of blood-throbbing penile flesh!

There was pain too there between her legs, but she didn't want him to stop ... and if she had ... so what? Like a depraved animal he began to fuck in and out of her, suspended above her on his spindly arms, his bony loins working lewdly to send the impaling cock skewering up into her painfully expanded channel like a ravaging fence-post!

She felt his heavy, sperm-filled balls smacking solidly up between the widespread cheeks of her upturned buttocks, beating down against her tiny anus with inciting, rhythmic strokes, wiring lustful sensations of masochistic delight upward along her spine. Oh God! The filthy bastard ... but what a beautiful cock! His big hand had begun to churn the supple fullness of one sensitive breast as if it were a mound of white marshmallow ... squeezing and kneading it cruelly ... twisting its tiny hardened nipple and sending wild sensations of wantonish excitement racing through her wide-split loins! Ooohhhh! His cock ... his painful, joy-bringing cock! It was reaming and smashing in a maddening cadence
up into her smoldering cunt, kindling a fire of friction that damned soon would ignite and explode into breath-taking flame!

"Ooohhh ... th-that's it ... like that ... hard ... hard! Fuck it! Ooohhhh fuck me good, you bastard ...!" she groaned, crying out in uncontrollable lewdness, beginning to raise her cock-impaled vaginal
channel up higher with obscene, upthrusting movements to meet and absorb the skewering of his long, thick hardness.

"Man ... man! The cunt's wild, Bo-Bo!" Cy exclaimed, glancing up at his buddies with panting, opened mouth.

"Yeh ... yeh ... that's the lady, all right!" Bo-Bo snorted with a grin. "Okay, so let's give her another barrel, Cy baby ... she's ready!"

With that, the bony one dropped his weight down onto her, suddenly rolling to one side and taking her with him, hauling her on top as he moved onto his back.

Eve gasped and groaned with the pain of the unexpected lewd acrobatics, his huge hardness grinding even deeper up into the hot, liquid canal to her soft belly, until she found herself straddling his lean hips with his big hands clutching at her narrow waist and holding her so that her firm breasts hung swayingly down above his hungrily leering face.

"What say, man? How's her asshole look?" Cy questioned, spreading his thin legs to make way for his buddy and raising another guttural groan from Eve's slender white throat.

"Like I say, Cy boy, a gem ... a real tight little hairless gemmmmmm!" Bo-Bo rasped, moving quickly in behind her, his drug-highed eyes gaping at the tiny puckered hole of her crinkled pink anus nestled between the tautly spread moons of her upraised ass-cheeks.

Christ, it was already gaping slightly from the strain of Cy's hugely throbbing cock stretching the curl-fringed hole of her cunt mouth just a half inch below! With his coarse hands on both smoothly ovalled
mounds, Bo-Bo spread them even further to make her tiny puckered anus gape open like a baby's thirstily pursed lips!

Kneeling close by as he absently stroked his heavy length of swollen hardness, Rocks watched through bugging little eyes her lurching naked body beneath the obscenely probing hands of Bo-Bo. His rubbery lips hung open in a wet slackness as he saw the bearded one suddenly thrust his middle finger at the stretched pink ring of her defenselessly upraised anus, ovalling the tiny lips apart and causing her to grunt out at the abnormal invasion into the tight spongy opening. She tried to squirm away from it, but Cy was right there holding her fast, and again she grunted when the stiffened finger suddenly popped audibly up inside her rectal passage, worming its way relentlessly right up past the second knuckle to the palm of his lewdly grinding hand!

Rocks sensed his own aching cock pulsate at the obscene sight, wishing it was his finger that was up inside the beautiful aristocratic bitch's hot, mushy little asshole! But he'd rather make her suck his balls dry than anything ... though he intended to wait until Bo-Bo shoved his big cock up there and she was getting fucked by both his buddies at the same time. Jeez ... was it possible ... worming that huge baby up between her ass-cheeks ... and with Cy's filling her pussy right up to his jism-bloated balls? He felt a lustful shiver of sadistic excitement charge over him as he watched Bo-Bo begin to massage his straining cock while he rotated and plunged the thick middle finger deep around up in her defenseless little asshole, lewdly stretching the tight, puckered lips in preparation for the crazy fucking he was getting ready to try ...!

Realizing the uselessness of trying to fight them, Eve gave silent thanks for the little seizure of masochism which was sucking her downward into the unknown depths of depraved acceptance like the undertow of a powerful ocean wave. She groaned helplessly beneath Bo-Bo's agonizing intrusion into the tiny, sensitive mouth of her rectum, her obscenely spread thighs and buttocks with Cy's massive cock filling her wide-stretched vagina from below to her very belly, making it impossible to close her legs or offer the least resistance! Not that she hadn't tasted sodomy before this, but never with such brutality and while she was being fucked in the pussy at the same time! Again and again, Bo-Bo wormed and rotated his long middle finger up into her unprotected nether channel ... until at last he stopped and slipped it out, letting her know a moment of welcomed relief! She heard them
talking but hardly cared what they were saying.

And then, it came as she cringingly knew it was going to ... the pressure of his huge, rubbery cock-head! Eve felt its painful insistence against her tiny upraised anal lips ... imagined in her
lustfully fired mind the obscene sight of the lust-swollen tip worming salaciously up into her tightly resisting sphincter as she felt the earth-splitting torment! In her inflamed mind's eye she visualized the
tiny mouth luridly stretching wider and wider to slip up over the heavily bloated head like a sheathing sleeve, and the agony spread through her as might raging fire. Suddenly he thrust his strong young
hips forward, burrowing half of the thick fleshy rod into the tight, futilely resisting passage of her brutally expanded rectum!

"Aauuuggghhh ... oohh ... damn you, Bo-Bo!" Eve cried out, frantically twisting and squirming her tormented buttocks beneath his cruel sodomizing, but her slightest move only impaled her deeper, his thickly impaling cock skewering that much further into her desperately stretching anal canal!

"Hold the lady, Cy man!" Bo-Bo ordered with an obscene chuckle. "Let me get it all the way into this hairless little gem-hole and give her a little ride before we really go into our thing, eh? Come on, cunny-
girl, let's give daddy some more of that hot ass before he loses patience with you!"

The helplessly sandwiched blonde girl cried out her torment uncontrollably as Bo-Bo roughly forced her defenseless widespread buttocks upward by pressing at the soft flesh of her naked hips, while
Cy lay unmoving beneath her, his horrendously buried cock still entombed in her burning vagina to her very intestines, his strong hands grasping like a vise at her waist. Bo-Bo thrust forward as he hauled
her to him, forcing his unending thick cock to tunnel deeper up into her resistantly straining rectum. Momentarily, Eve convulsed nauseously with a sickness that bubbled into her throat at the searing thick rod of hot hardness. But it was hopeless. It continued burrowing its way into the grotesquely stretched channel of her upthrusted nether hole until with one final flick of his hips forward it was sunk unbelievably to its full lengthy hilt!

She had stopped jerking and struggling, reasoning in dazed agony that her only salvation was in remaining as still as death, and to some extent she knew relief. Still, she felt the enormous intrusion poling solidly into her back there, splitting and stretching to a never before known pain the inflamed, inner walls of her rectal channel while the merciless cock fucked up into her vagina from below still remained unmoving. She felt Bo-Bo's hands gripping her naked hips with numbing pressure as he grunted and snorted like a bull and began to fuck up wildly into the inhumanly enlarged little hole between her openly spread buttocks. On and on it went, each fierce plunge raising a guttural moan from deep in her throat. Her face was bathed in pain-caused perspiration as he pummeled up into her in smoothing, longer strokes, shoving the entire hardened length of his long, thick cock right up her ass-passage until she could feel his sperm-inflated balls slapping against the stretched lips of her cock-filled pussy below!

"Hey man, let's go! I mean the lady's ready for the double-fucking of her life!" Eve heard Bo-Bo's lewd order and almost immediately felt Cy's swollen hardness begin to move inside her tightly hugging vaginal

"Ooohhhh! Y-You're going to ... to kill me between you ... damnnnn!" she pitifully cried out, her breath whipped away as the pitted-faced one's spear of cock-flesh began to wildly slither in and out of her with jarring impact, joining the other obscenely sodomizing penis imbedded deeply up into her wide-split loins! She whimpered and grunted in searing pain and a weirdly growing masochistic delight, her own salacious hunger mounting in the thought of being taken by two lust-filled young boys simultaneously, both of them fucking her mercilessly between them with their huge, angrily hardened cocks thusting deep up into her defenseless rectal and vaginal channels with only the slightest thin wall of tissue separating their savage, stone-hard lust ...!

Rocks looked on in a mesmerized excitement of hot white heat. He stroked his aching hardness as he stared at Bo-Bo fucking into her widely gaping little anus with rash fury, while Cy's bony loins plunged up and down, lifting them both right off the bed! In and out of her tight, clasping cunt lips he rammed with crazy mean strokes, both studs at last falling into a keen rhythm, bouncing her like a rubber ball
back and forth between them! She groaned and squealed continuously at the way-out double-fucking they were laying on her! Shit, man, she was digging it like nothing he'd ever seen!

