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The Family Pet Chapter 3

Chapter 3

He was holding her upon his lap, and Sunny felt like a fragile doll because of his size. She wasn't afraid of him anymore, not of his bulk, of his monstrous prick. She loved that, loved him, also. He seemed  if he couldn't get enough of just touching her, and his big hands  never still, roaming over her smooth back, down it to the flaring  her sleek hips, around to caress the curvings of her asscheeks.

In seconds, his hands were slipping up and over her belly to cup her small tits; he mashed them tenderly down, then allowed them to spring back up and tap their points against the palms of his hands. Every so often, Judd Lorimer would kiss her throat, her eyes, her cheeks and chin. At rare intervals, he drew his lips gently across hers, stirring her each time he did so.

She said, "Am I really beautiful, Judd?" She called him by his first name because she felt she was his new wife, his new piece of young ass, his pussy.

"More than I can tell you," he breathed into her hair, caressing her cunt mound now, always very gently. Her crotch was wet from the leaking of his cum, from the excited overflow of her inner juices. "You're so lovely my gut aches to look at you, Sunny."

"Did you want to fuck me for a long time?"

He fondled between her legs, cupped her pussy and held it awhile. She was facing him, one of her legs on each side of his closed ones, straddling him, really. It was kind of like riding a big rocking horse, but a lot sexier.

He answered, "Ever since I saw you in shorts and got a good look at your trim little ass. I used to dream about these fine legs, baby. If I hadn't seen your dog putting the prick to you, I might have caught you out back sometime and blindfolded you, then screwed you until I couldn't get a hard-on anymore. That's how much I wanted to fuck you."

"I like to hear that," she said, wiggling her ass some. "Are you going to get another hard-on soon? We have an hour or so."

"It's lifting now," he said, rubbing her pussy, holding onto one cheek of her ass to help her sit balanced. "You really go for a cock, don't you? You look like a small angel, with those baby blue eyes and that long golden hair, but you fuck like a devil, and I'm damned glad of it."

She kissed his mouth and ran her tongue between his teeth to feel around for a while. When she heard him panting and felt the slow rising of his prick against her butt, she pulled out her tongue and smiled wickedly at him. "Fuck me again, Judd--with me sitting on your prick like this. Can we do it that way?"

"We can," he agreed, his voice low and deep, "but that's not what's going to happen, baby. You're a beautiful little bitch and I'm crazy about screwing you, but we're going to do it ail my way. You think you've got me hooked, that you can start bossing me around by using your pussy."

Sunny sensed the power in him again, that first tough strength he had showed when he'd grabbed her mid stripped away her robe. It surprised her, shocked her some, and maybe Sunny resented it a little bit. Huffily, she began to climb off his lap, to show him who was the stronger.

Those bear-like hands clamped on her ass, and his thighs opened. Sunny was lowered between them, helpless and taut with resistance. Judd's cock nestled between her boobies, and the pliant head bumped her under the chin.

"You might as well settle down," Judd said, "because there's something else I've always wanted to do to you, baby. Did you ever take your dog's prick in your mouth and suck on it?"

She stared in confusion, her momentary anger swiftly passing and a chilling knot gathering in the pit of her stomach. "N-No-of course not! What a nasty idea!"

"It's a good idea," he said softly. His cockhead moved up a bit, slid across her cheek and she flinched, but when she tried to jerk her head back and away, she found that one of his huge hands was behind it, blocking any real movement.

Sunny clamped her teeth shut and said between them: "You don't really mean ..."

He fondled the back of her head, and his powerful thighs held her arms pinned to her side. She was locked to him, and she realized that Judd Lorimer could do anything he wanted to her. His free hand guided his cock, slid the greasy head up and down her cheek.

"Please," she said, knowing that to beg was to give up, but that she couldn't do much about it. He had her in a steel-muscled trap, and she sensed that if she screamed, he would throttle her roughly, brutally. The tenderness he had shown while fucking her had caused her to misjudge the man, and now she was sorry.

"You'll like it," he said, smearing her chin with the leakage from his cockhead, oiling her with leftover cum and the humid juices of her own pussy. "Hot as you are, anything to do with a prick turns you on, baby. So you'll eat my prick and love it. Here, little girl--here's my prickhead at your lips, so open them like a good little kid. You're going to be a fine cocksucker."

She opened her lips at the sticky pressure, but it was only to plead with him to screw her instead, to say maybe he'd have a lot more fun fucking her dog-fashion and stuffing his cock into her pussy from behind.

Instead, she got the slippery head of his prick stuffed between her teeth. Gasping, Sunny tried to pull back, but his hand held her head in place, forced her to take in that bulging dong. The taste was pungent in her mouth, a blend of muskiness and salt, a mixture of sour and sweet--and a strangely stimulating flavor different from anything she had ever known.

Her own pussy, she thought; once she had wished she could bend over and lap at her own hot pussy, so she could get both good feelings at the same time. She was sampling it right now, her tongue knowing the spices left by her cunt on this big, choking cock.

She couldn't even say no, because he was feeding his prick into her face--literally feeding that hard meat over her cringing tongue and along the roof of her mouth, pressing it until she gasped and thought she might strangle when it touched her throat.

"I won't choke you," he said, holding her head firmly in place with both hands now. "Don't fight it and you won't get hurt. If you struggle too much or try to bite my cock, I'll shove it so fucking far down your throat it'll cut off your breath. Now, little girl--do as you're told."

She sighed in relief as he backed his prick out of her throat and poised it just inside the barrier of her teeth. But her respite was brief, for then he ordered: "Lick it, Sunny--use your tongue and move
it all over, all around the head of my cock. That's the way, kid. Lap it good, tickle me, shove the end of your tongue right on into that little slit."

Sunny was obedient, and even found herself getting interested in the taste and shape of his cockhead under her working tongue. When she found the tiny mouth in the tip, she jabbed her tongue tip inside
experimentally. She wanted to lift her hands and heft his balls, to feel the hilt of his pulsing cock, but when she wiggled, Judd held her painfully with his thighs.

"Let it slide back into your mouth a little," he said above her as her eyes stared into the shaggy patch of crotch hair that grew so lushly around the base of his rod. "Suck on it, like you would a lollipop. Oh yeah, baby! That's great, just great!"

She was interested now, eager and quivering with the fantastic sensations that were racing through her body. He'd been right so far; she did love his prick, whether she took it into her straining pussy or
had it forced into her mouth. A cock was a cock, whether it was hung on a man or on her dog.

Incongruously, she thought of poor George, chained outside with his cock all hard and eager, and no place to put it.

Then nothing existed for Sunny except the huge prick in her mouth and the naughty things she was doing to it. But nothing was dirty and nothing was strange anymore; it was all natural and lovely, and she ate his prick as if it were the most tender piece of meat anywhere.

Lorimer rocked her head between his palms, fucking her gently in the mouth, screwing her in the face. His furry balls came bumping against her chin with almost every stroke, even though he wasn't shoving his cock back as far as it would reach. Her mouth was too shallow for that, and now Sunny was wishing it was far deeper, that she could suck this delicious cock down her throat and into her belly.

She obeyed the hints of his hands and the mute commands of his cock, moving her head easily, sucking and pushing with her tongue, then nipping lightly with her teeth and rolling the throbbing prickhead against the roof of her mouth. She experimented with touch and pressure, tried powerful suction and a gentle siphoning.

Judd fucked her mouth slowly, stroking his thick shaft into her tips and occasionally bringing it to the velvet cup of her receptive throat. He panted above her, and his legs still held her tightly. Seated on the floor with her knees folded and her feet beneath her ass, Sunny was like a rag doll for him--except no doll ever ate prick the way she was eating it.

"Ah, baby--that's fine--that's wonderful. Didn't I tell you you'd enjoy chewing my prick? You're a natural, baby--a natural-born cocksucker. Ah! Oh, Sunny! Ooohh, you greedy little bitch! Lick it, girl! Lick me and suck me and eat my cock! I-I-Ahhh!"

Then the thought hit her like a truck: He was about to come! She had brought him right to the verge of shooting another load of jazz. But was he going to shoot right in her mouth?

Struggling then; frantic and scared silly, Sunny tried to spit out his lunging prick, to free her arms from the merciless grip of his thighs. He was going to shoot off inside her mouth! He was going to spurt all that thick and sizzling fuck juice into her throat, and it would drown her. She'd certainly choke on the river of cum he'd let go.

"Take it, bitch!" he ordered fiercely. "I'm coming--and you'll swallow it all, you hungry cocksucker! NOW!"

It came like a geyser, a heavy, hissing stream of jism that spat powerfully into her throat and filled her mouth, overflowing her writhing lips.

It was a hot river, a flowing creek of jism, musky and creamy, oyster-like in its consistency, and she had to swallow it or choke. Sunny gulped and tried to moan around the flexing head that was still oozing. She swallowed and didn't gag, and a matchless feeling of intimacy grew as she let his sperm slide down her throat and into her stomach.

After the first of his cum was in her belly, she began to suck for more, to pull his juices from the end of his prick, trying to drag more all the way up the shaft, drag it from his balls. Every drop made her
ravenous for more, and the raunchy taste of his sperm, the hot, intimate excitement of swallowing it, made her freak out.

His thighs opened then, and her arms were freed. She caught his balls, wrapped her fingers around the thick base of his cock, and held it while she pumped her head up and down eagerly, trying to suck still more of his seed from his limbering tool.

