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The Family Pet Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Lenore Lorimer was still in a state of disheveled confusion when Sunny
led the two men into the living room. She'd left her own mother asleep
in her bed, worn out by the nearly constant attentions of the pair with
her now--Judd and Harry.

Betsy Lorimer sat off to one side, but Sunny had it in mind to cure the
girl's loneliness. The project more immediately at hand was to put the
husband and wife, the son and the mother, together.

"Here she is, Judd," she said. "Your wife's been freshly fucked by my
dog, but she wants more. You were right. Once she's turned on, she's a
really hot piece of ass."

Blinking, Lenore said, "Judd? Did you know--did you see--"

Sunny went over and sat on the floor beside Betsy, her bare thigh
brushing the other girl's hip. She was interested in the men's
reactions, especially Harry's. He'd just heard that his lovely mother
had been screwing a dog, and he was staring down at her naked body in

Behind him lay the experience of sharing another beautiful woman with
his father; Judd had fucked Teresa Watson, feeding his massive cock
into her sensually responsive cunt while she'd taken the boy's prick in
her mouth.

After screwing like that, they had changed around, with Harry taking
his father's place between the long, sleek legs, inserting his prick
into the blazing cunt where his father had just loosed a stream of
jazz. They might have gone on to do more, to experiment in the many
ways of fucking, but Sunny had come in during their last rest period.
She'd told them Lenore was ready, and kissed her mother, who had
immediately fallen asleep, fucked out for the moment.

Now husband and son were getting ready to put it to Lenore. Hoarsely,
Judd said, "Son, I guess you want to fuck her first. Go ahead. I'll
wait and play with her a little. Then I'll ball her. Lenore, baby--
here's your son with a good hard-on. He's been yearning for your cunt
for years, so now give it to him."

Harry said, "Mom? Oh please, Mom." His stiff cock was in his hand, and
he stood spread-legged near her. "I always dreamed of fucking you, Mom-
-ever since I was a little kid. Please let me"

Lenore was groggy, but she smiled up at her son and said, "Of course,
darling. Come down here to your mother. Oh, what a lovely, strong
prick--so hard and so young."

With a strangled cry, Harry Lorimer lay down on top of his mother, and
she opened her thighs to receive him. He kissed her, and Sunny could
see the electric jolt that shook them both as their tongues met. Harry
had one handful of tit and the other fitted with asscheek, hanging
tightly to both.

"Look at them," Sunny whispered to the girl. "Your mother and brother,
getting to love each other at last. And there's your daddy, sitting
beside them with his big prick in his hand."

Betsy whispered back, afraid to break the spell: "It's so beautiful."

Then they were quiet, watching intently as the boy got his cockhead
placed into the wet opening of his mother's snatch, as he trembled and
pushed, and the knob sank from sight, completely surrounded by the lush
forest of rich black pussy hairs. In his prick went, sliding softly and
wetly, entering that tight, hot box he had always craved to fuck, into
his own mother's quivering cunt.

Harry stuck it deep, rode his cock home to the balls, and when his
mother wiggled, when she lifted her long, slim legs to cross them over
the small of his back, he whimpered and freaked right out. "Oh, Mom! So
hot and slippery in your cunt. Oh, wow! I've got my prick in you at
last. I've got my cock jammed to the roots inside the hottest, sweetest
pussy in the world. I'm really fucking you, Mom. I'm not just dreaming
about it--it's really happening."

"Yes, dear," his mother breathed. "You're fucking your mother, and I'm
fucking my little boy--and it's wonderful! Put that gorgeous prick to
me, darling. Harder, deeper! Fuck your mama, Harry! Oh, yes--fuck your

Harry crammed the meat to her, the pair of them wrapped tightly
together, squirming and thrusting. On the floor beside the couch, Judd
Lorimer stared as his son fucked his wife, his own prick clutched
tightly in one hand. He was close, and could see every detail of the
shaft working greasily in and out of Lenore's shaggy pussy, could see
the gripping of her cuntlips so red and dripping, could see the soft
slapping of the boy's balls coming to rest in the furry cleft of his
mother's heaving, rolling ass.

"Stick it to her, boy," he said. Reaching out, he slipped one hand
under his wife's ass, and put the other atop his son's buttcheeks.
Pushing, he helped them to fuck each other, rubbing their asses as they
screwed, feeling the wetness seep from the end of Lenore's cunt,
feeling the muscles tighten in his boy's ass every time he drove his
hard and eager young prick home into his mom's searing cunt.

They moaned and churned, legs flailing and hands grasping, and Sunny
watched as Harry's balls leaped upward against his shaft, a sure sign
that he was shooting off inside his mother's snatch. Sunny envied the
older woman the glorious sensation of hot cum spraying in her pussy,
and she envied the boy his frantic orgasm as his mom's cunt worked
hotly around his dick.

As Betsy said, it was a beautiful scene, this first time Harry and
Lenore Lorimer fucked each other. There would be other wild scenes to
come, but none to match the sharpness of this initial fucking.

Judd allowed them to cling together for a few more moments, then stood
up and tapped the boy on the naked back. "My turn, Son. You can go
around to your mother's head, or just sit and watch for a while."

Harry seemed in a daze as he backed his prick from Lenore's rich pussy,
and his knees almost buckled before he could take a seat on the carpet.
Judd got on the couch astride his wife's limp body, placing one knee on
each side of her chest. Sunny thought that she had never seen his cock
so swollen, so extended. From the inflamed head, a thin droplet of pre-
cum balanced precariously.

He said, "Lenore--you never really ate cock before, but you will now.
Here it is, baby."

Leaning forward, he used a hand to steer the prickhead into his wife's
still lips, shoving until it slipped from sight inside her mouth. "Ahh,
baby--that's right. That's good. Suck my prick awhile, Lenore. Yeah,
yeah! Use your tongue on it, darling. You've just been screwed by a big
dog and fucked by our son, and now you're eating my cock. But not all
the way, baby--ahh--even though your mouth is hot and hungry. No--
that's enough."