His face was peering close up between her wide-split legs but a few inches from the two glistening cocks battering into the blonde ex-starlet's inhumanly stretched passages like a pair of fleshy lubricated
pistons. His inflamed little eyes bulged at the spectacle of their huge wet shafts, moistened from her spilling cuntal secretions, fucking furiously into her in a harmonious, lewd rhythm. He watched in
fascinated lust the frayed pink edges of her clasping inner-cunt-flesh clinging to Cy's thick cock on the downstroke then disappearing back inside her wet hole when he thrust up into her. The same lurid sight fired him with Bo-Bo's sodomizing hardness sucking back out of her, tugging the tight coral ridges of her now hungrily grasping rectum with it, then fluidly vanishing back into her as he lunged until his cum-filled balls slapped and for an instant flopped against the slickly spearing rod of Cy's cock and balls below! Man, man, man! He couldn't stand just to watch any longer!

The powerfully built young man moved quickly around in front of Eve and dropped to his knees so that his stiffly poling length was even with her beautiful, now passion slacked face ...!

Almost mindless now yet still tormentively aching, her head tossing from side to side, Eve knew only a scalding heat and splitting feeling all the way up through the raging core of her naked body. She felt Cy's gaunt hands move from her waist to clutch and maul savagely at her heavily swollen breasts. God almighty, she had never been so thoroughly fucked in her life, and every part of her seemed to be at those two burning holes they were super-tunneling between her widespread legs and buttocks. Her lips opened and closed with the intake and bursting forth of uneven breaths. Occasionally, she tried to flatten out her hips or draw her buttocks in to ease the still painful misery of her rectum, but then she was conscious of tightening her vaginal muscles, adding new stabs of hurt to accompany Cy's relentlessly vicious strokes up into her ...

Abruptly then, she felt a big hand snarling harshly in her short hair, jerking her face upward, while coarse, greedily working fingers pried open her mouth and a smooth, slightly sticky spongy substance began to rub against her soft, tongue moistened lips. She saw it then, Rocks' huge, wet-tipped cock bidding for entry, his massive, bullish balls swaying between his powerful legs! And then, she remembered what he'd said earlier ... God ... he could shoot a cupful ...!

The Hungry Pet Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Laura was nothing short of drunk when she removed her thinly veiled robe and stretched out across the bed naked, her long raven hair still in unbrushed dishelvement, just as Kevin had left her. She had not
eaten, only drank more and more of the Scotch concoctions hoping to soothe the unbearable anguish his angered walk-out had caused. But the liquor had reacted in opposites, making her think and remember all of the beautiful things about him more vividly ... including the commanding way he had forcefully taken her that very afternoon, until she was passionately longing for him in a shameless, almost sinful arousal she would never have believed possible.

Off and on, she would cry again, and once she dozed into a fitful sleep, only to awaken and find it all very real ... Kevin was gone ... and the bruised, hair-fringed vaginal lips between her thighs were
filled with a tingling flush as was the moist, still sperm-filled little channel they protected. God, how she wished he were there with her at that very moment so that she could take his wonderful long, thick cock in her hands and love it for him ... then guide it back into the hungering, wet mouth of her excitedly awakened pussy where it belonged! He'd finally realize then how much she really loved and
needed him!

Oh, Kevin darling, please come back to me ... please ...? the nakedly infused young wife inwardly pleaded in heart-aching desire. She rolled onto her back, slithering around in the bed until her head rested on a pillow, the swaying movements of her white full breasts sensuously catching her eye and adding to her tormentive stimulation. The irresistible urge to feel and caress them was more than Laura could deny as she sensuously smoothed her small hands over the soft resilience of their lush fullness, finding their tiny nipples to quickly tweak them into cherry-like hardness. Her breathing increased
as she brushed her hands down over her waist and hips, inward toward the base of her belly to the erogenous mound of silky, hair-shadowed cuntal flesh. She pressured tauntingly, her slender fingers extended, the hint of her pink vaginal slit in the soft lighting momentarily captivating her.

Oh God ...! She had never fingered herself, not even as a girl, it had been such a disgraceful act ... but at that moment with the inciting wave of self-lust washing through her, she knew that she was going to

Stranger had unintentionally wandered into the yard, emerging from the woods and seeing the soft light glowing beyond the opened doors of the verandah. The hurt inside him was beyond anything he had ever experienced and he had ran off as if to escape it, but it was still with him as he easily leaped over the small railing and peered through the open door. His keen hearing immediately picked up the sibilant vibrations of heavy human breathing ... of an occasional sigh and the whimper of what he suspected to be a female human.

Silently moving inward several steps, he saw her on the bed in her spread-thighed position. Her small hand worked in a teasing circular motion between her crab-like spread legs, and little human gasps
continuously filled the room. He watched her smooth feminine buttocks rise from the bed to meet her rhythmically working middle finger, and something familiar clicked inside him while the hurt he had felt no longer seemed so painful. Something warm flowed through him at the sight of her curvaceous young body and what she was doing, and he sensed his own canine loins lustfully quiver ...

Laura saw him then ... saw the massive brute moving into the room to stand near the foot of the bed, and her hand froze in its lewd position between her open thighs, as did all of her while she stared in
disbelief at his blood-stopping intrusion! His rounded eyes were like two limpid pools of brownish wonder in his huge head, not really frightening, yet ... yet, the massiveness of him ...! For a moment,
Laura was tempted to scream! Was he a wolf, or ... or wild and vicious? She swallowed tightly, raising her head to stare at him just as he leaped up onto the bed, and then it was too late to cry out because she couldn't! The effort had choked in her throat!

Stranger read her fear and whimpered, simultaneously wagging his head and tail in friendship. Fiery blood continued to pound through his powerful body. He slowly moved up toward her face, seeing her dropping her head back onto the pillow, her pretty eyes wide and gaping. He backed away several steps then, as if to reassure her, and her expression seemed to soften into a wonderment, while he unceasingly surveyed her. Abruptly, he leaned down to lick out with his hot, wet tongue against the smooth, naked flesh of her white skinned belly!

Laura felt the seething sensation of his almost abrasive animal-tongue to the very depths of her loins, watching with saucered eyes and unmoving as his burning, wet coral tongue licked breath-takingly over her nerve-tautened belly!

Again and again, he did it, the searing spread length of its pink, fleshy thickness broadened lavenly against the sensitive skin of her sucked-in belly, causing tremoring impulses which seemed to leave her
chokingly helpless!

It was even a struggle to raise her head again to look down at him, her gasping breaths making her breasts rise and fall, their erect fullness half-hiding her view as she strained to see his long, hot tongue
actually licking upward over the quivering smoothness of her stomach! Higher and higher he moved, until he was finally tongue-lapping the rounded, full undersides of her fearfully trembling breasts, ever-
creeping upward over them toward their tiny, marble-hardened nipples!

Spellbound, Laura couldn't hold back the gasping moan escaping her lips when his feverish tongue tip actually reached them, wetly grazing the sensitively ripened buds over and over to send maddeningly aroused spasms spiraling through her nakedly exposed body! Oh ... oh God ...! What was happening to her? She must be losing her mind! The liquor had numbed her normal thinking apparatus! The brute could and well might rip her to pieces if the notion took him! But ... but she hardly dare scream and frighten him into a rage ... and ... and he was such a handsome animal ... anything but ferocious ... God, yes, anything but ferocious ...!

In fact, she could hardly think with the rising heat his hotly licking tongue working damply over the naked mounds of her breasts was fanning inside her! She heard his deep throated whimper, her widened eyes fixed on his almost loving performance ... and then, abruptly he was backing
down on the bed, stepping over between her still widespread legs! Once more, the young wife's breath caught in her throat as she raised her head to watch him poise there, his nose between her open thighs! To her stunned amazement, it slowly lowered, his hot animal breaths taunting the wispy dark curls there! His wet nose coolly brushed against the soft warm flesh of her inner thigh . . and then, the feverish lips of her vaginal crevice! She heard his little growl as he seemed to sniff her female excitement, his obscene investigation of her exposed loins immediately stirring an impulsive wantonness inside her! She thought of Kevin and the way he had licked her there earlier in the day, those heavenly sensations his probing tongue had brought her very much alive in her alcohol keyed-up mind. God ... would this beautiful animal do it for her too ...?

Suddenly, Laura felt his damp nose moving down below her vaginal curls and rubbing wetly against the tiny puckered ring of her anus, the lewd act very much surprising her. She lurched reflexively, gasping as his hot, liquid tongue snaked out to wormingly lick up and down the smooth vale surrounding her now tightly clenched little anal mouth, the tip burrowing teasingly up into its roundly ovalled lips!

Oh ... ooohhh ...!

That she was not even trying to resist the huge dog's luridly lewd exploration between her tensely spread legs and buttocks struck Laura with a disbelief which she had no intentions of trying to understand. It was almost as if she were a Doctor Jeykll and Mrs. Hyde, with the latter watching in stunned disbelief the obscene performance of the other! She watched the animal lower his head again and felt his wet, seething tongue beginning to lick at the narrow pink slit between her openly spread thighs. She trembled and groaned in a building mindlessness as he fluidly drew it upward over the full length of her widely splaying pussy. "Uunnnggg...!" she moaned to the lewd sensations stabbing inward and reaching deep into the nerve centers of her feverishly fluttering belly.