Regretfully, she lifted her mouth from his prick, and slid her lips down the shaft to the furry balls. Nibbling at them delicately, Sunny used her tongue to savor the beadings of sweat nestling in his crotch hair. She wanted to eat him up, truly eat him, chew and swallow and digest him.

Judd's hand stroked her head, and his voice had turned gentle again: "I told you you'd like it, baby. You're a real little nymphet. Everything makes you hot. You give a fine blow job, Sunny. You eat a man's cock like you never want to turn it loose."

Kissing his lower belly, she asked, "Am I supposed to?"

"Yes," he said, his hand petting her hair, his shaggy belly flinching a little every time she kissed a new spot. "You're supposed to do whatever you feel like doing, baby."

She climbed off the floor and sat on his thigh, rubbing her kneecap slowly up and down his sagging rod. "You came twice in just a little while. Do I make you so hot?"

He kissed her throat. "Believe it. I've never been hornier."

"How about your wife?" she asked. "Doesn't she make you horny, too?"

"She does," he admitted. "Lenore is a pretty woman, and we've done some
great screwing for a lot of years."

Sunny felt like establishing some kind of domination over this powerful, determined man, even if she dug everything he had made her do. She said, "You watched my ass and legs, you said. Do you watch your daughter's ass the same way? She's a year older than me."

He waited awhile before answering, then said, "I guess I do, but she's my own daughter. I don't mean I wouldn't fuck her if I could, but there's no chance. There's always another kid around, and my wife ..." He shook his head. "Just no chance, even if Betsy didn't dank I'd suddenly lost my mind."

Sunny thought that over, and wondered if Judd really knew what would happen if he snuggled Betsy Lorimer up close like this. Then she wondered what Betsy would think about George, about fucking with a Great Dane.

Betsy was kind of a groovy girl, even if she did act snotty because she was a year older. But she came over to talk sometimes, and to tell funny stories about her older brother Harry, a handsome sixteen-year-old.

Lorimer stood up, his great arms cradling her like some soft and fragile toy. He turned to sit her down on the couch, and said, "Have to go, baby. I'd like to stay around and work on you some more, because I can eat your sweet little pussy better than that dog can. But your mother'll be home before long, and my wife's probably wondering where I am right now."

Sunny looked up at him, running the tip of her tongue over her lips in case she had somehow missed a precious droplet of his jazz. "When will I see you again?"

"Soon as I can make it," he said, putting on his shorts and hiding the down-swinging length of his softened cock. She was sorry to see it covered, and watched him as he drew on his pants. "Don't worry, I'll be back damned quick. You're a real special piece of young ass, and I want to fuck you all I can. Just remember, baby--if you have a change of heart and want to tell your mother I raped you, there's always the dog. And did I tell you? I have a couple of good Polaroid shots of you and
that mutt screwing."

She said, "I wouldn't fink on you, Judd," and held up her mouth for his parting kiss.

* * *

Somehow, there was a different look about her mother, or maybe it was just because Sunny was seeing her in a somewhat different light, because she was looking at her as one woman to another.

But she stayed quiet through dinner, although not quiet enough for her mom to ask questions like was she sick or had too much sun, or played too hard with the dog, or something.

Lips curling in a secretive smile, Sunny decided that was it: She'd played too hard with the dog, or the dog'd had too much of a hard-on, and the "something"--well, that would curl her mom's wig. If Teresa Watson didn't faint when she heard the news of George putting his long, slippery cock to her innocent little daughter, she sure would when she teamed that her neighbor had fucked her baby girl, and moreover, that the baby girl had sucked his cock until he blew off inside her mouth.

Holding her face down, Sunny giggled a little, very quietly, and over her dessert wondered if her mother had ever eaten her father. No way, she thought; her mom was altogether too straight and conventional. So that was another thing she had missed in her life, the deeply sensuous pleasures of devouring a man's cock and draining him of his jizz.

Poor mom, she thought. No fucking for years now, and no sucking forever.

"Sunny," her mother said, "is anything bothering you?"

Sunny answered meekly, "No, Mom." That was true enough, because what could bother her now? Only the thought of lonesome, horny George, tied out in the backyard. But she'd sneak out and let him in later, take him up to her bedroom.

"You seem quiet," her mother persisted. "Was it a long day? I can take a vacation soon, dear, and maybe we can go down to the beach for a few days."

Sunny shrugged. "I like it here just as well."

Better, she thought. At the beach all she'd get in her pussy would be sand. Here she had both George and Judd Lorimer. She smiled at her mother and looked her over again, seeing the good, heavy tits
deliberately hidden by bra and a loose blouse, seeing the lovely face with sadness at the comers of the rich mouth, and the honey-colored hair that was several shades darker than Sunny's, and eyes that were almost purple. Beneath the too-big dresses that her mother wore, Sunny knew there was a beautiful and supple body, hips flared just so, the legs long and sleek.

It was a shame that all that was going to waste, she thought, wondering if a woman's pussy would dry up or shrink away to just a pee-hole if the woman didn't fuck with it over a long period of time.

That was something else she'd add to the list she was saving up to ask Judd Lorimer next time he came to her with a hard-on.

She didn't know when that would be, and there was really no way of finding out easily. Unless she went over to visit him, and trapped him in a corner. Sunny grinned at that picture, too, seeing the big, hairy man as her prey, seeing him sweat and get scared his wife or kids might hear. But her grin faded as she remembered the steel in him; Judd was hard other places besides his prick. She had little doubt that he'd beat the hell out of her if she pushed him too far.

And he said he had those pictures of her being fucked by the dog. Sunny would like to see them; maybe he'd show them to her. It was kind of exciting to think of seeing herself on film, of seeing George's long cock buried in her heaving cunt.

She helped her mother with the dishes, and when her mom turned on the TV and settled into her usual blah nightly routine, Sunny eased out of the back door and brought George his dinner, too. She stood watching him gulp it down, and sneaked peeks at the sheath of hairy hide that covered his prick. The balls were there, solid and male, but smaller than Judd's; she couldn't see the prick itself, since it was hidden by the sheath. Where the hell did it all come from? Did it unroll like a hose, or slide out from some place in George's belly, already stiff and ready for use?

There were so many things she had to learn about sex, with a dog or with a guy, and she wasn't going to skip a lesson if she could help it. This was the kind of school she loved.

When George finished eating and wagged his tail at her, she unsnapped his chain and took him by the collar, little shivers of anticipation running up her leg when he brushed against it. Her mother was engrossed in a TV program, so Sunny took her dog upstairs without incident, without her mom insisting that she bring him down for the night.

Mom could be a pain in the ass about that, she thought, and hurried George to her bedroom. Locking the door, she whipped off her jeans and shirt and stood bare before him, but George wasn't a man and couldn't tell her how lovely she was, or how beautiful her pussy was.

He'd never fucked her in her room, either, and seemed a bit bewildered, until she went over to the side of her bed and knelt there, putting her tits down on the sheet and hiking her ass into the air. That gave George the idea, and he came up behind her to lick the crack of her ass. His long, hot tongue tickled across the lips of her pussy, and she quivered at its eager touch.

Grabbing a pillow, Sunny pulled it down and stuffed it under her knees, so that her ass poked higher, so that George could reach it more easily with his sharp-pointed cock when he tired of lapping her cunt and wanted to mount her.

Sunny felt particularly bitchy, since she was pretending to be a real one, a bitch in heat and anxious to be fucked by this beautiful big dog with the long and lovely prick.

He licked faster, his tongue probing along her gash, curling back to lave her asshole, and Sunny got a real charge out of that. She thought of the promise made to her by her human lover, of Judd saying he was going to eat her cunt, and better than any dog could do it.

But George was doing pretty good, making her pussy tingle, making shivers run up her backbone from her titillated asshole. She didn't think she'd come this time, since she had been so turned on by fucking, but she swung her butt and tried, pushing her wet cunt back towards George's busy muzzle, nabbing her cuntlips into the hairs below his nose, feeling the hard slickness of his teeth whenever she managed to curl his lips up.

She heard him whine, and felt the tremors shake him. Reaching back, she tried to shush him before her mother heard. But George took away his muzzle and bounced up on her back. Sunny decided she would have to cut his claws when she felt his paws reach around her waist for a grip.

She had to feel around and find his prick, too, because he kept stabbing it blindly out into the air, sliding it over the cheeks of her ass or down between her spread thighs to bump the cockhead against the bed.

"Silly dog," she said huskily, finally getting hold of the slippery shaft. But he had tapped it against the wrong hole, too, and the weird excitement from having his dick bump her brownie was still doing wheelies in her belly when she got the pointed head of his cock steered towards her cunt hole.

The thin knob pushed vigorously, and Sunny gave a little wiggle of her ass that helped it penetrate. Then the lovely hard dong was sliding, slipping up into the clinging wet satin of her pussy. All the way up her cunt it went, since it didn't have a barrier to stop it this time. Sunny granted when the end of his dick hit home, and she rolled her ass to make the hard rod slide all around, to have it reach all the tender, sensitive places inside her twat.

George pumped away, no finesse and no hesitation. He was mounting her to fuck her, and that's the way he went at it, slamming home his rigid prick, bouncing his hairy balls into her ass, and all the time he made softly whining noises. Long and hard, that animal cock slid back and forth, in and out. The dog was very strong and hungry for screwing, and Sunny gave it to him the way she'd learned--

Hiking her ass to be sure he could touch the bottom of her cunt with every hammering stroke, Sunny ground it for him, shook her pussy around his lunging pole, and knew the joy of being rammed. She bit into the sheet and clawed at it, too; her hard-nippled tits rubbed achingly across the bed as George fucked her dog-fashion.