Sunny watched him jerk the prick from his wife's avid mouth and move
back to set the pulsing bulb into her foamy cuntlips. Judd didn't
bother with any kind of foreplay then, but simply pushed his meaty dong
in and in until he had it hidden to the hilt inside that wetly
receptive cunt.

"Come on, Betsy," Sunny said. "I can't watch any more of this without
getting some of the goodies for myself. Let's do a sixty-nine."

Betsy was trembling as they got into position, and her little pussy was
dewy with the steaming desires that had been building within it. Lovely
cunt, Sunny thought, staring into its red lips, a lovely young snatch
ready for anything. Right now, it had a kiss coming, and Sunny gave it

They found each other's cunts, their tongues working in furious haste,
their teeth nipping and their mouths building up an intimate suction.
They twisted, rubbing each other's faces with cunt juice, and turned
occasionally to catch glimpses of the action on the couch as Judd
poured the prick to his already well-fucked wife.

They saw the intent crouching of Harry, as the boy stared at his
mother's pussy where Judd's big prick was sliding in and out. And then
they turned back to work on each other's cunts. Pumping their tongues,
sucking and mauling, their fingernails digging into sweetly clenching
asscheeks, the girls brought each other to a lunging, wriggling orgasm.
Sunny shook and sweated, her eyes closed and her chin slippery with the
hot oils of Betsy's cunt. She rested that way, her own twat making
little soft hunchings in the other girl's mouth.

And when they broke free, Judd Lorimer had collapsed atop his wife.
Harry Lorimer was standing over them, his prick up in a new hardon.
Reaching down and turning his mother's head towards him on the pillows,
he placed one knee on the couch and pushed the head of his cock into
her mouth.

"Here, Mom--suck it. Eat my prick the way you were doing to Dad. Only I
won't take it out of your mouth. I want to come there, so you can
swallow my jism down."

With her mouth filled with cock, Lenore couldn't answer, but she lifted
one languid hand to cup her son's balls, and Sunny couldn't see any
more when Harry's body closed her off. But she figured that the boy had
most of his stiff prick fed into his mom's mouth, maybe prodding the
back of her throat with the head of it.

His head pillowed on his wife's tits, Judd Lorimer was all fucked out,
looking kind of flat as he lay with his prick melting within Lenore's

Sunny said to Betsy, "Do you want to come on over to my house? There
may not be any more action here for the rest of the night. My mom was
kind of beat, too, when we left there, but with a nap and a shot of
gin, shell be ready to go some more. We could make a triangle of it,
you and me and my mother."

Slim and lean, sun-browned and very sexy-looking, Betsy said, "No,
Sunny--I don't think so. Maybe tomorrow. I think I ought to stay here
with my own family tonight, and take care of them. I can feed them and
help them wash up, and mix some drinks, and then I can get in on
whatever else is going to happen. If not tonight, then in the morning,
when they're all rested up. You understand, huh?"

"Sure," Sunny answered, standing up and stretching. She saw the way
Harry was fucking his prick in and out of his mom's face. "I
understand. It's a lot better with your own family. And if Harry can't
fuck you soon, I'll bet your daddy can. Besides--I've always got good
old George at home."

Betsy kissed her, and they caressed tongues for a long moment. Pulling
back, Sunny patted the other girl on the ass and said, "Later."

Strolling across the backyard, she found that she was far from being
satisfied. Everyone but her and poor Betsy had popped off several
times. Well, she thought, there was always George, and she could stand
another reaming in the ass. That was something the others hadn't gotten
around to yet; she was a step up on them there.

She wouldn't even have to wake up her tired mother; she could just go
over and unchain George to lead him upstairs to her room, where they
could fuck in quiet and privacy. Dear old George with his perpetually
stiff cock, always so nice and handy to have around; she approached his
doghouse, murmuring to him: "Here, George--good boy. Here, George."

There was no rattle of his chain in answer, no eager whine as the big
dog rose to his feet in anticipation of another hot fucking. Sunny
peered through the darkness, felt out one hand--George was gone!

Sunny looked everywhere, whistling softly so as not to awaken her
mother, prowling the length of the yard. No George. Frowning, she went
around the house and looked up and down the dimly lighted street, in
case he had somehow slipped his chain and gotten away. No George.

Worried now, she slipped into the house and checked the lower part of
the house. Moving up the stairs, she found the door of her room cracked
open, and hurried inside, thinking that the big dog had made it in
there, searching for her. But the room was empty.

Fretting, Sunny slipped back down the hall and hesitated at her
mother's door; she'd have to let her mom know before she went out this
late at night and checked the neighborhood for the missing Dane. There
was a crack of light under the door, and she pushed in.

There was George. There was good old George--with his long, red prick
sliding in and out of her mother's golden-haired pussy!

Teresa Watson was on the floor, with several pillows under her ass, so
that her crotch was tilted up for the dog's ramming cock. She was
twisting and turning her belly as George poured the meat to her pussy,
as he slammed that pointed shaft home time and again, whining

Sunny leaned against the door, staring. And after a while, her mother
looked up and saw Sunny standing there, her eyes wide with amazement.

"Well," Teresa said, between slams of the dog's cock into her heated
cunt, "don't just stand there. Come join us and tell me how good he is.
After all, I taught him to fuck, you know."

The End

The Family Pet Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Sunny had to he on her back and slide all the way down his belly, and
take a grip on both his hind leg. That way, she could position herself
to take the dog's cock in her mouth, while at the same time, she left
her lower body free for Betsy Lorimer to play with.

Before licking George's sheath, she said to the other girl: "It's okay,
Betsy. Really. I mean, if George starts to hurt me, I'll bite his cock
and make him quit. And if you want to find out how to eat a girl's
pussy, now is the time."

"I-I guess so," Betsy said. "It was terrific when you did it to me. But
this dog--"

"I'll take care of George," Sunny said. "He's my pet."

Peering around and down at her, the Great Dane's eyes looked puzzled,
as if he were trying to understand this new position. But George seemed
to know very well that something juicy was going to happen to him; the
shiny red head of his pointed cock cased from its protective sheath and
the dog humped gently.