Again he did it, this time in a manner Kevin hadn't even remotely approached! His long, thick animal-tongue spread through her softly yielding cunt lips like a gentle whip! And it didn't stop, but
continued to relentlessly spread and lick at the sensitively exposed flesh, at last pausing to flick out in an invading curl far up into her incitedly moistened vagina! The impassioned girl could only gasp and
spasm convulsively, writhing in uncontrollable bodily contortions to the wild, oral loving ... and he didn't stop ... just as she prayed that he wouldn't!

At that intensively, breath-taking moment, Laura in her lewdly exposed nakedness was only certain of the obscene sensuous delight his fire-filled licking was sending flickering through her helplessly tremoring body. Her whimpers audibly increased, while her liquor-glazed mind slipped deeper into an enchanted oblivion that she wanted only to give herself to! Incessantly, his wonderful, pleasure-bringing tongue stroked and bathed her lewdly wanting loins.

How long it went on, Laura in her erotic intoxication could never have said ... only that it did, the heavenly searing tongue licking hypnotically through and over her liquid, desire-inflamed cuntal flesh
until she was moaning and squirming her whole naked body almost frenziedly beneath it!

"Ooohhh ... ooohhh ...!" she throatily murmured as he flicked the full mesmerizing length of it in a heated, lust-keening coil up into the clutching little mouth of her smoldering vaginal channel. "Ooohhh ... yes... yes ... do it for me, lover! M-Make me cum ... please, darling ...? Lick me more ... lick me ...!"

Laura knew well what she was saying even though her lustful passion had pyramided to mindless intensity, and she reached down to gently grasp his huge head, drawing it tighter into her as with an animalish little groan of her own, she drew her knees up all the way back to her passion
swollen breasts, pulling his long canine nose even tighter down into her wetly throbbing vagina!

Stranger's eager tongue flicked up the hotly clasping passage like a fire-brand, his own feral whines blending with hers as he lovingly licked and swirled into the glistening pink flesh between her eagerly
spread thighs and buttocks.

" Uunnhhh ... yessss ... you beautiful darling! Lick it! Lick my cunt, lover!" Laura pleaded in unknown salacity, undulating her opened, obscenely presented loins and trembling round buttocks lasciviously up against his brain-shattering tongue.

Stranger smelled as well as tasted the exotic raciness of her human, female passion, the distinct aromatic flavor spurring his basic animal drive higher and higher. But even his keen instincts could not advise
him what was happening within the confines of his powerful body. Only that the growing desperate need to be satisfied mattered as he felt the rising heaviness of his own hungering animal loins.

Laura actually whined out when his magnificent hot tongue suddenly deserted her shamelessly offered vaginal opening, and she quickly raised her head to see the handsome dog backing off several steps.
"Ohhh ... oh, baby, what is it?" she almost desperately questioned to his sudden, entreating whine. "Please, lover ... don't leave your Laura now! What ...? What is it you want ...?"

In little short of lustful panic, the young wife watched him move to her side, stepping from between her legs, then nosing against her soft hip in a gesture that she suddenly found herself understanding! God! He wanted her to turn over onto her stomach! Emphatically, he nudged her once more, the deep sounds coming from his broad chest almost frightening her!

Laura did it because she wanted to, totally swept up and intoxicated in a newly revealed world of utter and abandoned sexual joy she had never believed existed! And moreover, she didn't want to injure or destroy the unbelievable liaison which insanely bound them at this particular moment. She lowered her long, white legs and rolled over onto her stomach, wondering what forbidden delight could possibly happen next! She spread her thighs wide again, sensing that he wanted this as did she, breathlessly picturing her naked, white curves in her liquored mind's eye. She lay perfectly still, sensing his panting hot breaths against the naked mounds of her partially raised buttocks. Then, she again joyfully felt the lewd, forbidden delight of his thick wet tongue slithering into the smooth white crevice separating them!

Laura's moans were beyond all control, sensations of admitted lasciviousness charging ever stronger through her simmering cunt and belly. The obscene desire to reach behind herself with her small hands
and lewdly spread the lush cheeks of her ass open, offering him blind access to her tiny, palpitating anus was as intense as the boiling inferno raging at the heart of her hungering loins! She felt his
loving, hot tongue wetly caressing and splaying open the ragged, hair-fringed lips of her inflamed pussy, then licking the insanely flushed folds on its forbidden way toward the baby-like mouth of her now defenselessly exposed rectum!

Ooohhh ... ooohhh God ... she was about to lose her wits entirely, Laura thought! She would ... absolutely would! It was all beyond anything she had ever conjured in her sexual pure brain ... but then, she lost her thoughts, for her animal-lover was suddenly nuzzling beneath her pelvis and lifting her to a kneeling position, his animalistic desire as clear to her as if he had whisperingly hissed it into her ear! She did, obediently raising up, elevating her widespread buttocks as she had for her own husband, Kevin, such a short time before! She actually knelt slave-like before the huge dog, and in
complete, wanting passion!

God! Would he ...?

Then, as if in answering love, Stranger drew his thick, splaying tongue up through the full length of her wet, fire-filled cuntal crevice, and Laura gasped out her erotic delight. She eagerly tried to spread her
knees even further to open the throbbing wet pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to him. His long, spiraling animal-tongue lunged out with a hungry possessiveness, sweeping hotly through the wet inner flesh and flicking hotly at the greedily clasping mouth of her vagina. He was consciously inflaming her upraised loins to greater heat before he chose a new anticipated position!

She tensed as the powerful dog's furry, muscular body crowded hotly in behind her nakedly trembling buttocks, suddenly aware that he was rising up on his hind legs and his strong forelegs were grasping at her upthrusting hips! God ... he was actually mounting her, Laura thought wildly, twisting her head to look back ... and ... and he was! Ooohhh! He intended to ... to f-fuck her ... just as though she were a bitch animal of his own kind!

The young wife's desire-confused brain whirled with the absolute luridness of the thought, trembling in her white nakedness to the overwhelming sensations his lashing dog-tongue had set blazing in her
passion-incited loins. Then, her glazed eyes saw the reflection of their lewdly locked position in her dressing table mirror and she groaned in helpless passion at the licentiously provocative sight. The
beastial obscenity of the massive German shepherd astraddle the spread white moons of her smoothly ovalled buttocks sent an unbelievable jolt of lasciviously burning lust whipping through her nakedly quivering body.

Then, she gaped in breath-taking awe at the sight of his wetly glistening cock emerging from its long sheath, scarlet and hard, the tapered end slipping and dancing as it moved forward to probe the damp,
pink crevice of her insanely aroused cunt. She felt his strong canine body jerk back against the softly giving flesh of her buttocks, saw the huge thick length of hardness trying to penetrate the thin vertical
mouth of her vulnerably upturned vagina!

He whimpered loudly, his forepaws locking tightly around the smooth white curves of her naked hips as he thrust forward on his hind legs, desperately trying to bury the sleek, throbbing rod of flesh up inside her cunt from behind!

Laura saw it all in the mirror, and with a deep throated moan of moral surrender suddenly shifted her head and ground her now hungrily tremoring buttocks back at it in an attempt to capture the heavily
lengthening hardness, the feverishly impassioned tension inside her reaching near the unbearable point! Ooohhh ... she wanted it ... had to have his long, thick animal-cock inside her ragingly hungering cunt!
God yes, she had to have it fucking up into her eagerly thirsting belly before she went mad with her newborn desire! Nothing else mattered!

She reached down and back between her widely spread thighs, grasping the slippery animal-cock to part her silky-soft, pubic hair with the tip and guide its pulsating head to the mouth of her hotly waiting
vaginal hole! Immediately, the brute humped forward, bursting it from her grip as he speared her defenseless young cuntal channel open wider and wider, sending the long spear of thickly hardened animal-cock deep up into the hungrily squirming hole between her thighs!

Laura gaped at the mirror in bulging-eyed fascination as the burning, scarlet rod of stiffened dog cock slithered upward into her with a wet, fierce lunge, burying itself all the way up to the hilt in her
painfully stretched vaginal passage. The animal's heavy sperm-bloated balls swung wildly down to smack noisily against the flatly curling softness beneath her raven pussy-hair.