She was his bitch and he was the master, breeding her, screwing her long and solidly. He was strong and she was weak, a bad little girl who needed to be dominated, conquered, punished.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, the sound breaking involuntarily from her mouth. "Oh--George--you horny bastard! Ahh! Oooh! Yes, George, stick your meat to me, slam that boner up my cunt and make me go out of my head. G-George! Oh--George, I'm about to come--"

Sunny jerked like a puppet gone crazy and trying to tear off all controlling strings. She shivered and bucked upon the hammering cock, jamming it up into her clasping pussy until the swollen knob thumped into her cervix. Moaning and clawing at the sheet, she gyrated her ass wildly and felt her clitoris tremble, felt the vibrant expansion of the nubbin.

As her orgasm pounded through her, Sunny drove her tits into the bed and undulated her lower body, taking that never-slowing prick, humping back at the strong thrusts of the happy dog. She saw white stars behind her eyes, and her teeth grated. Gasping for air, she tried to tell George to hurry up or get off, but no words came out.

The big dog was enjoying his second fuck of the day, or of his young life, and just kept pouring his slidy prick to her snatch. Sunny's head bounced and her arms flopped bonelessly, helplessly, as George's cock turned into a piledriver, booming with great force into her inflamed pussy.

Then George got his rocks off. His paws tightened convulsively around her trim waist and he socked his prick balls-deep for the final, quaking thrust. He let go his load, fired the slippery fuck juice hotly
from the distended head of his cock. Sunny twitched as the sperm deluged her cunt, as the sticky jazz bubbled over her womb and saturated the walls of her flexing pussy. Rich and heavy, gushy and
soaking, George's cum hosed her cunt.

Head rolled to one side upon her bed, Sunny breathed deeply and knew she had been fucked royally. It was as good as the other screw, too.

It took a while for the dog to slide off her. George kind of hung there on her back, his hairy chest expanding and constricting with his harried breathing. She didn't move, because the swollen end of his prick felt big as a softball inside her pussy, and again she knew the fear of getting hung up with the big dog.

It would be pretty good, she thought; she could probably come a few more times if George couldn't get his overgrown cockhead out of her cunt. But suppose he tried to walk off, and she couldn't pull off him? That would hurt like hell, she figured, recalling that time she'd heard a male dog yelping when the bitch tried to run off with his cock still imprisoned in her snatch.

Maybe it only hurt the men, the males. But Sunny didn't want to take that kind of chance, so she went to work getting his slippery prick out of her hole. It came out easily when she made a grinding turn with her ass, and added a fillip to it. The dog's cockhead plopped out in a spray of cum, and she felt some of it showering down on her back.

"George," she hissed, "damn it! Did you have to spring a leak just then?"

Climbing up on the bed, Sunny rolled over and stretched out on her back, trying to decide which way she liked being fucked, dog-fashion or man-fashion. They were both very good. Could Judd Lorimer screw her from the back like George had just done? She couldn't think of any reason why he couldn't.

Sunny let George put his big head on her knee, and smiled softly in the warmth of complete relaxation as the big dog began once more to lick gently at her pussy. Luxuriating in the sensitive pressures, in the slidy, bitchy feeling, Sunny thought about Judd Lorimer eating her cunt. Before or after he fucked it? she wondered. It would be a lot juicier afterward.

Did a man enjoy the taste of his own jism the way she had loved the flavor of her pussy oils left on the prick he had forced into her mouth? Probably, she thought. She would ask him when she had time and they were making it again.

Of course, they'd make it again. No way for them to miss that, because she wanted to know everything about sex he could teach her, and that was probably a lot. Funny, she thought; forty had seemed ancient, but now she wasn't so sure. He had shot off twice in a matter of minutes, and wasn't that pretty good?

There was a knock at her door.

Sunny shoved the dog's head roughly aside, sat up and grabbed desperately for her pants, dropped them, and said: "Yeah, Mom?"

"Are you sure you aren't sick, dear?"

Sunny got the pants this time, slipped into them, pawed for her blouse and somehow it skidded under the bed. She bounded to the dresser, yanked open a drawer and crammed herself into a fresh shirt.

George barked, thinking this was part of a new game.

"Sunny! You have that dog with you again."

She went to the door, scooping up a book on the way. Opening the door and displaying the paperback prominently, she said, "Aw, Mom--he's not hurting anything. George is just keeping me company while I read."

Her mother frowned. "You know I don't like him spending all night up here. He should be down where he can be a watchdog. Come on, George."

Sunny said, "Aw, Mom," again, but she didn't mean it. George had brought it on himself, the dummy. Nobody had told him to bark. And she wanted both of them gone before her mother's sharp eye caught the wet stain spreading around the crotch of her jeans. The dog's tongue had wet her twat down mare than she figured, and the wetness was coming right on through her pants.

Funny how George just galumphed out after her mom, though. Sunny thought he should at least look back, or wave a new hard-on good-bye at her, or something. Fuck and leave was George's motto. Okay for him, she thought, but actually she glad to be rid of him for now. She was just a little tired, and had to take a shower before bed.

Sunny wanted to be fresh for tomorrow's new adventures, for she was certain they would surround her. Brightening, she skipped into the bathroom and stood shivering in a cold shower, washing into her pussy to scrub out the dog's sperm. Maybe she should start taking douches now that she didn't have a cherry to worry about.

Tomorrow, she thought--tomorrow she would get her pussy eaten, and she was looking forward to the far-out sensation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Family Pet Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Sunny was thirteen, but now she felt much older, like maybe twenty-five or so. She lay back in the hot water of her bathtub and smiled when she rubbed her thighs gently together. After all, she wasn't a cherry now; her fuck with George had turned her into a woman, and girlhood was behind her.

Losing her cherry hadn't really hurt, either--not much. And now she only felt a tiny bit of sensitivity in her pussy. She'd soak in the tub, and think about all the fun ahead of her, the wild times she and
lovely old George would have together.

It was funny how it got started, Sunny mused. Dogs fucked other dogs by mounting them from the back, where the female's cunt was set, so she hadn't expected to get screwed from the front. Still, George could fuck from both directions, she supposed.

And his prick--long and slidy hard and shiny, with a knob on the end that swelled up big and powerful when he was about to come, or coming. That trick made her own orgasm even better, adding sensations just at the very moment when the hot sperm was shooting out into her cunt.

Soaping the washrag, she slid the bubbles over her tits, tickled them awhile, and wished as always that they were bigger, like her mom's boobs. But her mother tried to make those nice jugs look smaller by wearing loose blouses and the like.

Sunny hiked her ass so she could wash tenderly at her cuntmound, wiggling a little at the feelings it caused. She'd never been so turned on; it was like George had left more than just his hot jism inside her pussy; he had deposited some special kind of tingling, an electric vibration that made her want to scratch where she couldn't quite reach.

Tentatively, she eased the tip of her finger against the slick pink tissues that lay between the puffy lips of her cunt. It felt wonderful, but not as marvelous as it had before George fucked her. Was her twat stretched by the dog's big prick? Had he forced her pussy out of shape and made it looser?

She didn't know about those things, but she certainly hoped not. Withdrawing her fingertip, she let her ass sink beneath the hot water again. She'd ask her mother about such sex problems, if she dared. Her mom would probably only blush and turn away, and there'd never be any answer.

And she couldn't really be completely honest with her mother, anyway. Suppose she went right up and said: Hey, Mom, I've been fucking this dog--you know, good old George--and I wanted to know if his big prick could stretch me out of shape like a used rubber band--and--what's that, Mom? Yes, I said George and I have been fucking ...

Sunny slapped the surface of the water with her open palm, making a sound like she knew her mother would make when she fainted and hit the floor.

So much for sex-problem interviews with her mother, and there was nobody else around that Sunny could talk to. She remembered her father as a standoffish type of guy, seldom home and always on the road in his business. The road killed him three years ago--or, more to the point, the freeway. His wife had been a widow ever since, and all his work hadn't left them much more than enough to get by.

Of course, her mother played the widow bit to the hilt, looking sad and never going out on a date with a man. Sunny rinsed her body and sat up in the tub, shaking her head; after a woman had been fucked for a while, years even, how could she possibly go back to not fucking? You couldn't return to being a virgin, so why not make the most of your experience? Especially since her mother was such a good-looking woman, only thirty-two years old, tall and willowy, with those big, firm boobs.

Sunny climbed from the tub and leaned over to pull the plug. She stayed in that bent position, twisting her head around so she could see in the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. This was almost the way she would look to George if she let him screw her in the way that was most natural to him--dog fashion.

Her ass was all wet and gleaming, and the crack was just about hairless, but she could make out the light shagginess of her pussy hair. She would have to keep her ass higher than her upper body, she
thought, get down on elbows and knees, rather than on her hands and knees, so that her pussy would tilt up at him more. He could get his cock into her hole easier that way, since she wasn't built exactly like a female dog.

Grinning, Sunny stood erect and turned to stare at her crotch in the mirror. She was every bit as bitchy as a female dog in heat, though. Only she was glad that her kind of bitch didn't have to wait around and come in season every so often; she could fuck anytime she wanted to. And that was going to be just about every time she got the slightest chance.

She dried herself quickly, squirming at the contact of the fluffy towel, thinking how sensitive she was all over her body; her skin was very tender, and every fine hair on her arms and legs seemed to stand
straight up. She felt like screwing again right now, and she wondered briefly if George could go again so soon.