"Good old George," Sunny breathed, tickling the heavy balls with her
fingers. "Always ready to fuck. I'm about to do something nice for you,
George. I'm going to suck you off."

She touched her tongue to the slippery cockhead, and the dog shuddered.
Stretching her lips, she put them around the end of the extra-hard
prick, and the dong slid out of hiding and into her mouth with one
quick thrust. The taste was different, she thought, not really as
strong as a man's prick.

All she had to do was run her tongue around that funny-shaped head a
few times, and George started to hunch into her mouth. She played with
his pistoning cock then, licking it and nipping it as it moved back and
forth. She sucked on the thrusting shaft, and George speeded up his
fucking, making that mixed growling and whining noise deep in his
powerful chest. His balls swung in a short arc, and she held onto this
back legs, so he couldn't slam his cock too deeply into her throat.

Then she felt the tentative probings of the other girl's mouth, hot
upon her pussy, the warm breath tickling across her inner thighs and
into her cunt hairs. The tongue was swift, a darting thing that seemed
not to want to stay--until it had a taste of the juices gathering like
heavy dew on Sunny's pussylips. Then Betsy shoved deep, and Sunny
wiggled her cunt blissfully upon the tender impalement of her friend's
ticking tongue.

It was a crazy sensation, to suck and be sucked at the same moment, and
she made the most of the feeling, humping her cunt up to Betsy's lips,
pulling hungrily on the dog's seesawing prick. George fed it to her as
if her mouth was the greasy cunt of a bitch dog in heat, and she took
his cock the same way, sucking and drawing, licking and biting gently.

As the pressure built up within her pussy, as she was turned on more
and more, Sunny rocked more violently against Betsy's avid mouth,
grinding her clit and feeling the differentness of this new pussy-
eater. And for a fleeting second, she considered taking her mouth away
from George's rapidly swelling prick, to allow him to spurt his juice
in mid air.

Then she realized that wasn't why she was sucking the dog's cock; she
wanted to know, to feel, to be, and George was just as much her lover
as either of her men--maybe more. He was always there when she needed
him, and always ready to fuck.

Sunny caressed the thick round balls, and sucked on the distended
cockhead. The good feelings were getting better in her pussy, too, and
she rolled her crotch in joy as Betsy siphoned into her hot, slidy
gash. The girl was a natural, finding all the sensitive nerves, making
her teeth fondle the clit and rubbing her chin into the mushy cuntlips.

But George let go before Sunny had quite reached her own climax. The
head of his driving cock ballooned and the boiling hot jazz splashed
inside Sunny's mouth, spattered against the velvet cupping of her
straining throat. It was a fountain of sperm, a spate of hot dog juice
that inundated her cheeks and drowned her tongue and submerged her

She flinched as George poured yet more of the slippery stuff from the
head of his spasming prick, but continued to swallow. Below, the other
girl chewed into her cunt, and the tremendous sensations grew swiftly
within her pussy once more. Her clitoris shook and bounced, and as
Betsy sucked, Sunny came. It was a glorious release, sending
pinprickles of sharp ecstasy all over her surging body.

Cringing to George's legs, she drew the last of the dog's sperm down
her throat and into her belly. In dying hunches, the Dane weakened, but
his prick was as hard as ever.

Wiggling slowly, Sunny absorbed as much rapture from Betsy's mouth,
took in as much as she could hold, and the orgasm faded gently. The
other girl sensed her completion, and kissed her pussylips tenderly
before sitting up and pulling away from Sunny's crotch.

Sunny let go of the dog's legs, and hunched herself out from between
them. "Wow--that was something else. I mean, that George really lets go
with a load of stuff."

Betsy's eyes were hot upon hers, and the girl asked: "How did it

"Not bad," Sunny answered. "Not like your father's cum, and I haven't
tasted Harry's juice yet, so I can't compare that--but not bad. It's
far-out to make anybody come, I think."

"Yes," Betsy agreed. "I get a big thrill out of making you wiggle
around. I didn't think I'd care much for going down on a girl, but I
changed my mind. It was nice."

Sunny patted her cheek. "You're nice. Would you like to try George now,
or shall I tie him back up?"

Betsy shook her head. "I don't want him right now. After that wild
session with Harry, and then with you--I'm kind of beat. But I wanted
to talk to you about what we're all going to do about my mother. I
mean, Harry can fuck your mom, but who's going to turn on my mother?
Maybe Harry,

Sunny disagreed. "No. Too much of a shock, right at first. But--" An
idea hit her and she glanced at the big dog. "But how about George?"

"Him?" Betsy's eyes went round. "But how do we get Mom to take on a

Sunny considered that. "You and me and my mom, that's how. The three of
us visiting, right? Then we hold her down and start old George to
licking her pussy. If she's at all hot, that'll turn her on, and once
George gets that hard prick into her cunt, she ought to go out of her
head. Especially if she hasn't had any fucking for a long time."

Betsy said, "That would be kind of like rape."

"But who'd believe it? Besides, I'm banking on what your dad said about
your mom--that she was a good piece of ass, before they got bored with
each other. I figure that if she takes George's long, stiff cock,
she'll get so hot, nothing else win bother her. Then we can run in your
dad--or maybe Judd and Harry together. That ought to freak Lenore
Lorimer right out of her head--her husband and son coming in to fuck
her, right after a dog finishes."

"Maybe she'll scream," Betsy said doubtfully.

"I don't think so. Look--we have to do something to bring your mother
into the gang. If we don't, she'll stumble onto one of our orgies, and
that scene could really get heavy."

"I guess so. Okay--when will we do it? My mother ought to be home for
dinner. Sometime after that?"

"Good enough. After everybody showers and eats and lets the food
digest. We don't want too much action on a full tummy. Come on, George.