It was seconds later before the intensive pressuring sensations of impalement exploded through her young loins and she grunted out her choking gasp! "Oh ... Oh Goddd!" she cried, her wide dark-eyes gaping unseeingly as her wildly panting animal-lover began to excitedly fuck with rhythmic lunges up into her slavishly kneeling body from behind. Her head jarring from his every savage, breast-rippling thrust, Laura tried to concentrate on the long, scarlet length of hardness pistoning into her as she began to move in tempo backwards to meet his powerful, breath-taking strokes! Unprecedented sensations of base-lust filled her impulsively slaving body as she thrust backward onto the ever thickening cock skewering deeper and deeper into her feverishly tremoring belly from behind. Furiously, his savage muscular body battered and thudded resoundingly against her eagerly yielding, ass-cheeks, his painfully huge cock a relentless shaft of glistening, pleasureful joy sinking to its full length deep up into her sensuously filled belly! With uncontrollable whimpering mewls, the young wife rotated her desperately working buttocks back at him with an obscene frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging cunt walls back over the full length of his heavily hardened animal flesh with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

The blissful signal of ecstatic delight was telegraphed through her lust-inflamed young body then, the distinct beacon of coming erotic fulfillment she had known for the first time that very afternoon! It
spiraled through her seething loins like the tingling pricks of a million warning needles, and gnawed at the base of her quivering belly with the wild sexual promise of its coming joyful release. She whimpered loudly to the jagged edges of her mounting sensual rapture, gaping at the mirror to see the powerful dog's thick wet cock vanishing like a telephone pole up between the soft whiteness of her own roundly absorbing buttocks, his furious fucking of her tempoed to jerky, ever-quickening animal lunges! She caught sight of her own pink cuntal flesh wetly clinging to his huge hardness when he pulled out of her, then disappearing back up inside again with his every thrusting charge, his
heavy cum-laden balls smacking solidly below against the wide-split lips of her hotly searing pussy ...!

The Hungry Pet Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A sparkling ceiling of stars marred only by occasional clouds hung above Eve Novack as the shapely ex-starlet leisurely reclined in a flowing black see-through negligee on her private bedroom suite
verandah. She faced the subdued lighting of the elaborate, heart-shaped pool and luxurious grounds of her secluded home. A breeze stirred whisperingly from the adjoining wood and she could hear the lulling wash of the surf below. Stranger lay beside her. She had never felt more relaxed or at peace with all that concerned her.

Cocktails and dinner she had enjoyed in her suite with only her animal-lover's presence, after which Conchita and Manuel had left for Monterey to visit relatives, a journey she had suggested to keep them away for tomorrow when the intriguing Mr. Garrett came a-sketching. She had decided that might be the most convenient approach, though in all truth her earlier enthusiasm toward the seductive escapade had lost considerable interest for her, and she had only the handsome German shepherd lying beside her to thank for that.

Eve sipped at her third vodka-tonic and smiled down at the attentive dog, her sultry green eyes reflecting the silverish glow of a three-quarter moon as she relived for the hundredth time the unbelievable sensuous pleasure her beautiful, silent lover had brought her. God, he had actually licked the very strength from the susceptible body she had come to recognize as insatiable. How many times had she cum? She'd actually lost count, the voluptuous blonde deliciously thought, a pleasant thrill of delight rippling over her. Uuuummm ... she had never felt more complete or sexually fulfilled from any of her long list of lovers, and in the last few hours her brain had begun to race with lascivious thoughts of the extents to which she could teach him! Not only was he going to be her secret lover forever more, but her faithful protector, too. She had only to look down at the fierceness of his massive jaws and gleaming white teeth to know what he would do to anyone who tried to hurt her ... or into his liquid brown eyes to read the love there for her. God ... what a heaven sent delight he had already been for her, and was going to be from now on!

She thought of Bo-Bo then and something repulsed inside her. She hated herself for begging him to stay, filthy vermin that he was. She drained her glass and leaned over to make another from where the ingredients conveniently sat. That had been the story of her whole life, hadn't it? Either fucking for gain, or the same to try and feed the raging hunger which incessantly burned between her legs. She'd been aware for quite a few years that she was a nympho of sorts, but oddly enough, not with
the usual nympho hang-ups. In fact, maybe she was just a girl who maddeningly loved sex in its every form ... and certainly that wasn't a nympho's bag.

Eve reached down and stroked the big animal's huge head. "You're my real lover now, Stranger baby," she softly spoke to him, watching his tail begin to wag as he stared at her with those irresistible, big
limpid eyes and his ears respondingly erect. "That's right, you are ... but secretly, baby, because such forbidden ecstasies are frowned on in what we humans like to refer to as civilized society. But ... but I'll bet you'll learn to fuck me beautifully, my pet! And that's all Eve needs, darling, to be loved and fucked every, every day and night ..."

Hello ... what was that? Lights ... car-lights! They had to be because they'd flashed in a sweeping glare across the pool and only an auto swinging into the circle of her drive could have caused that! She
couldn't imagine who it might be ... or maybe, they had passed through and out again, turning around ...? Well, she'd just sit and wait for the intercom to buzz before deciding whether she wanted to put up with their company tonight. She could always play sick ... but she hoped it was no one calling as she continued to gaze down with growing excitement at the magnificent German shepherd sprawled ever-ready beside her ...

*  *  *

He was gone!

Kevin was actually gone ... walked out on her! God, could it really be? Or was she dreaming one of those crazy nightmares of hers ...? Laura had but to look at her still bound wrists to know different, or realize the fact that she was lying there on her belly naked in the very lewd position he had left her! For a moment, she gaped at her fettering bonds, stunned ... then, began to work with her teeth, moans of anguish still escaping her. Fortunately, he hadn't tied the knots tight and in seconds she was free, swinging over to the side of the bed to sit with feet on the floor, staring blankly at the empty room around her. It was not only the room ... it was their entire house! Kevin was gone! He'd truly left her... packed a bag and without a further word, merely walked away on their marriage!

My dear God! Wh-What would she do? He'd meant it ... most definitely meant it! He'd absolutely left her ...!

Laura sat there with her small hands clutching tremblingly at the edge of the covered mattress, aware suddenly of the sticky wetness saturating her loins and inner thighs. There was still a burning all
the way up from her vaginal lips to the depths of her belly and she spread her legs to examine herself. She both saw and felt with exploring fingers the wetness of her pubic curls and the warm white
secretion seeping from between the soft pink-fleshed lips causing the narrow ribbon of intimate inner flesh to moistly glisten. A sensuous little tremor fluttered over her at the touch and sight of her own
thoroughly used genitals, her tormentively confused mind vividly recalling every moment of it ... along with the hows and whys.

Ooooohhh ... he had treated her like a slut ... had even called her that! He despised her! Damn him, tying her and humiliating her as if she were some street-walking bitch, then ... then raping her from
behind ... shoving his brutal, lust-filled hardness up into her unwanting belly like a mad man! Just thinking about it was sufficient for her to relive the unknown sensations and shameful pleasure his
long, thick penis had ragingly brought her ... and ... and she had cum, too, for the first time in her entire life! Her legs and loins still rippled with reoccurring little muscular tremors from that overwhelming
moment of exotic intoxication. She remembered then that she had been near to climaxing a second time, had only he continued to thrust up into her frantically excited passage a few more times ...!

In a burst of uncontainable tears the miserable young wife began to cry in earnest, well aware that the blame was all her own, and whatever had happened to their marriage she alone had been at fault. How hard he had tried right from the beginning, while she with her stupid, childish hang-ups had bucked him at every turn! And now, too late, she had suddenly been jarred to her senses ... no ... no ... that was hardly the proper way to put it ...!

You were fucked to your senses, Laura Garrett! Beautifully and masterfully fucked in a manner befitting the miserable bitch you've been ... and by the one man in the world who had every right to do it! Tied obscenely to the bed with your naked ass helplessly shoved right up where he could slam into your... your damned precious little cunt and you could do nothing but take it! Oooohhh, and it was so heavenly ...! I didn't know, darling ... I didn't! Godddd ... why didn't you do it before ...?

Laura, still weeping but less profusely, stood and slipped into her yellow wrapper, then wandered to their small bar in the living room to make herself some sort of bracer. If she ever had needed one it was at that heart-broken moment. The tears which continued to dribble from her puffy eyes with every regretful thought were stinging ones, no longer regulated sobs of emotion she could turn off and on at will to get her own way ... for Kevin was not there ...!

Back in their bedroom the heat seemed to stifle her, and she opened the glass doors wide, walking out on the tiny verandah, the partially clouded night reminding her that they hadn't even had dinner. Lord, how long had it gone on ... his ... his delicious ravaging of her ...? If only he had never stopped! She sipped at the Scotch drink she had made herself, her awakened young mind irresistibly filling again and again with lucid memories of the never before raptures he had brought her even as she had stubbornly fought against them. Yes, he had truly raped her ... used her like a bitch-animal ... debased her beyond anything she'd ever vaguely conceived of ... fucked her ... and from behind ... his searing hard cock bursting up into the intimate tightness of her uninitiated vagina to her still tremoring belly ... and ... and
unleashing a passionate array of showering stars like those tiny celestial bodies she was gazing up at to sensuously shatter inside her ... filling her with an erotic bliss that was beyond belief ...! Oooohhh ... if only he were there beside her at that very moment and she could at last really prove her love to him ...!

Wh-What was she going to do? God, she had to face it! He'd left her! And ... and she loved him so much ... needed him so badly ...! But ... but she couldn't ignore the reality of the facts! Kevin Garrett would divorce her! He would ... she knew he would ... and she wanted to die ...!

*  *  *

Kevin arranged quarters at the Cala Mar Inn then went to the bar. He knew he didn't need it, but he wanted more. The last two drinks he'd gulped down had been enough to half-ass stone him, but he doubted that anybody had ever needed them more.