Word among her giggling classmates was that a man kind of burned himself out right away, while a woman could fuck all night. Once the man shot his wad, the girls said, his cock went soft and he had to wait a long time before it would get hard for him again--and they all knew no guy could screw with a soft prick.

Coming closer to the mirror, Sunny checked her skin for scratches; it wouldn't do for George to leave claw marks on her body, where her mother might see them and wonder.

And she remembered that George's prick hadn't gone all soft and squishy after he came in her pussy. His cock had remained stiff and rigid; only the big head had shrunk back to the size it had been before he squirted off. Was it possible that dogs were better and longer fuckers than guys were?

She hoped so, because she was still touchy and excited all over her newly aroused body. Going to the narrow window, she peered down into the backyard and saw that the dog was chained to his house. Most of the time, George stayed inside their home with her, especially at night, but her mom wanted him outside during most of the day. And since they had fucked, she thought it was safer to chain George up until she got her head together again.

There he was, stretched out on his belly, sound asleep, and she felt a twinge of resentment. The damned dog ought to be sitting up with a hard-on, panting for another chance at her pussy. Then she thought that he might be pooped out, firing such a huge load of sperm into her cunt. After all, it had been George's first fuck, too.

Smiling at that idea, she turned from the window and rummaged for her mother's perfume. She used the good stuff, dabbing some in the cleft of her ass and on her pussy hairs, in her belly button and under her arms. Sunny liked the smell of it, and hoped George would, too.

This time, she'd bring him in the house and up to her bedroom, where no prying eyes could watch them screw. She frowned. Had anyone watched, or was it only her imagination?

Wrapping herself into a terrycloth robe, she found her rubber sandals and slid her feet into them. Well, if somebody had watched her with George, she'd know about it before long. But meanwhile, her mother wasn't going to be home for hours, and Sunny was getting anxious to repeat the glorious experience she'd had earlier. She wanted to know if fucking was really as far-out as it seemed.

Shivering a little with anticipation, she hurried down the stairs and through the kitchen, going out the back door. She almost bumped into the man on the I steps, and caught her breath in shock and fear.

"Oh! Oh, wow--Mr. Lorimer! Man, you just about scared me to death, standing here like this."

He grinned at her, a burly man with black eyes and hair curling up from the open collar of his sports shirt. "Hi, Sunny. Is your mom home?"

She shook her head. "No, and she won't be back for a couple of hours, maybe even longer. She's over at her sister's house across town, and my aunt always talks an arm and leg off."

"Two hours, huh?" He looked up at her where she stood two steps higher than him, and she felt the hotness of his eyes. Judd Lorimer lived next door with his wife and two kids, and was old--about forty or so. But he'd always made her think of the bad guy, all hairy and husky, even if he'd never done anything to appear evil.

"I guess," she said, looking beyond the man to where George was waiting impatiently for her, whining a little and sitting erect now.

"That's fine," Judd Lorimer said. "You can help me, then. How about if I use your phone, Sunny? Ours is out of order, and I have a pretty important call to make."

She supposed she was going to have to be polite; with another look at her dog, Sunny backed up the steps and said, "Sure, Mr. Lorimer, come on in."

The telephone was in the living room, on the little table against the wall, and she led him to it. "Just take your time. You don't care if I don't hang around to let you out, do you? I mean, you know the way and all ..."

He didn't reach for the phone, but for her; his big, powerful paw closed over her wrist. "You real anxious to get back to that dog, baby?"

Stunned, she stared wide-eyed at him. "W-What do you mean?"

His other hand came out, and Sunny's robe was flipped open by it, the belt popped loose by the casual pressure of his great strength. Sunny couldn't believe this was happening to her.

Judd said, "I mean if you're so eager to fuck that dog again, he'll just have to wait. Because you're going to fuck me first."

Sunny gasped. "I-I-what do you ... Oh, no!" Suddenly she knew what he meant, and knew with a sharp clarity that she hadn't been mistaken about seeing someone in the hedges a while back.

Judd Lorimer had been there, peeping at her when she screwed George. How awful of him, how terrible! But what she thought didn't change anything; he'd watched her, seen her take the dog's big cock into her pussy, saw her fuck the Great Dane. And now Judd Lorimer had her by the arm with her robe hanging open, and she was just too damned scared to scream.

"Yeah, baby," he said hoarsely, his hot eyes flicking over her exposed tits and the curly golden triangle of her pussy. As she tried to cross her legs in some weak gesture of self-protection, he said, "I see you got the idea. You try to yell rape or any of that bullshit, I tell your mom about that dog sticking his meat into you, and about you hugging him and moaning and screwing him back. That the first time you ever fucked him, kid?"

Helplessly, terrified, she nodded agreement. "The-the only time, Mr. Lorimer. Oh, please let me go!"

"No way," he said, and swung her so that she had to run tippytoe or fall. He was so strong, it scared her more. "The couch'll do," he grunted, "and you don't have to try and hide that pretty little ass
under a towel."

"But I don't want to. I-I-Please!"

Sunny's heart was beating crazily and her tummy jerked around inside. No one could know about the dog, because now she felt ashamed about being fucked by George.

Lorimer let go her aching wrist, but caught her robe and spun her face down upon the couch, her legs flailing. When she rolled over and tried to cover her pussy with her hands, he was standing with her robe dangling from his fingers. He dropped it like a pale leaf upon the floor and her breath hung in her throat, blocked by the pulse hammering madly there.

As he unbuckled his belt, Judd said, "You're a beautiful little bitch. I've been sweating you out for a year or more, but I never figured I'd really get the chance to fuck you, because you're so young--only a kid." He laughed abruptly. "But a kid with a hot little ass, a kid that gets fucked by a big dog."

"I didn't mean to--let George do it to me," she breathed. "It just kind of happened."

Judd stripped off his shirt; she saw the matted black hair sprouting thickly everywhere, and the two brown nipples poking through the fur. Her eyes followed his hands when he unzipped his pants and kicked off his sneakers.

She saw the size of his boner before he took off his shorts, but thought it was impossible.

Then the real thing leaped out before her startled gaze, and Sunny wanted to scream, to run, to be anywhere on earth except where she was at that moment. The man's prick was a monster--fully as long as George's, but so much bigger around, so much thicker that it seemed swollen completely out of shape.

The cockhead was huge, expanded out of proportion, gleaming a dark lavender and with a sticky-looking drop of clear liquid trembling upon its blunt tip. Its shaft was heavy, encircled with bulging dark veins, and the bails below were puffed beyond reasonable size, overgrown bushily with his crotch hair,

He saw her terror and said, "You took that dog's cock, you can take mine, baby. The main thing is not to fight it, because then you can hurt yourself, and I sure don't want that beautiful little cunt torn
up. Just relax as much as you can, and once I get my prick into your sweet little pussy, you can do whatever you want--shake it and grind it, like you did when you screwed your big dog."

Sunny tried to calm herself, to get over being afraid, because no matter what she did or said, this big and hairy man meant to fuck her, even if he had had to hold her down and rape her. It would be very easy for him, she realized; he could slap her and shove his massive cock into her snatch before her head stopped spinning.

And he still had the upper hand, because he could always tell her mother. A jarring thought flashed through her mind then: Maybe her mom would flip out and do something completely crazy--like sending George out and having the vet destroy him!

"D-Don't hurt me," she whispered up at Lorimer.

His smile was wet and wide, and he moved to the couch. "Spread those fine legs, baby. You're such a dainty little bitch."

He sat on the couch, taking her legs and placing them across his lap. Sunny flinched when she felt the hot rigidity of his erect shaft, felt the spongy yet hard-cored head of his heavy prick. He bent it down, slid it up and between the calves of her legs, then pressed her legs together so that his cock was held prisoner between them.

"Beautiful young legs," he said, moving his stiff cock between them, "lovely kid's legs--so smooth and fine. Delicate calves and sleek knees, tiny feet and thighs like polished bronze. Man, oh man--it feels so damned good to slide my prick up and down them, baby. I always wanted to fuck a real young kid, a sweet little kid like you, with a hot ass and a tight pussy."

He was managing to turn her on with his voice, his passionate words and the longing in them--and he thought she was beautiful and sexy. But Sunny was still scared of the size of his cock.

Lifting one leg up, Lorimer turned his body so that the bulbous head of his hungry prick was facing her, aimed in between her thighs. Sunny shuddered and clenched her hands. But he didn't crawl right over on top of her, as George would have done.

Instead, he rubbed the head of his cock softly and teasingly over the skin of her knee, over the softness of her thigh, and Sunny found herself going all tickly, turning warm inside. When he took one of her hands in his, she didn't struggle, but she didn't open her eyes, either.

"Here," he said. "Feel it, baby. It won't bite you."

Her fingers were placed on his prick, right on the throbbing head, and she could feel the pulse beat there! Trembling, she balanced her fingertips there for a long and breathless moment, then dared enough to feel over the shape of his prick, the giving yet sturdy strength of it.

Sunny's fingers slipped in something oily, in a warm and slippery liquid. Come, she thought--then wondered if a man could come before he actually screwed. Hypnotized, she peeked through her eyelashes and watched her hand follow the outlines of the massive prick, saw and felt the heft and size of it, the huge trunk, and then she explored the heavily forested sac which held his balls.