Back to the chain for now. Later on, you'll get a stab at a different

* * *

Sunny napped before dinner, warmed by her bath and the scrubbing she'd
given her body. She came awake at the smell of steak, and hurried
downstairs to get in on the food. Just she and her mother for now, and
they leisurely ate green salad, baked potato, and a thick steak. Garlic
bread and iced tea rounded off the meal, and when Sunny was full, she
wanted to sleep again.

But she told her mother about the plan for the evening, and as
expected, her mom seemed horrified. "Oh no, Sunny! I-I couldn't do
that. A dog? How terrible!"

So Sunny had to go over and recruit Judd instead. Not to hold down his
wife, because that also would be a traumatic experience for the woman,
but to urge him into feeding Lenore Lorimer enough liquor to get her

"Then," she said, "Betsy and I can do the job, with George's help."

"It's a good idea," he said. "Lenore ought to come apart at the seams
once that dog's long cock gets stuffed into her cunt. She tries to keep
up a front about screwing, but down under her cool exterior, she's a
swinging bitch. Or she would be--if she'd ever let herself go

Sunny said, "After George--then you and Harry. You two can get
comfortable with each other by working on my mom together. She's kind
of scared of the dog idea, but she'll like being fucked by two men."

"Then it's up to you and Betsy. Okay, Sunny. Give Harry and me time to
get over to your place before you bring your dog. I'll force-feed my
wife enough booze to just about pass her out. It's easy, if I start a
small argument. She'll get smashed just to spite me."

Time passed swiftly for Sunny and Betsy, and when they got the signal
to bring the dog, they were so excited that almost nothing could have
stopped them from carrying through the plan. Mrs. Lorimer made it
easier for them, because she hadn't tried to go upstairs after her
husband left the house, seemingly in a huff. She was stretched out on
the tong couch in the living room, lying propped upon one elbow, a
bottle on the end table.

Now that she was looking at the woman in a sensual way, Sunny saw that
Lenore Lorimer was very pretty, very much like her daughter Betsy in
coloring, but taller and riper, more mature. She had high tits and long
legs, and right now her mouth was pouty; she was wearing a scarlet robe
that clung to the rich lines of the body.

"Well," she said, blinking at them. "Hi, kids. Hi dog. You see my
damned old husband out there anywhere?"

At a motion from Sunny, Betsy refilled her mother's glass, and as the
older woman drank, a trickle escaped her mouth and ran down her throat.
Smashed, Sunny decided; good and solidly smashed. It was time to act.
She hooked George's chain around the handle of the radiator and moved
towards the woman.

"You look tired, Mrs. Lorimer. Let me rub your neck and shoulders."

Betsy said hurriedly, "Yeah, Mom--and I'll rub your feet."

Owlishly, Lenore blinked up at them. "Hey, now. What's all this loving
attention all of a sudden? Damned shame I don't get some of that from
my damned old husband."

Carefully, Sunny massaged the soft neck, the smooth shoulders,
lingering at the closely shaven armpits, hesitating at the collarbone
just above the shapely tits. Looking down, she saw that Betsy was doing
much of the sort on her mother's feet and ankles, from time to time
running her hands over the calves of the outstretched legs.

"Ummm," Lenore sighed, her eyes closed and her head lolling. "That
feels real good--real good. Can only think of one thing that feels

Sunny dared to trail her fingertips over the top half of Lenore's big
boobs, then moved away to unsnap the chain from the Great Dane's choke
collar. She motioned for the dog to stay back, until she reached Mrs.
Lorimer's head again. Taking hold of the limp arms, she drew them back,
and nodded to Betsy so the girl would swing her mother's feet from the

This still left Lenore in a perfect position, half on and half off the
couch, partially lying down, with her legs spread wide.

"Hey, girls," Lenore said thickly, "you're kind of messing me up, and I
do believe my robe's slipping off. I don't have on any panties, you

"We know," Sunny said, winking at Betsy. "Come on, George."

Lenore's black-haired pussy was just at the right height for George to
lick, and the dog's big head moved right between the open thighs, his
h@ muzzle going down to let out the long, red tongue.

"Ooohh!" Lenore said. "W-What was that?"

George licked deeply into the exposed cunt, lapped quickly, repeating
the motions over and over in an eager rhythm that made Sunny's pussy
tingle just to watch it. Mrs. Lorimer had a perfectly gorgeous cunt,
deeply and luxuriously haired, set artistically between her ivory

Lenore struggled with an uncoordinated effort, trying weakly to free
her arms and to bring her feet together. But Sunny had a good grip on
both her wrists, and her daughter was clinging to an ankle. The Great
Dane was between the legs, and she couldn't have closed them if she had
been sober.

The dog continued to lick, snuffling and getting excited. Lenore
squirmed, tried to back off, mumbled something inane and attempted to
hold up her head, to get it all together in her mind. And the dog
licked on, lapped hotly and wetly as her cunt opened for him, turning
it wetter by the second, making it juicy for the fucking that he would
very soon try.

"Let me go!" Lenore gasped. "Some-something funny is happening to me. I
can't stand--wait--please let go my hands, so I can-- Ooohhh!"

Betsy Lorimer shook, but hung onto her mother's leg, and Sunny battled
to keep the wrists locked behind the woman's back. That was the moment
when George chose to mount. Swinging up his forepaws, he got them
around Lenore's waist and his muzzle almost in her face. Lenore slipped
down and away from his big mouth and gleaming teeth, but the movement
simply lifted her pussy up and nearer to the dog's reaching prick.

And reaching it was, the long, red cock slipping far from its sheath,
the pointed end of it glistening as if it had been dipped in a clear
jelly. The knob poked blindly, desperately, for a hot and greasy hole.
It poked into the crisply curled hairs, into the gash made dripping wet
by lapping and its own natural juices.

"N-No!" Lenore cried out in drunken fear.

But it was too late. George settled himself and gave a powerful thrust
with his ass. The entire length of his shiny prick skidded into the
woman's cunt, pushing long and deep, until his swollen balls came to
rest in the cleft of her trembling ass.

"Go George!" Sunny said. "Go, go! Fuck her, George!"