The still enraged young husband nursed the Scotch-water set before him. Then, he grinned to himself. He'd really given her a fucking she'd never forget, hadn't he? She could cringe and moan with the shocking memories of that, he bitterly thought, for just about the rest of his life! And knowing her, she probably would. But she'd cum! Yes, Goddamnit, he'd brought her off like a rocket ... in fact, she'd been only two shades from a second blast when he'd let go, unable to hold it back any longer.

Well, that was that. The end of six months of what might, and could have been, a lifetime together. Shit, he loved her. He'd be a damned fool to try and deny that to himself, but it could hardly make a
difference any more. Love, grown-up style, was something more than a session of childhood necking and trotting after aspirin for convenient migraines. Fuck it! He wasn't sorry for what he'd done to her ... the way he'd forced her to shove her gorgeous ass up in the air for him to batter into at will! If any hung-up girl ever had it coming, she did. He just wished to Christ he could forget it, instead of sitting there with a half-hard on wishing he was kneeling up behind her for another go at it.

Kevin swept up his glass and consumed three-quarters of its contents, then looked around the small, plush room to see that he was its only customer. The fat, bald man behind the bar in the white jacket and bow-tie continued to polish glasses as he watched a basketball game on color TV. The urge to interrupt him by ordering, Kevin by-passed when the plastic novelty bird bobbing up and down on the rim of a glass as if it were drinking water had suddenly become two which he was finding difficulty in focusing back to what he knew was singular.

Instead, he engineered his mind toward new thoughts ... and abruptly, Eve Novack's sensual charms loomed inside his head, causing his half-swollen cock to give a new, rousing lurch. Damn, she'd even suggested at first that he come over tonight!" ... For sketches maybe, darling ...?"

"I'd rather have daylight ... but if you insist, I suppose ..."

"No, no! Of course, I understand, Kevin. I guess I wasn't thinking that you artists prefer everything natural ..."

"Well ... it's better usually, but not essential if you have sufficient lighting, Miss Novack ..."

"Whichever you prefer, darling. I'll be at home. And if it's tomorrow and I'm still in bed, you just walk right in and pinch me right on the "you know what."

And Christ, what a "you know what" she had! Man, how he'd love to slap that pair of ass-cheeks, but better yet, just hold and caress them! She was a wild one the columnists and movie-rage insisted, using her sexy cheese-cakes and numerous male companions shots at the rate of a half-dozen times a year. She was no longer beach party teenage stuff, but she was one hell of a long ways from being classed outmoded! In fact, for his buck, Eve Novack was right at her voluptuous peak. She had to be around thirty, just enough older than he to make it wild-fire! Shit, he was flipping ...!

"Another drink, sir?" the bald, bow-tie grinned.

"No ... no, I-I have an appointment," the young husband answered, slipping off the stool while the other glanced at his watch.

"What time is it, Harry?"

"Ten forty-five, sir ..."

"I'm late. Good night, old man!"

"Good night, Mr. Garrett ..."

*  *  *

"Who is it?" Eve questioned through her end of the intercom.

"Kevin Garrett."

"Oooohhh ...? I-I didn't really expect you tonight, Kevin ..."

"Would you rather I leave ...?"

"No, no ... of course not! Don't be ridiculous!" Eve said, the tiny sensations immediately rising up inside her too well established to be denied. "I'll be right there, darling ..."

Quickly, she checked herself in the mirror of the vanity, flouncing her short-cropped, bouncy hair while her knowing eyes swept down over the peek-a-boo negligee she was wearing, tiny thrills of excitement
beginning to churn responsively within her. She was hardly aware of Stranger at her side as she walked toward the front door, erotic designs already beginning to form in her seductive mind. It was so late
for his type! Something was in the wind and the thought struck her that she might very much like it. He did have sensitive hands ...

"I know this is a hell of a time to call, but we temperamental artists ...," he started when she had opened the door, and then, his discerning gray eyes had swept up over her in one long engulfing glance, the light behind her doing extraordinary things for them, Eve knew.

"Not at all!" she smilingly exclaimed, stepping back to temporarily obscure his illuminated view. "Come in, Kevin! I'm glad you came. I was just sitting around doing nothing, trying to decide if I could sleep if I went to bed."

Jesus Christ, she was naked beneath that negligee! And what a body! B-But coming to the door that way ...? "I-I thought we might catch a few fast sketches," he managed, moving into the room with his small case, trying to keep his eyes off her but unable to.

"I'm so glad you did, darling! Can we do it in here, or would you rather look around for a better place?" she lightly tossed at him.

He saw the German shepherd then for the first time, a massive animal brushing tightly against her thigh. "That ... that's a beautiful dog," he heard himself say, relieved to have something else to look at
besides the provocative enticement of her nakedly revealed curves beneath the sheer negligee.

"Oh, this is Stranger, my soul-mate and protector," she said, stroking her hand lovingly over his huge head. For a moment she petted the great animal while they both indulged their eyes in silence as if letting their brains work. Then: "And now, what can I fix you to drink, Kevin?"

"S-Scotch ... Scotch and water will be fine."

"Come on with me," she invited, smiling, "back to my private little den of iniquity," and she caught his hand to lead the way with Stranger never leaving her side.

Kevin had seen enough of Big Sur's exclusive homes to recognize her bedroom suite. It was luxurious, like the house, and far superior to his own. The rooms were not only grandly furnished, but spacious, and the bed he supposed she slept in could have easily accommodated a dozen people. Then, he couldn't help but wonder if maybe sometime it hadn't ...?

"Can we work in here, darling?" she tossed at him, walking out onto the small, open verandah where he saw the liquor cart.

"Why not? I-I just want to get a couple of rough profiles tonight ..."

"Scotch, darling," she said, re-entering the room and walking toward him with the offered glass extended, wild little fire-thoughts of excitement beginning to hotly lick at her loins. "You lie down,
Stranger ... lie down! That's right ... just lay right there and be a good, quiet dog."

"He minds well," Kevin managed, taking the drink she offered him. "Have you had him long?"

"Not too ... but long enough, I think," Eve illusively answered, sipping at her own vodka-tonic and studying the perceptive eyes of the intriguing young man before her. "Your wife ... does she know you were coming here, Kevin ...?"

He couldn't help but stare at her. She was a goddamned shrewd one, all right! But even that hardly mattered; they were actually doing little more than sparring, both hesitant to make the first open move ... or was she?

"As a matter of fact, she doesn't," Kevin answered, letting his liquored eyes rake brazenly over the provocativeness of her veiled curves, finally riveting on the twin lush mounds of her full breasts
with their tiny hardened nipples visibly ornamenting the filmy black chiffon. He swallowed tightly then gulped from his glass.

"And you've been drinking ... quite heavily too, I'd say," Eve observantly judged. "Could ... could something be amiss at home, Kevin darling?"

He sensed his brow furrowing. "What the devil is this, a third degree?" he irritably snapped as she began to smile with all the knowledge of the ages in her torrid eyes. "Look, if you don't want to bother with the sketches tonight say so ..." She was gliding toward him ... like a goddamned apparition ... that gorgeous, nearly naked body sensuously rippling with every tiny step, her tongue-moistened lips parted and glistening ...!

"Shall we dispense with the nonsense, darling ... and get down to love-making?" she seductively whispered, her resilient warmth yieldingly closing in on him, her arms slipping upward around his neck as she pressed her soft voluptuous body hotly against the hardened conformity of his own. "Time is always so precious ... and we may need a great deal of it ..."

"Jesus Christ!" Kevin choked, quickly wrapping his arms around her, his hands smoothing down her back to cup the firm fleshy ovals of her buttocks, the thin material of her negligee like a second silken skin as he pulled her unresisting loins tightly against the already straining hardness inside his pants ...!

Stranger whimpered but neither human noticed, neither his new mistress who was clinging tightly to this male human he did not know, nor the man himself who was holding onto her with eagerly stroking hands while their mouths came together and the sound of their breathing began to fill the room. Suddenly, a deep hurt which the powerful animal could not understand, totally filled him. Again, he whimpered but no one heard; they were too taken with his mistress' act of stripping away her
flimsy covering. Then, as she stood there naked and he began to fondle and kiss her white breasts, she worked at unfastening his clothing, the increasing rushes of their breathing keenly reaching Stranger's ears.

Though he still lay where his mistress had commanded, Stranger raised his head high to watch them locked nakedly together as they moved toward the bed, and defiantly, he got to his feet, but not until he saw the man's exposed thick hardness and the way he was crawling between the wide-spread legs of his mistress' pretty white body. It was then that his ears reflexively flattened to his head, and with the hurt growing stronger inside him, the big German shepherd trotted silently out through the open verandah doors into the night ...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Hungry Pet Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Lying prostrate and defenselessly naked on her belly beneath him with her legs obscenely scissored open by his cruelly placed knees, Laura Garrett was more appalled and shamed than anything, even though the man lewdly positioned above her vulnerably exposed buttocks and loins was her very own husband! She couldn't believe it was happening! Rape ... that's all it was, depraved rape! And he was drunk ... had to be! She could even smell the liquor now!

"I-I'll never forgive you for this, Kevin! I swear it!" she sobbed back at him, trying to twist her head to see what he was going to do. But that was hardly necessary; she felt him instead.