Everything he had was so much larger than the Great Dane's, nice and long, nice and thick. Her cunt softened, loosened itself as her inner lubrication began to flow. He wasn't rushing her, wasn't raping her, even though he'd given her no choice and told her that she must fuck him.

Her hand worked its way back up the shaft of his cock, and she felt him gently touching the hairs of her pussy, felt him caressing her mound with amazingly tender fingers.

"A marvelous young cunt," he said softly. "Perfectly shaped, and just lightly dusted with these golden curls. The lips of your pussy are works of art, baby, and your trim ass is a masterpiece of its own."

Judd was really being very nice, she thought, and she rolled her ass to show him she was pleased. He worked a finger into her gash then, and she shivered some, but didn't try to back off it. Especially since he was being so careful and feeling around, making her oils run more freely. Then he began teasing her clit, rubbing it cautiously but tantalizingly, seemingly halfway afraid that it would break, but also excited about touching it.

When he pulled his finger out, Sunny was genuinely sorry; it was thrilling to have a different finger inside her pussy, rather than just her own. Then he said, "Let go my prick now, baby. Keep your legs open and that sweet cunt tilted up. And first ..."

He loomed over her like a hairy teddy bear, wide and dark, but she was fast losing her fear of the man as she gained confidence in the power of her own cunt.

He came down upon her, his mouth covering hers, his woolly chest against her hardened nipples, and the pulsing length of his prick against her belly. It was the first time she had ever been kissed by a
grown man, and as his tongue pushed demandingly into her lips, she thought that he must be supporting his weight on hands and knees, that he wasn't crushing her as she'd figured he might.

Thick and wet and hot, his tongue shoved into her mouth, filled it, so that she had to suck breath sharply through her nose. His hands were at her tits, fondling and squeezing them, rolling the nipples between his fingers. Wiggling his hips, he made his prick rub back and forth over her tummy and the warm, hard feel of it, the rhythm of his movement, made her so hot she couldn't lie still a second longer.

Frantically then, she was kissing him back, rolling her tongue over his, raking her teeth over his and biting at his lips. Her ass began to clench its cheeks, to hike her crotch, to swing in small, hungry arcs. Sunny wanted to be fucked, needed the big prick she felt too far from her longing slit, needed it down there where her cuntlips were steaming and the hole behind them was flexing.

A man--a big, hard man--and he wanted to fuck her as much as she craved it now; he called her beautiful and said she had a marvelous young cunt, and she got her hand back on his cock. Clinging tightly to his rod, she hunched down and guided the big head to her quivering pussylips.

Tearing her mouth free of his, she gasped: "Now-now! Put it in me right now! I want it--need that cock--have to get it in me or I'll freak out. Come on, Mr. Lorimer, come on!"

She stuffed the blunt end of his cock into her gash, tried to wiggle her pussy over it, but had to have his help, and Sunny sighed when he gave a convulsive motion that fed her an inch of prick. The head forced its spongy path into her pussy, and she thrust at it, banged at it, until her small gash stretched itself wide enough to allow the passage.

"What a tight, hot girl-pussy," Judd grunted. "So narrow and slick, and you're so damned eager ...

Another hunch and another inch of cock worked its torrid way into her avid pussy as Sunny twisted her pelvis and took in all the prick she could get. It was so much thicker than the dog's cock, the only thing she had ever taken into her snatch that was bigger than her own finger.

But it felt so far-out that she was flipping out. "Oh-oh! Stick it deeper, shove it in all the way."

"Isn't it hurting you, baby?"

She bit at his hairy chest and dug her fingernails into his heavily muscled back. "Stick it in-in! Feed me all of it!"

He rammed his prick harder, and when the knob passed into her cunt, the shaft followed easily, and as she squirmed upon the crazy impalement of his meaty prong, it slid full length into her hole.

She was filled with it, stuffed with his prick, her cunt bulging with his tremendous cock, and she loved it. Moaning, Sunny drew back her ass and felt the cockhead slide up to the grip of her pussylips; as the ridged head touched them, she came forward again, using a corkscrewing movement that radiated wet lightning all over her cunt walls.

He moved his big, strong hands down to the cheeks of her ass, and his palms swallowed them. Judd pumped with her, slow and easy, making a gentle ramrod of his prick, but letting her bounce and wiggle on it as she desired. He touched his tongue into her ear and kept pistoning that mighty shaft into her gripping pussy.

"Sweet little bitch," he said as she quaked at his hotness in her ear. "Wonderful little hot ass, dog fucker, man fucker--so young and tender, and your little pussy grabs onto my cock like it was trained. Oh, baby--fuck me, fuck me!"

She rode his pole, slid back and forth upon it as her cunt turned more greasy and loosened better. Rocking back upon the end of her spine, she found she could open her twat a little more. The knob of his cock pressed against her womb, touched bottom, and she could take no more, for he had no more prick to give her; she possessed it all, every loving inch of the fantastic meat.

Her legs were too short, and she couldn't wrap them all the way around him. She tried twice, but they slid off his moving back and down his flanks. So next time, while he was burrowing that glorious cock into her cunt, she dug her heels into the hollows behind his braced knees.

That gave her an even better grip on him, a balance with and against him. With her arms flung about his neck, she could really stay with him, either hang her weight upon him or let it fall to pull his cock
into the gobbling depths of her inflamed pussy.

Sunny concentrated on the fucking, see-sawing with the plunging of his prick, humping and grinding to feel all of it, from cervix to clitoris and back again.

"Stick it to me, Mr. Lorimer! Oh, man--fuck me deep and hard! Come on, lover man! You saw the dog fuck me--do it better yourself, pound me, hammer me!"

He stopped treating her as if she were so fragile he might tear her cunt up the middle or break her ass. It was getting wet and good and hotter to him, too, and she felt him speed up, lifting the tempo to a
more savage thrusting than he had been using. Now she was being bombed good inside her happy pussy, rocking with the force of his strokes, her head swinging forward and back, her chin bumping his chest.

In and out, he went, and she went around and around, jolted and adoring the pain-pleasure of being roughed and slammed, loving the hairy slap of his balls in the crack of her heaving ass.

"Schoolgirl bitch!" he gasped. "Tiny whore--fucking a dog--loving his prick--loving mine--damn you--hot ass and tight pussy! Take the cock, baby! Take it, take it deep--here! Ohhh! I'm coming! COMING!"

Writhing and stirring his prick inside her hole, she felt the gathering forces in her clit, the squirmy, slick sensations that meant she was only a few strokes from hitting her own climax, from coming just about when Judd Lorimer would.

But he beat her to the magic moment by half a second. The massive prick flexed and the head swelled, then spat. She felt the gush of his cum, the torrent of hot jazz that came thundering from the cockhead to inundate her womb, to flood her cunt walls with slidy, greasy, buttery stuff. Thicker sperm than George's, she thought crazily--richer cum and more powerful. It splashed against her cervix, spattered again, and even though her cunt had such a tightly pistoning grasp of his rod,
some of the boiling fuck juice oozed out.

She didn't want it to go, didn't want to lose a single precious droplet of the marvelous stuff that made the insides of her pussy so thrillingly gooey, so slippery and hot. But before she could change
positions, her clit throbbed madly and her cunt tightened and she felt the clenching of her asshole.

"Oh, Jesus!" she cried, and came so furiously that she thought she might never stop.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Family Pet Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sunny came awake to a delightful tingling of her dainty cunt, and for the first startled moment, she thought she'd napped too long in the backyard sun and was blistering again. With her tender skin, it was so easy to sunburn.

But it was only George, licking at her thighs again, acting silly as a dog could. She tried to bring her knees together, but somehow, he had gotten in between them this time; his hairy body was thick and muscled when she squeezed, and the solidity of it made a funny little thrill race up her backbone.

"George," she said lazily, "go away, George." But she didn't really mean it. His nose snuffled deeply into the swim-suit bottom she wore, and the heat of his breath increased the tingling in her snatch.

Tugging the towel down over herself, Sunny thought that it wouldn't hurt to let the crazy dog have his way, to let him lick at her pussy until he was tired of it. Besides, it felt so good. She lifted her butt
and gave a wiggle that helped her slide the swim suit down, but she had to put one bare foot against George's wide chest to shove him back far enough so she could get the almost-bikini off her legs.

Quickly then, she made a tent of the big towel and spread her knees so George could stick his soft, hairy muzzle back into place over her crotch. He did it quickly, eager to get his hot, wet tongue going on her feathery-haired pussy.

Of course, she didn't mean to let him try anything else, just the hot and ticklish lapping he was always trying on her cunt. Ever since the Great Dane grew up, it seemed like he was hungry to lick her twat. And her mother was always saying, watch out for that dog, Sunny--slap him when he does that. But her mom didn't understand about the tingles.

"Ooohh!" Sunny said out loud, arching her back some as the dog licked hotly right into her pussylips. He'd never been right down to those before, and the sensation was wild, crazy. His tongue shot a wet fire up her cunt, and she began to roll her ass, the way she did when she was finger-fucking herself and getting to the point where she might come.

Maybe George would lap her snatch long enough to make her come; he seemed content to keep at it, and his tongue felt wonderful, rubbing away at her pussy like that. She wondered if her orgasm would be big, and trembled all over.

But Sunny kept her head enough to look quickly around the yard, to peer into the tall hedge that separated their backyard from the Lorimers'. She sure didn't want any of them to catch George snuffling at her pussy this way, and she spread the towel wider over his head, pretending to be wrestling with her dog.