Lenore gibbered in stunned surprise, wiggled in a half-hearted attempt
to pull her cunt off the dog's embedded cock, then sucked in a deep and
raspy breath. George backed his dick almost out of the silken lips of
her midnight-haired pussy, then rammed it to the hilt again, backed
out, pounded it deep--over and over and over. The force of his strokes
shook Lenore, made her head bounce loosely upon her neck, made her
round tits jiggle and her ass wobble.

"Ow! Ouch--ooohhh! He's killing me! No! Don't let him screw me! He's a
dog, a DOG! His prick is so long and so hard, he'll tear me apart!

Sunny hissed into the woman's ear: "It's not as big as your husband's
prick, Mrs. Lorimer. Not as long or as thick, but it's harder--like a
bone. Good, isn't it? Ride that good, hard prick, Mrs. Lorimer. Fuck
it! FUCK IT!"

Lenore's lips twisted, and George whined as he hammered his dong into
the shivering depths of her tender pussy. Lenore bucked against a deep
stroke, and slid back as the dog pulled out for another lunge. Her
belly heaved and she met his next thrust with a corkscrewing motion of
her own, slapping her crotch into the swinging sac of his balls.

"That's the way," Sunny whispered harshly. "Screw him good, Mrs.
Lorimer. He loves your cunt, loves that nice, hot pussy. Fuck him back.
Fuck him the best you can!"

And Sunny released the woman's wrists. Lenore wrapped her arms around
the dog's barrel and pounded her cunt upward to meet the massive stains
of his cock.

"You hairy bastard!" she cried out. "You hard-cocked bastard! I'll stay
with you! I'll fuck you until your backbone melts! Come on, come on!
Fuck me, fuck me! Oohh! Aahh! Oh, I'm going to come! CCCOOOMMMEEE!!"

George humped his ramrodding meat into the surging pussy, fed his rigid
rod into the gripping snatch, and Lenore shuddered against him, her ass
rocking in sharp circles. Her head flopped back and she bit her lip,
moaning between set teeth.

The dog shoved a few more times into her cunt, then braced his hind
legs and stiffened out. He was pumping his sperm into the oily hole,
Sunny knew, firing the load of his dog cum into Lenore Lorimer's
quaking pussy, filling it with the spurting of his greasy jazz.

Sunny stepped back and looked down at Betsy, who was crouched wide-eyed
at her mother's feet, almost touching the Dane's tail as she stared
transfixed at the cock buried in her mother's steaming cunt.

Walking around the couch, Sunny took the dog by the choke collar and
pulled. Obediently, George backed off, his swollen-knobbed prick
whipping out of the woman's saturated twat. Lenore moaned, but her eyes
didn't open.

"Give her another drink," Sunny said. "Perk her up for the next round.
I'll tie up George and call the others in. I hope they haven't worn
themselves out with my mom. Your mother needs a lot more fucking, and
they can sure give it to her."

The Family Pet Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Judd said, "I had to get you out of my house, you hot-assed little
bitch. My wife is due home at any time, and you'd have fucked things up
royally if she'd come upstairs and caught us in my bedroom together."

Sunny opened the front door of her own house and motioned him inside.
"What'll she say about you being over here?"

He followed her. "Oh, I can alibi this--like you needed a washing
machine fixed, right? But what did you have to tell me that was so
important it couldn't wait any longer? Besides that you're horny, that

She turned to him and held up her mouth for a kiss, pressing her body
against him as best she could, standing on tippytoe. "Of course, I'm
horny. I always am. But I wanted to tell you that your cock is bigger
than your son's. I just fucked Harry behind the couch in your living

He drew back and blinked down at her. "You screwed my son? Harry must
have been surprised as hell. I've been worried about that boy, hanging
around the house all the time."

"You don't have to worry about him. Once he gets started, he's a good
fuck. He's proving that right now to his sister. And before you get all
wild-eyed, that's no more incest than you screwing your own daughter,
and he certainly isn't going to take her away from you. We're just
spreading the fucking around, bringing in more people so less of them
can bug us."

Judd shook his head. "I'm not jealous of my own kids. I just wonder why
they weren't fucking each other before now. And since you and Betsy and
your mother, it's getting rough for me to keep up"

"And your wife?" Sunny asked.

He shrugged. "It's only once in a long while that I screw Lenore. Not
that she isn't a good lay, but we just don't make it often these days.
I don't think she has a lover on the side, either."

"She's the only one left out in the cold," Sunny said, "but it'll be
kind of difficult to bring her into the magic circle by using you--or
Harry. Not right at first, with Harry. I just don't know how we're
going to manage your wife, Judd. If I had a father, or a horny brother-

Judd moved with her to the foot of the stairs and looked up. "You've
got a passionate mother, and I'm glad for that."

"We'll think of something," Sunny said. "Maybe your wife would like me,
or my mom."

Judd lifted an eyebrow at her. "You've gone into that with your mother?
A little circumspect pussy-eating?"

"Some great pussy-eating," Sunny corrected. "And right now, I thought
the three of us could swing--you and me and Mom, really swing this

He reached down and patted her small ass. "Let's get with it, baby. I
never fucked a mother and daughter together."

Upstairs, Teresa Watson rolled over when she heard the door open, and
the smile she gave them was tremulous, full of hope and understanding.
"Sunny, Judd--how nice."

She looked like honey ice cream, Sunny thought--all golds and creamy
highlights, her flawless skin set off by the daffodil-yellow shortie
gown she wore. A faint pink stained her cheeks, and those purple eyes
were very soft with anticipation. Sunny went to her mother and gathered
her close, feeling the big, soft mounds of her tits crushing against
her own jugs, boobie to boobie. She couldn't resist kissing the ripe
mouth with its slightly parted lips, but Sunny only used a flicking
tongue before pulling back. She didn't want to get deeply involved just
yet, not with Judd in the wings.

She said: "Mom, Judd and I came to make love with you. Both of us."

Smiling, Teresa said, "How marvelous. I was getting lonely."

And Judd said, "A woman so lovely should never be lonely, Teresa."