"Oh fuck, shut up, Laura!" he lewdly spat down at her in anger, flecks of spittle spraying her naked buttocks and the tapered curve of her sun-tinted back. "We've already passed that goddamned milestone. Now we're going to try for the brass ring!" he added, letting his eyes hungrily feed on the fleshy, perfect mounds of her whitely rounded ass-cheeks and the deep tantalizing crevice separating them.

His hands cupped their satin-smooth firmness as he sat back on his haunches, his lengthy hardened cock thrusting out from his pelvis like a rigid flag-staff. Jesus Christ, he was going to enjoy this to the
frigging nth degree ... because it might well be the last fuck he ever humped into her, and right at that moment he really didn't give a goddamn! He'd truly had it!

Laura felt his big hands begin a disgraceful kneading of her unprotected buttocks, vulgarly stretching them open even against her muscle-clenching attempts to thwart him. Her body jerked when she felt
his thumbs slip obscenely into the deep valley between the softly trembling cheeks and pressed outward to pry them wider and wider apart!

"Ooohhh ... damn you, Kevin! Stop it! Do you hear? Stop ...!" she futilely protested, sensing the surge of shamed hot blood flushing into her face to the depths of her neck as a brush of cool air rushed
between her helplessly splayed buttocks and the realization of her debased position beneath him again screamed through her brain.

She heard him laugh in that angered way he could without smiling. Abruptly, one of his hands slipped down through the spread open vale to the soft, sensitive lips of her vagina between her kneed-apart thighs, her breathing momentarily eluding her as his fingers began to luridly tease around there, committing humiliating acts he had never stooped to before! She sensed his fingers on the fleshy folds of her cuntal lips gently pulling them apart, actually feeling the clinging inner-flesh moistly adhering and tingling as he separated it to again allow the cool air to brush against her most secret feminine parts! It was seconds before she caught her breath and the extent of his lewdly depraved act returned full force!

Her movements, wild and desperate, caught Kevin by surprise, practically knocking him off balance as she frantically wrenched and twisted with him caught scissor-like between her long beautifully
shaped legs. She screamed, almost working free before he could regain his position and by sheer weight, forced her back onto the bed.

"Not this time you don't, you little up-tight bitch!" he fiercely snarled down at her, slapping her back and forth with the flat of his palms against the white, yielding flesh of her rapidly reddening
buttocks. "Goddamn you, Laura, there's no way you're going to get out of this!"

"Oh God, please ... please, Kevin?" she sobbingly begged. "I-I can't believe it! Are you going mad ...?"

"No! Hell no! Just perverted, Mrs. Garrett!" he spat, crawling up over her to grab the other pillow and strip the casing from it. "Your husband's a fucking sex maniac ... or hadn't you figured that out yet?"

Where she had only been humiliated and enraged to this point, Laura suddenly sensed actual fear gripping at her helplessly cringing belly. Good God! He was tearing the pillow slip into narrow strip-like ribbons ... his hard naked buttocks resting heavily on her back to pin her down ...! "Wh-what in the name of God do you think your doing?" she gasped back at him, afraid to admit to herself what she had already reasoned!

"I'm going to make a docile little bitch out of you, wife ... or a slavish prisoner if you prefer," he answered, his bitter smile-less laugh following.

"Kevin! Oh, you can't ... you can't do this to me!" his helplessly naked young wife whimpered as he grabbed both of her wrists, tying them tightly together, then with another strip secured to the bonds between her wrists, fastened that to the bed-post, squirming and climbing on top of her like a wrestler.

"There! I can, baby, and I already have! Now, if you give me any more trouble, I'll bind your ankles to the posts at the foot!" he panted, slithering back down over her. "You might not believe this, but some
girls, yeah, even wives like to be fucked this way! Gives them a charge of masochism, I guess ... but of course you wouldn't know anything about that!"

"Ooohhh ... Kevinnnn ..." Laura moaned pathetically, the almost terrifying thought that she had never really known this young dirty-mouthed man she had married nearly blinding her with self-pity. "D-
Don't you see what you're doing... doing to our marriage?"

"What I'm doing? Jesus, if that isn't typical of you, Laura! What I'm doing to our marriage! Fuck! What marriage, baby? Now, you think about that while I give you an inescapable lesson in sex!" he hissed down at her. "In the meantime, raise your precious little ass up on your knees and spread your legs!"

"L-Listen to me, darling ... untie me and let me try again! I will ... I swear I will!"

"I said, get your proud little fanny up on your knees!" he snarled, letting her feel another stinging slap across her already mottled white buttocks.

"Oh!" she gasped, quickly responding, crawling up to raise her buttocks high for him and slightly spreading her legs, while her shoulders and head were drawn down against the bed from her tied hands.

Kevin couldn't help but grin to himself, knowing all of the spanking he'd laid on her were little more than harshly awakening slaps, the kind she should have had years ago ... or at least, sometime in the
last six-months by him! Again, he wedged in behind her, kneeing her reluctant legs wide apart until the beautiful half-moons of her deliciously curved young ass were lusciously spread open to him so that
he could see the tiny puckered mouth of her anus, and below it, the soft outer lips of her dark, hair-fringed cunt. He stared at the thinly pink slit of inner vaginal flesh separating them in a vertically
curving line of moistening delight. Christ, there wasn't another cunt on earth like it, but what good was it even to her ... except for pissing! Okay, so this was it, the last time around for them, but she
was never going to forget this afternoon's matinee no matter what!

"Christ, it's just too bad you can't be back here to look at the cock-raising sight my eyes are feasting on, baby!" he hissed, his voice a sensuous rasp. "But then, you probably wouldn't appreciate it even if
you were a man!" he added, bending low in a crouch until his face was on the same level with the curl-lined folds of pussy flesh which protected her tightly cringing vagina. He placed his hands thumbs
inward on her lower buttocks and felt her lurch to their touch, then once more he began to press slowly outward and spread them lustfully apart, her brief muscular resistance got lost somewhere in a sob. With gleaming eyes, Kevin noticed a slight moisture forming and glistening on the soft insides of her thighs, while her helplessly upraised buttocks slipped wider and wider apart. "It's a beautiful cunt, Laura baby ... but not worth the hell I've suffered to enjoy it!" he said loud enough for her to hear, and then he decided to say no more. All he wanted was to thoroughly enjoy ... no, exploit it for the first and
last time ...!

Laura's cheeks were drenched with the tears from her shameful subjugation. It was all so horribly inconceivable and unreal, like some insane nightmare ... except that it was abhorrently taking place and
nothing could ever be the same between them again! She would leave him, of course, if his suddenly demented brain left anything alive for her to drag away! But now, there was little ... no, nothing she could do but submit to his bestial, animalish desires, and the only way to do that was to block her mind and somehow try to endure whatever lurid obscenity he chose to inflict on her until his incredulous lust was satisfied ...!

For some weird reason even he couldn't fathom, Kevin held himself back, purposely tormenting himself, relishing the anticipated moment when he would thrust his aching cock up into that tightly clutching little cunt-hole between those defenseless ass-cheeks cringing and writhing before him! Damn her! She'd destroyed all that they might have had together! How long had he purposely ignored her selfishness ... listened to her whimpers of put-on headaches, or whatever else she could conceive of for variety, while his own cock throbbed in hurtful torment night after night, and at best knowing nothing more than an occasional piece from a dutiful wife whose ass was as still as a limp dishrag!

Damn her, how he'd love to feel her squirming wildly beneath him before he walked out! But that was about as far-fetched as a reconciliation! Fuck it! He didn't want to think anymore. Instead, he straightened and moved the entire length of his heavily pulsating cock up into the deep white crevice of her buttocks, pressing the warm quivering cheeks of flesh together to enclose it like a heated bun around a hot-dog. She quivered beneath him, but didn't try to move away. He could hear her sobbing ... or were they panting breaths? It didn't matter. He leaned forward and planted a warm, wet kiss with laving tongue in the hollow of her naked back to satisfy his own yen. Again, she trembled, moaning

Fuck, he'd wanted to eat her pussy from the first night he'd ever met her, but had damned soon learned that such extra curriculars were totally off-limits. Well, they weren't today, he excitedly realized,
running his hot, wet tongue hungrily down to the smooth clenching crevice of her upthrusted buttocks which had begun to nervously sway. She didn't really fight him, afraid probably, and he trailed his hot,
saliva-moistened tongue down over the tiny lips of her anal-mouth, then drew back scant inches from the soft dark curls fringing the sensitive outerfolds of her pussy, its sweet, feminine aroma feverishly inciting his nostrils. Christ, he thought, as his thumbs came into play to pressure outward once more against the fleshily clinging cunt-lips, the thin vertical mouth flowering open to his lustful gaze until the entire smoothness of her delicate inner cuntal walls were totally exposed to him!

He sensed her irresistible lurches and groans and ignored them, his liquor-fired eyes devouring the pink smoothness of her now moistly glistening cuntal-flesh, noting the sensual secretions which had
uncontrollably trickled down to coat them in a wet bath of viscid delight. He breathed hard and blew tauntingly into her, feeling her squirm to the unexpected titillation and he could almost feel the
shocked thoughts running through her puritanical young mind. He leaned down and pressed his face forward, sensing inside him the realization of an erotic, or lustful dream, however one chose to measure it, opening his mouth wide and cupping it hungrily up over her entire warmly moistened pussy! Again, she squirmed and he tightened his hands on her vulnerably positioned buttocks, so that she couldn't wiggle away, and with one quick lash of his thick, wet tongue he thrust it up through the warm, butter-like folds of her mouth-trapped pussy!