George worked his tongue furiously into her pussy, spreading the cuntlips apart some, slurping into her hot slit and whining deep in his chest.

It was great for her, getting to her in a way that using her finger never had. Sunny reached beneath the towel and pushed his head down, shoved his hairy muzzle deeper into her heaving snatch. She rolled her hips and lifted to it, kind of fucked him in his nose, while the good feeling got better and better in her pussy.

"Oh, George!" she panted, swinging her head from side to side and breathing harshly. "Oh George, eat me up! Just eat up my pussy!"

The big dog seemed to understand, to respond, for his long, thick tongue pushed harder, licked more avidly, and a hot, bright spot began to grow swiftly around her stimulated clit. Her cunt got all hot
inside, turned wetter and juicier, and she humped jerkily on his muzzle, quivered and gasped as she started to come.

It was far-out, a thrilling sensation that made Sunny hump her crotch to him, that made her kick her slim legs and dig her fingers into George's wide head.

"C-Coming!" she husked. "Oh George, you big, horny dog-you're m-making me COME!"

Her heels beat against the grass and great, racking shudders whipped over her taut body. She came, and came, her eyes rolling back in her head and her teeth locked into her lower lip. The sun overhead seemed to flash on and off, and she fell back limply, about half-knocked out of her head.

Weak and spent, she lay flat upon the grass while her small tits heaved up and down and her mind spun like a biker doing wheelies. She knew that George was still lapping her inflamed pussy, but she didn't know when he stopped. In a daze, she was sorry he quit, because it wouldn't take all that much more to make her come again.

The dog's big head came up under the towel, tangled there, and Sunny had to help him get out of it. Then she was sorry she did, because George had his front paws clamped into her rib cage and he was
squeezing her hard. And--she recoiled in shock--and she felt the prodding of his cock, that slick, hard cock that was blindly reaching for the entrance to her wet cunt.

She wiggled, struggled to push him off her, but Sunny only succeeded in bumping her belly up against his. George held on, humping his back and thrusting forward steadily with that long, pointy cock. Once it slid across her hairy little cunt mound, and she bucked wildly beneath his weight. Panting, she had to turn her head aside from his dripping tongue, and the move threw her crotch into his moving prick again. It was slippery, oozing some liquid, and her pussy was slippery, too,
skidding along under the intensity of that very stiff dog cock.

Suddenly, the tip of it poked into her pussylips. Sunny quivered sharply and tried to wiggle off the end of George's hard rod, but he kept humping and pushing, and somehow, Sunny bounced the wrong way. It went into her cunt!

The dog's prick slipped into her twat, right between the lips that had been turned so slippery by his licking, and she flinched because his prick was so hard, harder than she had expected or imagined. Knobby on the end, and shoving, poking, right up into her hole where only her finger had ever been before.

Sunny was scared. She clawed at the big, powerful dog, and her curled fingers only slid down his short-haired hide. She tried to push him up with her bent knees, but he was far too heavy for that, and his cock penetrated deeper into her snatch. Now it hurt; it hurt like hell, hurt like crazy, and she was just about to scream, but fought back the panic just in time.

Mom wasn't home, but the Lorimers probably were, and she didn't want any of them to come running, to catch her being screwed by her own dog. She'd just have to fight George off by herself, before his huge prick ripped her cunt wide open, made her bleed and took her cherry.

Sunny wrapped her arms around his heavy neck and tried to wheel him off to one side, but the dog had the feel of her inner pussy now, and would not be denied. He bent his back and plowed his ramrodding cock deeper into her tightly resisting cunt. Sunny felt the cockhead strike against something elastic, against some buried membrane that stretched and pained.

"George!" she hissed. "Get off me! Stop that! GEORGE!"

He was too far gone to listen; he only squeezed her surging body tighter between his paws and pounded that insistent prick more strongly against the barricade of her cherry.

"N-No!" she grunted. "Oh, no! Don't-do-it!"

But she couldn't get herself free, couldn't loosen the impaling cock working like a lance into her pussy. And the pain--quick and sharp and over in a single flashing moment--so that now she felt the slick dong moving, and the swelling of the knob on the end of the dog's hungry cock. Now she knew the deep tickle of a prick within her cunt, where she had imagined one would be before too much longer.

But the future was now, and she wasn't a virgin anymore; she felt the extra wetness of blood and thought crazily that being screwed by her dog wasn't exactly the way she had pictured losing her cherry. But at least George couldn't knock her up, and since it was already done and she had tried like hell to stop it ...

George grunted and shoved; his cock rammed into her cunt all the way to his hairy balls, and Sunny knew that her snatch could take it all without ripping, that her tightly clenching pussy could swallow every swollen inch of the dog's big prick without tearing.

And his cock felt terrific. It felt wonderful, buried so deeply in her cunt that she could feel the hard tip nudging her cervix. She was being fucked! All the sex-education classes and the girls giggling and the hot night dreams had led to this crazy moment. His big rod felt marvelous, filling her pussy and making her ass go tight.

George humped in and out of her cunt eagerly, and the thrill of that distended prick slipping over her vibrant clit was almost too much. Sunny thought she was going to faint.

She didn't pass out, because that doggie cock felt too good. She rode it back and slithered forward when it pumped into her box once more. The swollen tool bulged inside her clinging pussy, and she wondered dimly if she and George could get hung up, like she had seen a bitch dog and a male do once. It would be nice in one way, to keep this tremendous cock inside her hot cunt for just as long as she wanted it, fucking until she came, and came again, and came once more.

But getting hung up with George there in the backyard wouldn't be so cool. In her bedroom at night, after her mom was asleep, that would be okay. But not here and not now, right out in the open daylight. The towel that had covered her was gone, kicked away in the scuffle, and when she looked down by twisting her head a little, she could watch the shiny red prick pumping in and out of the lightly haired lips of her dripping pussy.

Oh wow, she thought, wow! George's cockhead was bumping against her womb, and making her head bob up and down, and she had to have something to hold onto, or the dog might fuck her right on down through the lawn. She clung to his neck and got her feet up, up, until her ankles could cross above the dog's back. She hiked her crotch to his thrusts then, and swung her ass in quickening circles, because she was on the verge of coming.

Coming--in her first screw! It was wilder than using her finger, more fantastic than having the dog lick her pussy. His cock slammed deep into her snatch and pulled back for another battering-ram stroke, and when he plunged his dick to the balls again, she quivered in ecstasy.

Sunny came, hugging George and fucking back at him, clinging to his body with her legs and arms, clinging to his prick with the hot, wet walls of her pussy. Lights flashed on and off within her head, and crazy things happened to her clit, bombed inside her cunt. Her asshole snapped tight as a rubber band, and she felt his swinging balls massage it.

George kept right on grinding that stiff dog cock into her blazing cunt, ramming and banging it, and her legs slid off his back, but only to brace her heels against the grass so she could rock her crotch
upward to meet his lunges, so that her cunt could absorb every terrific inch of that hard and slippery cock.

George whined then, his breath hot in her car and his damp muzzle pressing against her cheek. She felt her tits rubbing their erect nipples into his heaving chest, felt the rise and fall of his hairy
belly as he shoved the prick to her cunt in a last, savage burst of power.

He shot off inside her. Sunny trembled from head to foot as hot dog sperm spurted from his greatly swollen cockhead. The boiling jazz hosed her entire womb, splashed searingly against the walls of her cunt and packed the length of her pussy.

Thick and creamy, it flowed over his throbbing prick and a few drops squeezed out of her rubbery cuntlips to puddle in the crack of her steamy ass. Blissfully, Sunny rolled her crotch, rolled the hard cock around inside her frothy cunt and over the aching button of her clitoris.

Moaning softly to herself, clenching her teeth, she heaved her pussy against the dog's balls, pushed it wetly into his crotch. She burrowed her stiff nipples into his muscled chest and moaned again, softly and with the craziest feeling blossoming within her overheated body.

"I'm coming again!" she hissed. "Oh George, you lovely, wonderful dog with the lovely, wonderful prick--you're making me come again--COME!"

As if in answer, George's ballooned cockhead gave a last spurt of hot jazz, and Sunny reveled in the buttery sensations within her flexing pussy, went just a little bit insane with the contortions of her snatch and her ass. The coming was even more tremendous than it had been when he licked her off, even better than the first time she had ridden and bucked to rapture upon this deeply buried cock that was still stiff as a poker.

It was as if she had a strobe light in her cunt, as if it were flashing on and off and making everything inside her jerky, jumpy. It was as if a color wheel were spinning red-orange and green-blue. Every nerve end of her body tingled and sparked, and the orgasm raced everywhere within her being.

It was the sweetest and the sexiest thing ever. The dog's cock was her very own; she possessed it in her pussy and held it prisoner by the muscles of her cunt. The great cockhead pulsed and turned greasy inside its tender trap, but the dog just balanced above her, stopped in the motions of his fucking, held in the diminishing throes of his coming.

Oddly, Sunny thought that this must be George's first fuck, too. Poor George, she mused; he couldn't even masturbate himself, although he could lick his own prick. She wished she could stretch herself around so that she could lap her own hot pussy. But they would both make do very well now, by screwing each other.

She had her own lover now. She had George, who could fuck her for as long as she wanted, who could throw big, sizzling loads of rushing cum into her cunt and not make her pregnant. But now that the walls were down and the no-no times finished with, Sunny thought she would start taking the Pill anyway, because, as her mom said, you could never tell what might happen.

Her poor mom, thought Sunny. She didn't have a lover.