His cock was as strong as ever, Sunny saw, watching him step out of his
pants. That huge, meaty shaft was shiny at the tip, in ardent
anticipation of things to come. The big balls hung below the root,
furry and swollen so that they were only slightly wrinkled. The sight
of his nuts had a hypnotic effect upon Sunny, and she stared raptly at
them as Judd climbed onto the bed with them.

"Sunny, lie down beside your mother and help her take off that

Beginning to tremble a little, Sunny did as commanded, her snatch
starting to heat up again, and she realized that it still contained
most of that tremendous load of jazz Harry had pumped into it. Now his
father would fuck it, too. Would he be able to tell? Her cunt would be
juicier, more slippery more than usual. Maybe she would remind Judd,
she thought, but not until he was stroking that huge cock into her

She lifted the filmy nightgown from her mother's arms, and couldn't
resist planting a wet kiss upon the nipple nearest her. Holding her mom
by the hand, she lay back, waiting for Judd's next instructions.

He said, "I'm going to fuck both of you--put it to Teresa first, and
screw her for a while, then pull out my prick and stick it into Sunny's
little cunt. Mother and daughter alike--both of you riding my cock. I
don't know which one of you I'll come in, because I'll be moving back
and forth, holding off for as long as I can."

"Which may not be long," Sunny murmured, squeezing her mother's hand.

Judd played with them both, feeling over their legs and cuddling their
snatches in his hands. He slipped a finger into each of their torrid
cunts and worked back and forth, tickling them until they were both
wriggling. "Sweet cunts," he said, "both hot for me, both greasy for
the fucking. One of them is a little tighter than the other, but not
all that much. Juicy pussies, passionate and eager, hungry for this big
prick. Okay, girls, here it comes."

Sunny's thigh quivered beside her mother's, touching the satiny skin.
Turning her head to the left, she watched Judd guide the rosy head of
his immense cock into the curly, rich hairs of her mother's cunt. She
saw the hairs caress the bulb for a moment, then saw the knob disappear
into the scarlet gash that opened to take it inside.

The rod followed smoothly, its twisted veins plunging into the hot
depths of Teresa's cunt, the trunk sliding from sight until the
distended balls were in the cleft of her ass. Teresa hiked her knees
then, and her fingers closed almost brutally upon her daughter's hand,
while Sunny squirmed in sympathy, vicariously feeling that prick in her
mom's pussy.

Judd's strong fingers spread upon her mother's white thighs, and he
thrust powerfully into her upraised cunt, pulling back so that Sunny
could see the slick stuff on his rod, burying it to the roots with
another stroke. The bed shook beneath them, and Teresa Watson rolled
her belly as she took his meat; the breath hissed from her clenched
teeth, and she pounded softly upon the mattress with her free hand, her
head thrown back and her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Then Judd pulled his cock all the way out of her hole, making a gulping
wet sound as he did so. Sunny stared in fascination as the hairy man
moved on his knees to loom over her. She knew that her mother hadn't
come, and faintly resented Judd for that.

Then she knew only the raw thrill of his cock, all greasy and red from
being inside her mother's cunt. It approached her crotch, and Sunny
hiked to meet it, feeling out with one hand, getting to briefly cup the
swinging bails before Judd set the blunt end of his pack into her

"Fuck me, darling," she breathed. "Let me feel your prick just the way
my mom did. Stick that gorgeous cock up my pussy and work it in and
out. Oh, Judd--you beautiful, hard-cocked man!"

Judd complied, feeding the hot and pulsing dong into the clinging
tissues of her eager cunt. Her pussy closed on him like wet, hot satin,
and she clamped down on her mother's fingers, signaling the other woman
that their mutually adored cock was sinking home inside her twat.

"Sunny, darling," her mother said, "isn't it tremendous? So thrilling,
so lovely."

"Y-Yeah," Sunny answered, wiggling on the moving shaft, rolling her ass
and grinding her crotch into his shaggy one at every thrust. "We'll
fuck him, Mom. We'll really fuck him!"

And she pulled her mother's hand over to cup it on a tit, turned her
face to the side so that her mother could lean close to kiss her. Her
hot tongue bored into her mom's avid mouth, and their tongues battled
for a breathless moment, their teeth clashing. Judd continued to burrow
his cock into Sunny's cunt, his pace slow and unhurried, his prick
sliding deep.

It was great, tonguing her mother while Judd pumped his pole in her
snatch, freaky to feel her mother's fingers caressing a tit and rolling
the nipple. Sunny wanted to do it all at one time--fuck and be fucked,
eat a pussy and have her own gobbled. And of course she also wanted to
take the head of the man's big prick in her mouth, to suck it until he
blew hot jism down her throat.

He was gone. Suddenly and without warning, Judd's cock was gone from
the tender trap of her adoring pussy, and Sunny's eyes flew wide in
angry shock. She reached out for him, but Judd had moved back between
her mother's legs and was already pushing his glistening prick into
Teresa's welcoming cunt.

"Oooh, darling!" her mother cried, hoarse with passion. "Judd, my
lover--what a wonderful prick, and it's so greasy now. Feed it to me,
Judd. Oh, fuck me hard, hard!"

He stroked his dick into Teresa's cunt, and Sunny sat up so she could
see better. Both her mother's hands were on his hips, riding them back
and forth as he screwed, and Sunny got her fingertips between their
heaving bellies to stroke her mother's pussy with every driving thrust
Judd made into it, to fondle the toot of his prick at the same time.

"C-Coming!" Teresa Watson cried out. "Oooh, I can't stand it! I'M

The white thighs vibrated and the big, soft tits surged up; her
mother's belly fluctuated madly and the honeyed hair of her cunt
brushed at the thick root of Judo' s cock.

To the instant, to the pinwheeling fragment of maddened time, Sunny
knew when her mother came, and felt the answering shudder of Judd's
prick. Savagely then, she pulled back on the shaft of his tool, shoved
her hand violently against his lower belly and made his prick snap out
of the still squirming pussy below it. The head was flexing, and cum
jetted forth like a fire hose, splashing all over the lips of her
mother's hot pussy, wetting the curly hairs with creamy drops.