"Oooohhh ...!" she gasped from the sudden, unexpected entry into her heatedly moistened vaginal flesh, a surprising sigh smothering itself in the pillow beneath her. She seemed to jerk forward with the first, hot teasing contact in an involuntary spasm of unexpected pleasure, Kevin thought, then uncontrollably pressed her buttocks back hard against his face. He wondered if he was right? Her tight little vaginal channel contracted, reflexively opening and closing around the long, smooth length of searing, wet tongue sunk suddenly deep up inside her! He thought he heard her breaths exploding down into the pillow in tiny, rapid gasps that muffled themselves into tiny little groans of unexpected pleasure. And he pictured her beginning to twist her face harder and harder into the cushioning softness as he started a taunting curling and flicking of the seething wet tongue he was whipping up into
her ... but he couldn't be sure ...He forced his wide-open mouth closer and began to work over the entire widespread crevice of her lovely defenselessly upturned loins, sucking and licking as if he could never get enough, while her naked white ass-cheeks tremored and swayed around his cunt-buried face as if losing all control.

Her here-to-fore pampered little cunt flowered open wider and wider to Kevin's unbelieving relish, her wetness increasing with each further second his hungrily sucking mouth worked at the hotly dilating, little hole. He felt it running in warm, thin little trickles down his face as he pressed snugly into the involuntarily yielding flesh between her warm, white buttocks ... but he knew she'd deny that it was from sexual excitement. Her hang-ups were far greater than any obligation she might even feel to herself, let alone him! There was no way to save it, not this marriage, and right at the moment, he could care less!

Kevin straightened and moved his groin in tighter behind her, licking at his cunt-smeared lips while he gasped at the throbbing length of his long, thick cock. He inched forward between her wide-stretched thighs, as far as he could possibly go, then guided the dancing rod of swollen hardness with thumb and forefinger, eagerly using its heavily blood-engorged spongy tip to part the softly curling pubic hair. He could see and feel the heated folds of her cuntal flesh close wetly over the rounded end of his cock-head. The tiny, sensuously puckering mouth of her anal-lips seemed to wink up at him, as if letting him know he'd never get to enjoy that little hole as long as he lived! The urge to pull his cock back and fuck her in the ass was great, but not great enough. Trapped between the delicious layers of hot, wet vaginal flesh where his cock lay, Kevin couldn't move. And then, he knew he had to fuck her ... ram it to her as she'd never even believed it could happen!

The wildly inflamed, young husband, lost in the lascivious rage of his angrily rising lust, flexed his buttocks forward quickly and without warning, feeling all the frustration he had built up for six solid
months charging through him. This was it ... the end ... but it was going to be a grand exit ... at least, for him! He thrust harder, not mercifully, feeling the hot, giving walls of her tightly contracting vagina soothingly slipping up over and wetly enclosing the angry-hard length of his pulsating cock-head up into her!

"Ooohhhhh!" Laura grunted beneath him as he unexpectedly lunged and nearly the entire thick rod of his swollen, embittered hardness soared up into the tightly clutching cuntal passage up between her legs! She felt it pressuring unbelievably hard against the tightness of her desperately clasping vaginal walls which were contracting in a wild futile resistance around it. It was as if the unwanting little hole was forcibly trying to reject his thundering hugeness of its own volition! Her naked body trembled and shook before the abrupt assault which had taken her completely by surprise. The nature of this sudden, pain-filled torment was in direct contrast to the gentle caresses that were unmistakably raising lewd and obscene sensations of excitement inside her only moments before. There had been no doubt in her mind what he had been doing to her, but she had satisfied her conscience in the knowing that she was totally helpless against his debauched outrage ... And now, gone were those tender, wet probings of her helplessly upraised loins along with the brief fringe of ecstatic joy she had so confusedly felt along with them.

She was suddenly thrust back into the loathsome reality of his mercilessly skewering penis tunneling debasingly up into the very depths of her unwanting belly! Except ... except that it wasn't really
painful, even though she had squealed out ... but the way he was animalishly taking her from behind ... tied defenselessly like a servile slave ...! No, there wasn't any real pain was there? God, she was wet and open, his long, thick cock sliding up into her easily from the warm, fluid secretions his ... his tongue had caused to flow unwantedly from her hotly palpitating vagina! Yes, that was it, the way
she was nakedly imprisoned in this slavish kneeling position on the bed ... the degrading, unforgivable shame of it ... while his thick, rampaging cock fucked obscenely up into her from behind!

She screamed back at him to stop, tears of angered humiliation flooding once more from her enraged eyes, but it was useless. He laughed again and she knew that the wrathful sound lacked an accompanying smile. Damn him! Her own husband was an animal ... he was! She could hear his
breaths rasping from his lungs in grunting bursts as he began to fuck viciously and deeply right up inside her. And then, the first twinges of sharp, undeniable pain burst inside of her like a shower of wildly exploding sparks from the unsparing hardness ravaging brutally up into the defenseless depths of her belly.

"O-Oh God, Kevin ... pleaseee ...!" she chokingly begged.

"Just fuck back, Mrs. Garrett!" he lewdly spat down at her. "Don't waste your breath. You'll get no mercy from this guy! That shit has long passed! My advice to you is to keep this gorgeous little ass and
cunt of yours twitching if you want to end this show! Then, your loving husband'll be long gone out of your warped, screwed-up puritanical life! Now, fuck! Fuck back at me, baby!"

Never had she heard such horrible and filthy language spill so easily from his once considerate lips ... nor had the sound of it, those obscene four-letter words, ever struck her with more impact! God, how
she detested their very existence ... yet ... yet ...! Blindly, she tried to pull her buttocks forward and free of him, knowing at the same time that she didn't really want to, but he held her fast, anyway,
hands clutching at either hip so that his fingers gouged into their sensitive, pliable flesh, and she loudly moaned so that he would surely hear her.

He fucked into her from behind without the tiniest twinge of a lover's concern, his heavily racing cock seeming to grow larger and larger. She gasped, writhing and jerking her hips now because he was hurting her with the battering, blood-inflated head of his long, thick penis pummeling deep up into the soft underside of her flesh filled belly. But ... but it was a foreign, pleasureful pain, and ... and she didn't really want it to stop! His thighs were coated with perspiration, sticky-hot along the under and inner-sides of her own. With every inward thrust now she could feel his heavy, sperm-bloated testicles
slapping down hard against the widespread lips of her fully filled vagina and her tiny quivering clitoris which had never known such sensations of feverish excitement before. They even slapped with a
resounding caress against the puffiness of her hair-covered pubic mound as he fucked into her from back there without let-up!

OOOHHHH! He was splitting open her whole belly with his enraged, huge cock ... up to the swollen, squashed mounds of her jerkily dancing breasts ... and maybe even beyond that! Sometimes ... sometimes, he hurt her, Laura thought, but not so often anymore, and then there were moments when she thought he was bursting inside her, expanding the intricate little parts of her deeply impaled vagina that had always been so secret, so closed, never to be touched! God, he, her very own husband, was suddenly like a demented brute ... a raging pit of volcanic lava behind her, hissing, swirling, tossing, thundering and crashing against the vulnerable, widespread backside with heavy buttock
flattening lunges.

"Jesus Christ!" he swore, clutching savagely at her hips and thighs, then leaning forward to drop his hands and tease beneath and into the soft, giving flesh of her stomach below, the taunting tips of his
fingers stroking the puffy swell of her pubic mound, the erotic caresses causing her tiny, straining clitoris immeasurable sensations of never known before joy. And all of the time his hugely swollen cock fucked ceaselessly up into her now passionately throbbing vagina, the lewdly growing sensations beginning to rip through her helplessly kneeling body like nothing she had ever remotely imagined!

Laura felt him inch in even closer between her achingly spread thighs to pressure them out further with his knees, ramming his angry swollen hardness deeper and deeper up into her to the very hilt. His heavy, sperm-bloated balls continued to beat a ravaging tattoo against her fervently quivering clitoral bud. Stretched open this way, he was reaching never-ending depths up inside her, forcing gasp after gasp of alternating pain-pleasure from her piteously panting mouth. Her back had begun to ache from the pressure of his hands which had moved to her waist, thrusting her upper torso further down on the mattress so that her naked buttocks loomed defensively higher up toward his face. Oh God, she had never remotely imagined such debasing humiliation in her young life! She never wanted to look at his horribly depraved face again ...!

B-But ... but the weirdly pleasureful sensations were strangely growing ... and what pain there had been, lessening ... an impossible series of breath-taking sensations! Her weirdly burning vaginal passage was suddenly aflame with an erotic throbbing and she felt it rhythmically clasping at the thickly hardened sinew of his lengthy cock. Maddening electric-like little prickles had begun deep within her womb to spread relentlessly over the raw nerve-ends of her naked, perspiring flesh. His hard, hairy pelvis battered the softness of her lewdly upturned buttocks with punishing flat smacking sounds. She heard animalistic grunts gutturally escaping him while obscene, undefinable sensations rippled through her own loins and out the feverish, fleece-lined lips of her hotly seething cunt, dancing like tongues of wild fire across her thighs and belly.