Sunny slid tentatively upward, and George allowed his hard cock to slip almost out of her snatch. Only the cockhead hung a bit, but then her pussylips stretched a little more, and with a wet plop! The dog's prick snapped out of her cunt.

Sunny grabbed for the big towel, and frowned suddenly at the hedge nearby. But then she told herself that she hadn't seen a movement in it, that her imagination was working overtime.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Filmed With Dogs Chapter 7

Chapter 7

George got down on the floor with his naked wife. He still marveled at the fantastic transformation that had taken place in just one week. He grabbed her, pulling her into his strong arms.

"I still can't get over the change in you, Lotty."

Charlotte melted into his heavenly embrace. Khan still sniffed his cold nose at her ass. She rubbed her body against her husband. Her body raged with a fiery passion that only his cock could quench. She
wriggled out of his arms.

"What are you ... going to do?" he groaned as her mouth began a feverish descent from his neck to his belly.

"Eat your body while Khan licks me." She brought her mouth back up to his nipples. "I want you to be completely satisfied with the new me. I want to know that you're deliriously happy and still in love with me before we go home."

He looked at her and held her tenderly. The loving silence and the way he cradled her told her what she wanted to know.

"I do, baby. I do," he said with a gentle tenderness. Her teeth began nipping him. "Christ, you're perfect!"

She looked up at him. "You haven't fucked me yet!"

She bent her head, ready and anxious to undertake the task of getting him hard again. She clawed his taut groin, her lips and tongue working overtime on the limp piece of cock flesh lying on his thigh. She
crawled between his legs, perching her ass up for Khan's delight. Her tongue slapped wildly on George's cock.

"Khan's tongue is fucking me, George. His tongue is in my pussy."

George groaned his response. His head was in the clouds. She was everything he had dreamed of. His senses were being bombarded with sexuality--she reeked of it. "How does it feel, baby? Tell me what Khan is doing." With his passion sated for the moment, he was able to revel in what the Doberman was doing to his wife. A tremor seized him, seeing the dog's rump swaying in back of Charlotte, knowing that his tongue was touching and licking her cunt.

Charlotte slapped her tongue on George's limp prick and stopped to speak. "His tongue is almost as deep in my pussy as his cock when he fucks me." She bit her husband's inner thigh flesh with playful nips. "Roll over, honey."

George moaned as her mouth urgently followed him, biting the cheeks of his ass. "Nnnnnn, baby!" Her tongue was soaking the flesh of his ass and thighs. "God damn, you're fantastic, honey!"

"We're going to be happy from now on," Charlotte mewed. "Our sex-life will never be what it was again."

Her hand skimmed under his body, grasping his cock. As she held his limp prick, she soaked his asshole with her drool, then buried her face between his twin ass cheeks and licked the wrinkled hole. Has hand squeezed his prick rhythmically all the while.

George squirmed, his wife's mouth driving him crazy. She stirred the embers in his balls, stoked the fire, and brought his passion fire back to a roaring incinerator again. He heaved a gasp, a moaning rumble.

"Inside! Stick your tongue in my asshole!"

"You want me to lick out your ass the way Khan is licking out mine?" she mewed wantonly.

"Uhhhh ... yeaaaaah ..." He was delirious.

She purred, her nails scratching her husband's ass cheeks. "Khan's tongue is in my asshole now. Ooooo, he's reaming out my ass. Reaming it deep as hell!" She plunged her face back to her husband's ass and plowed her tongue into his-ass canal. She reamed George as the Doberman reamed her narrow shitter. Khan's prick throbbed, his tongue whipping deep inside Charlotte's ass. He snarled, pressing his wet, snorting muzzle beyond the wrinkled crack into her tiny asshole.

"Ahhhhhhnnnnn ..." Charlotte's muted sounds were lost in her husband's ass. She clawed George's groin, manipulating his cock with her other hand. She licked him down behind his balls, humming, sending vibrations up through his body to his hardening prick, Craving to show her husband everything she learned, Charlotte crawled over to the coffee table and sprawled herself out on her back, her ass scooting down until her pussy was flush with the edge of the table.

"Watch me, George, watch me take the dog's prick."

George's prick was stiffening. He rubbed it, his eyes following the contour of her petite naked body, her legs opened wide for the giant Doberman's hulking cock.

"C'mon, you fabulous doggie. Khan! Fuck me! Show my husband how good you are!" She humped her pussy in a lascivious manner, her ass slapping against the smooth surface of the table.

Khan whimpered at Charlotte and padded to the meaty pussy that was being offered to him. Standing between her outstretched legs, he licked upward along her pussy crack, cunt-cream oozing out freely over his pointed snout. He slurped around in the steamy depths of her bubbling cunt.

George's mouth dropped. He came closer, feeling Charlotte's tits and squeezing the pulpy meat. His prick throbbed again. Blood gorged his prick again, turning it once again into a piece of fiery steel.

Charlotte leered at her husband from glassy emerald eyes. "His tongue is so deep!" She slapped the table with her hands, and the dog immediately leaped up, lunging his gigantic hard-on at the waiting hot
oozing pussy.

"Aaaaaaahhh! GEORGE! He's in MEEEE!" She met the dog's thrusts with her jabbing hips, feeling his cock reach deep. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she said to Khan, mauling his sleek hairy body, humping her cunt on his prick, feeling his thick doggie cock stretch the tight pulsating walls of her pussy.

Khan's eyes glowed. He licked Charlotte's flushed cheeks, his hot breath warming her face. He whimpered, his hind legs dancing, his heavy balls swaying and haphazardly whacking into Charlotte's wet, juicy ass. His neck strained, his fangs bared, his prick swelled to the limit. He began to howl his pleasure.

Charlotte gave George a dreamy expression, her hips jerking on their own power. "He's so deep! He's stretching my pussy for your gorgeous cock, honey!"

"Your asshole. Let him fuck your ass!" His voice was cracking with lust.

"Ooooooh, George." She began to jerk away from the dog's lunging cock, her hands pushing the huge Doberman away.

"Khan! No! No! Stop. I want you to fuck my ass."

Khan pulled out, whining, yelping, Charlotte's hands shoving him away. He licked his long giant cock with his thick broad tongue. There was cunt juice smeared all over it.

"Oooooo, shit, George," Charlotte panted heavily. "Help me roll over."

"I have a better idea. You ride me. The dog will fuck you like you suggested earlier. I want both your holes stuffed with cockmeat."

"Ooooo, yesssss," she moaned enthusiastically, rolling off the table, her eye catching sight of her husband's gargantuan prick. "Ohhhhh, yessssss." Exuberantly, she pushed George onto his back and grabbed his cock, straddling him.

George was amazed. He couldn't get over it. She was definitely a sexual animal. He jabbed up, his hands grabbing each tit.

"Noooo," she purred, dragging the head of his cock through her seething cunt. "You lay still. It's my show. When we're back home, I'll belong to you again, body and soul."

George dropped back, willing to give in. Wasn't this what he always wanted? He grunted, content to let her have her own way. He was ecstatic!

Charlotte crammed the head of George's prick between the loose puffy lips of her cunt, swallowing the bulbous head. She released his cock and remained poised, ready to pounce any second. She was reeling in happiness. She rocked back and forth, the room spinning, her passion bubbling in her veins.

"You ready?"

George nodded that he was ready.

Charlotte plunged down at once, impaling herself on his stiff prick. She swooned, her body stuffed with her husband's cockmeat. It was as if they were fucking for the first time.

She held steady, unmoving, gazing into his face. "You're throbbing, honey." She leaned back, her tits pointing up at the ceiling. She clawed her way down her body until she pressed a finger into her belly.
"I can feel you all the way up in here."

Quickly, she came back into position, keeping his cock buried to the hilt, holding it tight with every muscle in her overheated pussy.

"Khan! Come and lick." She slapped the jiggling cheeks of her ass and leaned forward. Her tits huge in her husband's face, enticingly accessible for him to paw.

Khan rushed over, his long red cock jutting out, looking meaner and thicker than before. The pointed cock tip seeped the jizz of his heavy balls. He caught the exotic scent of Charlotte's turned-on body. He ran his tongue from her cock-filled pussy up her ass crack.

"Did you feel his tongue?" she asked her husband, her mouth parted in a deliciously lewd expression as the dog swiped his tongue along her deep ass crack.

George nodded, feeling the dog's tongue lap eagerly on his balls and the base of his cock where the juices from Charlotte's pussy had settled. "He's licking my cock!"

"Like it?" she cooed, shivering in ecstasy. She bent forward and licked her tongue across George's mouth. "Uhhhh ... his tongue is licking my ass now!" She swiped her tongue over her husband's mouth again. "He's licking me like that."

"Baby, baby, baby," he groaned, his hands anxiously roaming over his wife's lithe, sizzling body. "Jesus, honey!" He jabbed up, his prick throbbing in her tight pussy.

"Not yet," she moaned. Her eyes rolled back in her head from the force of George's jabbing cock. "Sssoooon. Wait until Khan's cock is in my asshole first."

Anxious for it to happen, George reached around his wife's hips and spread the firm cheeks of her ass, exposing the delights of her wrinkled hold to the dog's muzzle.

She wriggled, jabbing back at Khan. "C'mon ... come onnnnn!" she urged the dog. She was becoming frantic. The desire to have her asshole plundered by the dog was an overwhelming obsession. "Ooooo, fuck me, Khan. Fuck my ass." She wiggled her cunt on her husband's cock.