Dragging him over to her by the squirting cock, Sunny crammed the
slippery prickhead into her aching pussy, humping up to it until she
had sucked his dick deeply into her snatch. She caught the cheeks of
his ass in both hands, digging her fingertips into the crack, pushing
down against his asshole.

And she fucked him swiftly, driving her belly against his with wetly
resounding slaps, swinging her ass from side to side to force the
plunging cock over the sensitivity of her clitoris. His prick leaked
jazz with every thrust, and Sunny reveled in the liquid sliding,
luxuriated in the greasy penetrations, for Judd's dong was still big
and hard.

Wildly, she corkscrewed her pussy over his rod, and she slammed her
crotch into his, forcing his cock as deep as she could possibly take
it, feeling the knob bump against her womb. Her orgasm rose swiftly,
foaming inside her quivering hole, skyrocketing through her belly and
exploding at the same time in her ass, at the nipples of her tits. Even
her belly button danced.

She screamed out something, and pounded her cunt on his shaft a few
more times, squeezing the last faint flashes of rapture from her
climax. Eyes closed, teeth clenched, she panted for breath, and the
sweat from his hairy chest ran down to wet the valley between her tits.

"You're a savage little bitch," Judd told her.

"Punish me," she said. "Fuck me to death, or make me eat your prick.
You can go down on my mother at the same time."

"While she does you? It's an idea, baby. But I'd rather work back and
forth--or maybe while we're all resting a bit, both of you can eat me."

Sunny didn't argue with him; it wasn't a thing to do when Judd had
ideas about fucking, for he would simply overpower them both, if they
dared to disagree. When he turned over onto his back with his big cock
standing up, she kissed his mouth, then his throat, and when she had
worked down to one of his nipples, she looked across his hairy chest
and met her mother's eyes; Teresa was doing the same thing, matching
her daughter, move for sensual move.

They brushed cheeks when they were nibbling down his belly, and after
Sunny laved his navel with her tongue, she lifted it out and moved it
directly into her mother's mouth. Sliding their tits over his hips,
they fondled with their hands, with their eagerly seeking lips, with
the soft hotness of their tongues.

Sunny licked around the base of his thick cock, and so did her mother.
Teresa cupped the man's balls while Sunny ran her palm back and forth
across his crotch. The girl lapped up one side of his prick, and her
mother followed on the other side.

"That's the way, you cocksucking bitches," Judd said. "Lick me, kiss
me, then suck me. Eat my prick."

"Ummm," Sunny answered, moving her tongue up to run it teasing around
the ridge of his cockhead.

"Yes, dear," her mother said, and also licked over his knob.

They were gently busy, their tongues meeting from time to time over and
around his bulb, licking him into a state of vibrancy. When their faces
turned together, Sunny kissed her mom, or brushed her tongue tip. It
was a far-out scene, she thought; they were sharing in a way that few
women could, dividing this man between them, loving him with their
tongues and loving each other the same way.

His hands found their heads and stroked them as they worked on his
cock. Sunny was the first to take the cockhead between her lips, to nip
it gently and shove the end of her tongue into its little slit. But she
relinquished it gladly to her mom, licking down the shaft while Teresa
sucked delicately upon the cockhead.

Judd started to shift from side to side, the cheeks of his muscular ass
flexing, and Teresa let go of his knob so that Sunny could take it over
again. But Sunny held her mother close, and soon they were lapping the
prickhead between them, holding onto his shaft, his balls, and gobbling
voraciously at his bulb.

"Oh, shit! Oh, you bitches! You're eating my cock to pieces! Oh, yes!
Yeah! Chew it, you cunts! Suck my prick! Ahh, baby--baby!"

His cum burst between them, showering up into both their open mouths,
spraying duck and hot against their lips and over their teeth. Sunny
licked at her share, drew it into her mouth and down her pulsing
throat, hungry for the musky strength of the sperm.

Tongue to tongue, both women lapped and sucked, pulling in the
delicious jazz, suctioning it from the dripping head of his prick.
Sunny wiped a hand at her cheek, discovered some drops there and
smeared them over her flushed skin. Sticky and foaming, the sperm was
everywhere--in their hair, over their chins; they cleaned it carefully,
using their quick, red tongues to chase down each hidden gem of the

Judd was limp beneath them, not moving as their hard-nippled tits
dragged back and forth across his crotch. Finished at last, Sunny gave
her mother's sticky mouth a lingering kiss and sat up to look at their
drained lover. His eyes were closed and his chest was heaving. Judd had
loosed two magnificent loads of jism within a matter of a few hectic
minutes, but now he was through, and for some time Sunny could see.

Then she remembered Harry Lorimer, and was glad she and his sister had
fucked him. It would be more fun, with another male--and another

The Family Pet Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Her mother was asleep upstairs, so Sunny made herself a couple of
sandwiches, and destroyed one rapidly. She carried the other one
outside and alternated between bites into the salami and cheese with
swallows from a can of Coke.

Beside his doghouse, George lifted one lazy eye at her, but she only
grinned at him and passed on into the other yard. Rapping at the
kitchen door, she chewed with contentment and washed it all down with
the last of her cold drink. Betsy came to the door and stood looking at

"Hi, Betsy. Who else is home?"

"Just about everybody. Mom is across town again, but Dad is napping.
That leaves me and Harry downstairs. What--what did you have in mind?"

"Harry," Sunny said. "Which one of us is going to screw him first?"

Betsy looked over her shoulder. "Shh! Not so loud, Sunny. He might hear
you. I--I don't know about this. I mean, it's one thing with Daddy, and
another with my brother."

Sunny moved past the other girl and stood in the kitchen. "Yeah, it'll
be different. A different prick, that's what. Look, if you want to keep
fucking your daddy, you have to get your brother into this. Like I got
my mom."

"What? Your mom? How--the dog?"

"No, and don't mention George to her. I think that's one thing that'll
shake her up good. Your daddy screwed her for me."