He squirmed and fucked madly into her, raising wild new whimpers from the depths of her chest with every plunge from his sadistically kneeling position behind her! Ooooohhh Godddd ... his merciless cock seemed to be continuously growing inside her now fire-filled belly ... and reaching higher and higher toward her very throat! The resilient flesh of her full breasts rippled and jounced from the jarring impact of his barrage, their pebble-hard nipples excitedly tingling as they brushed and burrowed into the satiny coverlet of the bed. Then, she found herself mindlessly grinding the wide-stretched mounds of her upturned buttocks back onto the slickened rod of pleasure-bringing hardness that was skewering wildly up into her passion-inflamed cunt. Abruptly, she was aware of nothing but the dynamic building pressure of screaming, fluid urgency in her hotly boiling loins and belly ... pressure that was pyramiding toward a strange, unfamiliar point of sheer, unadulterated bliss ...!

He'd reached her! Deny it if she would; he didn't give a goddamn! She was fucking back now like a whore beneath him and he could live on that memory for a long time! On his knees, bent over her quiveringly enslaved body from behind, Kevin gritted his teeth, beginning to strenuously fuck in and out of her with longer, harder strokes, his own lean buttocks hollowing with every lunge. A feeling of absolute power over her at last spiraled through him as he held her flared, white hips in total subjugation to his still-thickening cock. Finally, he was exploiting her self-esteemed and proud little pussy channel to its fullest degree. He could feel the yielding, fleshy ridges inside her still hotly giving way before the merciless fucking he was hammering up into her!

He squeezed her soft, satin-like flesh in greedy, lust-charged hands until it stood up in thick white hillocks, little bloodless welts embossing on her luscious, rounded ass-cheeks, and when he released
them the ridges settled back slowly, leaving angry red marks fringed with a white bloodlessness on her smooth skin. Each time he fucked harder up into her his fingers gripped tighter, squeezing her soft
unresisting thighs with an almost sadistic vengeance he didn't want to try and control. He knew he was hurting her, forcing groans of pain and subjugation from her tormented throat as she sluttishly strained
beneath his mastery of her body.

He stretched the working moons of her fleshy, tautened ass-cheeks even wider with harsh fingers, excitedly watching the pink folds of glistening wet cuntal flesh clinging hungrily around his rampaging cock like lustful sucking lips, vanishing again when he slammed it up into her. Then, he thought of worming his finger up into the tiny puckered lips of her anus, but instead, levered forward on his knees and with a loud grunt drove his hurtfully throbbing hardness to the very depths of its aching capacity. He could feel the warm, liquidish resistance spread before the rubbery, blood-swollen head, forcing a choked, throaty gurgle from her as though the breath had been knocked from her.

"Auuuggghhh ...!" Laura gasped beneath his inhuman, maddening fucking which was all but destroying her power of reason. Vaguely she was aware of straining her upturned buttocks back in lewd cadence onto the heavily pulsating cock that he was pumping blissfully up into the churning inferno between her legs. And ... and she was undulating her hips back at him in voluntary, joy-seeking little circles ... actually abandoning herself to the breathtaking fucking she was getting from behind with an ungovernable and frantically building passion. She realized that her head was flailing wildly, her long, disheveled hair whipping back and forth like tassels in the wind, and then she twisted her face sideways to look back at him so that he could see the immense rapture his all-consuming fucking was bringing to her!

When Kevin saw it, contorted, not in hate now, but in blinded sensual intoxication, he damned near went wild. He sensed the impossibility of his lustfully burning cock growing even thicker in the seething furnace of her wetly clenching vagina as he continued to ram it resoundingly up into the depths of her now hungrily quivering belly. A grin of near-sadism spread over his hawkish face at the thought that he had raped her and made her love it! But even so, she would hate him when it was
all over and done with and he knew it! There was no real changing her, now or ever ... and he still didn't give a goddamn! He was going to exit with his head high, knowing he'd used, utilized, and fucked her sumptuously guarded cunt to the bursting point, a memory she wasn't about to forget right away, either ... not with the way she was wantonly swaying and bucking like a mare gone wild on the end of his beautifully screaming hardness ...!

Laura had fallen under a spell of unprecedented enchantment. There was a tremendous, ever-expanding balloon filled with joy blowing up to an impossible size within her! And then ... then ... abruptly, she wailed an almost eerie shriek as the balloon exploded, sending wildly ecstatic sensations to race through her erotically straining loins, overwhelming her with maddening bliss; yet she screamed and screamed as the tears of wild, uncontrolled enchantment spilled down her cheeks in a sensuous rush of earth-shaking release.

At last, she began to slowly calm within, though she still trembled like a leaf in a storm, her panting young belly quivering fearfully while her husband continued to incessantly fuck his lewdly swollen
penis deep up into her cock-filled vagina. With a growing ferocity, rasping and grunting like a savage animal, he went on raping her, shoving her helpless face down into the bed with every obscene, forward plunge. Now, she began to suffer an ache between her legs which had gone unnoticed to this point. Her brutally ravaged vaginal passage was starting to feel as if it were being split wider still! She gnashed her teeth in returning shame, inwardly praying that she could endure it until he finally emptied his lust-driven sperm into her. Savagely, he was clinging to her defenseless hips and thrusting again with vicious, ass-flattening strokes ... and then, he began to vilely curse ...!

Laura felt a new sharp pain even deeper in the depths of her belly as the huge, blood-inflated head of his heavily buried cock suddenly flared into a massiveness which threatened to tear the tiny clam-like
mouth of her womb apart! It jerked and began to spurt and she sensed the hotly gushing semen shooting into her in long seething bursts, sloshing around deep up in the confines of her helplessly tremoring belly with the effect of liquid fire. Then, something else began to happen inside her, as if she were about to re-experience her ecstasy of moments before! The smooth wet walls of her still hotly palpitating vagina began to close tighter of their own volition and clasp hungrily around his cum-slickened rod in quick-frictioned little spasms of delight. The uncontrollably excited cavern sucked and milked insanely at his rhythmically jerking cock as she feverishly, her body totally out of control, began to work her naked, upturned ass-cheeks back at it in a new and wildly untamed frenzy!

Kevin knew it, but there was nothing he could do now! His over-taxed cock was wilting like a dying summer rose, and for a moment he fell forward on her naked back, his weight causing her to finally collapse beneath him. Even so, her hips and buttocks continued to writhe and squirm beneath him, the perspiration and passion-released wetness coating their naked flesh making lewd little wet sounds fill the bedroom.

He couldn't contain his still embittered laugh as he hissed down at her: "Baby, you just got fucked and liked it ... no ... loved it! Let me compliment you, Mrs. Garrett. No seasoned whore could've performed

"Oh! You-you ...! I hated it! Every minute of your horrible rape, damn you! Oh, God damn you! Get off me and let me up!" she raged beneath him, frantically struggling now to throw him off of her.

Kevin got to his feet and immediately began to dress. With still bound wrists, Laura tried to twist her head so that she could see him, tears of frustration once more spilling from her wide dark eyes. She spat: "Well ...? The least you can do is untie me now that you've sated your filthy lust like some lower bred animal!"

He didn't answer, but instead, finished dressing before walking to the vanity and draining both of the drinks he had made them earlier, one after the other. Then, while she lay there in her imprisoned nakedness on the bed, he went to a closet and brought out a small valise.

"Wh-What do you think you're doing ...?" Laura questioned, her eyes widening as her tears abruptly stopped and a sinking emotion began to gnaw at her belly.

"That's the second time you've asked me that this afternoon, and in both cases its been pretty obvious, even to you," he replied, not looking at her as he tossed a few things into the bag, then closed it.
"I'll be staying in Cala Mar for awhile. As soon as I get my head straightened out, I'll be back for the rest of my things. I'll leave you the convertible and take the station wagon. There's plenty of money
in the account. And thank you, Mrs. Garrett ... that was a pretty good fuck for a beginner ... but I'll wager you could improve with some experience."

Laura couldn't believe it! H-He was actually walking out on her ... and ... and leaving her helplessly tied the way she was! She craned her neck enough to see him standing in the doorway, almost grinning, she thought, and then he disappeared down the hallway! For a moment, she couldn't raise a sound! The absolute shocking amazement of what already had and was now happening leaving her momentarily speechless!

Then: "Keeeevvvviiiinnnn! Damnnnnn youuuuu! Come back here and untie meee!" she screamed after him. "Have ... have you gone maddd ... maddd entirrreeelllyyy! Keeeevvviiinnn! Do you hear me ...? Come here and untie meeee! ... Oooohhh myyy Godddd ...!"

He heard her quite distinctly as he entered their studio and picked up his sketching kit. He even grinned at the sounds of her screams, but devils of unforgiving anger still commanded him. He'd drink a cup of
hemlock before he'd give in one more inch to her ... besides, she wouldn't have any trouble freeing herself once she settled down to realize her little puppy dog of a husband had meant everything he'd
said ...!