George held her ass cheeks apart, the dog's tongue cleaning his balls as Charlotte's pussy continued to flow. He tightened, the look in his wife's eyes driving him berserk. "Yessss, Khan, fuck her pretty little

Khan's snout jabbed the round wrinkled opening. He sniffed, then barked, his prick swinging like a bat. He whimpered and nipped her ass, his passion pounding inside his achy balls. Still whimpering, he jumped up, his huge paws landing on Charlotte's back.

Charlotte groaned in heated desire, her small body almost buckling from the dog's sudden jump. She grunted under the weight of the giant hairy beast. "Oooooo, George! Oooooo!" She held still, waiting for the dog to rip into her asshole. "I'm frightened."

"Easy, baby," he soothed, keeping her ass cheeks apart for the Doberman. He felt the dog trying frantically to sink his cock into the tight canal of her almost virgin asshole. "Easy. Relax."

Charlotte looked adoringly at her husband. "I'm glad I saved my asshole until now." She gulped back a rising panic, feeling the dog's prick whack into the flesh of her ass cheeks. "Oooohh, Khan, do it! Do ...

Khan did! His cock sliced right through her wrinkled opening and plunged deep in her asshole. He howled, his jabbing body lunging. He pranced in closer, slamming hard, ripping through her tiny asshole and cracking it wide with his swelling cock.

Charlotte's head snapped back. "He's in meeeee! Ooowww! He's ripping me apart! Ooooo, GOD!" She bucked and bounced on the two cocks. Her pussy was being stuffed with her husband's prick while her asshole was ravaged by the beastly Doberman pinscher.

George weathered the fury of his wife's jerking and floundering body. He could feel the pounding weight of the dog as he lashed his wife's asshole with his doggie cock. Her pussy pulsed against him urgently, and with the dog stretching her asshole, he felt her pussy tightened around his firmly imbedded cock. He was stunned, feeling the jabbing strength of the dog through the thin skin that separated the two delicious holes.

"Ride it, baby, ride it!" He was still, letting her adjust to the dog's cock ramming in and out of her ass.

"Oooooo, George!" She squirmed wildly. "It burnssss! Ooooo, how it burns."

Tears were streaming down her cheeks from the pain. Her head was whirling in agonizing pain and joy. It was a toxic mixture. She came down on her husband, her face buried in the crook of his neck, her ass poised, Khan stabbed his cock at horrendous speed into her ass.

George held her, caressed her smooth back, his hands brushing against the dog. It was exotic! "Fuck her! Fuck her!" he chanted to the dog, swept up in the moment. "Fuck her!"

The pain began to subside. Being in her husband's arms and having his cock plugged inside her pussy helped. She began to let herself float free, beginning to enjoy her ass fuck.

"He'sssss ... he's ..." She pushed back, experimenting. "Oooooo ... George! George!"

"Yeaaaa, baby. Take us both on. Both our cocks." He humped up, skewering her cunt with his meaty shaft, making the warm creamy juices flow again.

Khan yelped, adjusting to Charlotte's movements as she fucked the two cocks. His hind legs danced, his tongue hung out and his black eyes were gleaming with a passionate luster.

Charlotte welcomed Khan's ass-splitting cock. She shoved back at him, catching the dog's rhythmic lunges and smiling dreamily into her husband's face. "He's fucking me blind, honey! I'm stuffed with doggie cock." She used her cunt muscles on her husband's prick. "I'm in heaven! Ohhhhhh, God, I'm in heaven."

She worked her ass in tight frantic circles, Khan's whimpering cries and her husband's pleasurable grunts were swirling her around and around in a whirlpool of passion and excitement.

George began to pick up speed, his cock swelling in the tight, snug greasy channel of her pussy. His hands skimmed around and grabbed her tits. He mauled them, his fingers digging into the soft supple mounds.

Man and beast fucked the tiny compact woman. Mercilessly, they slammed into her-- George from the floor slamming into the tightness of her cushiony soft pussy and Khan from behind spearing into the tight canal of her ass. Their thick aching cocks turned Charlotte into a mindless body that bore the passion and overpowering strength of them both.

Charlotte went berserk. She devoured both cocks with her body, gulping up their driving meat with both her holes. Her clit, swollen and puffy with blood and lust, scraped into her husband's groin, sending hot sharp jolts of pleasure through her entire frame. She looked down at her husband and watched his hands manhandling her tits.

"Ooooo, I feel you both. You're making meeee ... ooo ... making me crazy!" She jerked between them, George's hard, muscular frame beneath her, Khan's hard, hairy body behind her, his paws clamped to her sides, his hind legs rubbing her thighs. She wallowed in both man and beast fucking her, her mind slowly floating out of reality and into a fuzzy world of heavenly sensations.

George held her tits, his ass humping, his cock lancing her pussy with a flurry of wild jabs. His ass thumped methodically.

Khan, yelping like a lost puppy, drove the naked woman forward with each frenzied stab of his prick. His heavy balls seemed to rumble their approaching eruption. He leaned forward, his hairy frame covering the silky smooth skin of Charlotte's body.

"Cummmmmm," Charlotte growled, her eyes showing passion and ardor. "Cummmm! Cummmm! Cummmmmm!"

She was out of her mind. The two plunging cocks had robbed her of her sanity. She twisted against the invasion of her pussy and ass, sinking lower and lower into the murky depths of depravity and lust.

"Cream my cunt, George," she rasped hungrily. "Cummmmm!" Her head twisted around and she saw the demonic-looking beast fucking her ass. "Cummmm, fill my ass with your doggie cum!" She ground her cunt into George's groin, an explosion careening through her small frame. She was cuming!

"Yessss, baby! You cum!" George pounded his cock into his climaxing wife, tattooing her pussy with a strength he didn't know he possessed. "CREAM MY COCK! CUM!"

Charlotte swirled around the summit, her clit raw from the friction, her head was swimming, her pussy in spasms, her ass devastated by the Doberman's cock. In the midst of her whirling orgasm, she opened her mouth and her eyes popped.

"He's cuming! Khan's creaming me with his junk!"

Khan's growling snarls echoed in the room and blended with Charlotte's shrieks of joy. His cock spewed a deluge of cum into Charlotte's waiting, grasping asshole. Harder and faster, he pounded the small- framed woman, his cock sinking deep into her ass. His cum squirted even deeper, his cock releasing a torrential downpour of the hot, liquid spume.

"My belly! He's shooting it into my fuckin' belly!"

Explosive convulsions racked Charlotte's body and she wrenched herself between the two spearing cocks. A hot searing jolt ripped like lightning through her spastic cunt and she soared.

"I'm cumming, darling!"

Babbling cries of idiocy followed. Her orgasms rendered her speechless, unable to utter anything but a gurgling cry. Her body contorted into twisting, churning gyrations, forming unbelievable positions as wave after wave of crashing orgasms beat upon her distraught body.

George, swept up in the fury of his wife cuming and the giant dog creaming her ass, exploded. Jet streams of cum blasted from his prick, shooting deep and filling his wife's cunt quickly.

Thrashing and writhing between two plowing cocks, Charlotte's body drank in the spraying cum that drowned her. Greedily, Charlotte's body absorbed the doggie jizz and the hot squirting cum of her husband. She gurgled as if the cum were filling her throat. Her red hair slashed across George's face as she writhed. Her arms buckled, and she finally collapsed, her ass still being skewered by Khan's spurting prick.

Khan's hind quarters shoved his prick deep, the last few squirts of his doggie spume flooding her ass completely. He yelped and pulled out. His prick was sore, rapidly shrinking back into the safety of its thick- skinned sheath. He whimpered, sniffed and licked the hole he just plundered, lapping up the goo that oozed from her tiny asshole.

Khan went whining off across the room, away from the growling, moaning human bodies on the floor.

With her body unencumbered by the dog's heavy weight, Charlotte was able to give full vent to George and his still spouting cock. She hauled herself up, bouncing on him and swung around, clawing the air as another eruption burst deep inside her scalding cunt.

George's eyes bugged-out at his wife. His hips lunged up and down like untiring pistons, turning her pussy into a thick soup of cum. His hands gripped her with urgency and he plowed her with a vengeance, his prick jettisoning the last of his load. With a roaring grunt, he stopped, depleted, completely satisfied for the first time in his life and their marriage.

A swirling climax spiraled up through her pussy. She squealed an unearthly sound and froze. A quivering rumble shook her body. She looked at George, saw his smiling face through a haze, then twitched on him. She slipped easily into a light faint.

George eased her off him and held her in his arms until she recovered.

*  *  *

Later, after they dressed, George and Charlotte stood at Felicia's front door, where a prudish Charlotte had first entered seven dates earlier.

"Come and see us sometime," Felicia said to them, planting good-bye kisses on their cheeks.

"We will," Charlotte promised, after looking at George for his approval. She glanced around. "Where's Craig?"

"Here I am," he answered, leading a huge gawky Doberman by a leash. "We have your present here."

"He's almost as well-trained as Khan," Felicia told them. "The rest is up to you. His name is Matsu and Khan is his father."

"Ooooo, George, isn't he gorgeous?" Charlotte bubbled. "I don't know what to say!"

"Say, you'll both come back and visit once in a while," Craig put in.

"We will," George assured them. "We'll call you in a week or two."

"Don't forget to bring Matsu," Felicia said, her eyes on Charlotte. She winked. "With two dogs we can really have a ball."

George and Charlotte made their way down the path with their new pet, a whole new life spread out before them.

The End