Betsy blinked, then grinned. "For himself, too, I'll bet. My father is
the horniest guy in the world."

"Let's hope your brother runs him a close second," Sunny said. "But
first, I have to tell you about Mom and me." And Sunny went into the
details of how she had made love with her mother, had eaten pussy and
been eaten herself. As she talked, she watched Betsy's face and saw the
avid interest there. Betsy had evidently never had her tender cunt
eaten, not even by her father, as yet. And certainly she hadn't learned
what it could be like with another woman. That was a crazy kind of fun
all its own.

"Okay," Sunny said when she finished the story. "How about Harry?"

"Maybe you'd better get to him first," Betsy said. "I mean, he'll be a
lot easier for you. I saw him playing with his cock in the bathroom
this morning, so I know he has the hots. Just go on into the living
room and make him, and I'll wait out here until you're going good."

Sunny patted the other girl's arm. "Why not? Look out, Harry. Here I
come--and here you come, too." She heard Betsy's giggle follow her into
the other room where the boy lay half-sprawled upon the long couch.

Harry looked a lot like his sister, but in a bony, masculine way. His
eyes were the same deep-brown, and his skin the same rose-olive, but
his hair was jet-black, where Betsy's was a rich chocolate-brown. He
was slim and lean, and looked up at her without much interest.

"Oh, hi, Sunny. If you're looking for Betsy, the kid is around back

She sat down beside him, her hip nudging his thigh. "I'm looking for
you. Tell me, Harry--can you get a hard-on after you jack off?"

He bounced erect, his face going red and his eyes round. "What the
hell! Look, what do you ..."

"You jacked off this morning," Sunny said. "I just want to know if you
can get your prick hard again so soon. I know some men can."

"Y-You--" he sputtered. "You're just a kid, for chrissakes, and you
come around here talking dirty like that. I--you--"

Sunny shoved her hip closer, rubbed it against his leg. "I guess I
already know the answer to my question, Harry. Even though you're all
up-tight, I can see your cock swelling in your pants. You must be a
real horny guy."

Speechless, he just stated at her until she put one small hand upon his
thigh. Then he grunted and frowned and tried to look stern. "Sunny
Watson, you're putting me on, and I'll bet my bitchy sister had
something to do with it. Now you'd better run on home before somebody
hears you talking dirty."

"Listen to the big man," she said, sliding her hand into his crotch
where the swelling was. Harry leaped like a startled buck, but the
pressure of her hand on his cock held him down. "You're sixteen," she
went on, "and I'm only thirteen, but you know something.? I can fuck
you into a melted puddle."

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Look, if you don't-
-I mean, my dad's upstairs and my sister is close by--"

Sunny squeezed his prick, noting with satisfaction that it was almost
as big as his father's, and maybe even harder. She said: "We can hear
anybody on the stairs, and if we get behind the couch, nobody can see
us. Betsy's gone down the street. I saw her. Come on, big man. Do you
want to fuck me, or would you rather go back to the toilet and jack

Harry's face turned redder, and his brown eyes caught fire, bunting
into hers. "If you're some kind of little prick-teaser--"

"Try me," she said, and let go of his prick to get herself up and swing
behind the couch. Down on the carpet, she stripped off her jeans and
blouse, and when he came around to stare down at her naked body, Sunny
rolled her belly suggestively and held up her arms to the boy.

Gulping, he climbed awkwardly from his own jeans and struggled with his
Jockey shorts, his long, thick prick poking out and getting tangled in
the material. Her second man lover, she thought; her third prick to
know, but only her second human. It would be nice to have another
lover, to know how this attractive boy acted when he fucked her. And
once she got him hooked on her pussy, she could change him over to his
sister, and from Betsy, on to Teresa Watson, her mother.

Harry had some good pussy coming, and she hoped he was good enough to
deserve it all.

He was whispering, his voice thin and taut: "Damn--I never figured you
to be so beautiful, Sunny. You really are."

Harry kneeled between her outstretched feet and ran his hands up the
calves of her legs to fondle her knees; slowly, they moved up and
across her thighs as Harry inched nearer, his courage growing. He
touched her pussy, turned his hand so he could palm her entire feverish
cunt mound. "What a crazy little cunt," he said.

She rolled her box into his hand, grinding her crotch and using
fingertips to bounce her tits up at him. She saw how he was shaking,
and wondered if he had ever had a piece of ass before, or if he spent
all his time masturbating. But his prick was lovely, so hard and
pulsing, and when he let go of her pussy to take his rod in one hand,
she hiked her crotch to make it easier for him to aim his dick into her
cunt hole.

His cockhead touched her pussy hair, pushed down and stopped vibrantly
upon her pussylips. She loved the feel of his prick, all spongy and
resilient, yet containing that hard core of male power. With a now-
practiced twist of her hips, she wrapped her cuntlips around the head
of his stiff young prick, and with another lunge, made him stuff his
dick full length into the wet, hot grip of her snatch.

"There!" she panted, moving her hands around his neck and drawing his
face down to hers as his prick thrust strongly into her pussy. "There,
Harry. You've got it in me. It's shoved home to the root, because I can
feel your balls in the crack of my ass. And it's wonderful, wonderful!"

"S-Sunny," he gasped. "Oh, wow--Sunny! Your cunt is so tight and so

Then her mouth reached up to his, and her tongue pushed demandingly
into his lips, effectively silencing his words. His tongue shivered
against hers, and she felt the taking of his teeth, the hot gushing of
his breath. He began to fuck her, to pump his rigid shaft deep into her
clinging pussy, then backing it out so that she almost lost the flared
head, only to stab it to the hilt once more. Whether Harry had ever
screwed a girl or not, he was doing a good job now.

Sunny wiggled on the plunging cock, used her new-found knowledge to
suck in his prickhead, to clamp down upon it, massaging his dick with
the muscles of her cunt. Her clit shuddered at every stroke, and she
ground her ass delightedly while Harry churned the meat to her.

He tore his mouth free of hers, groaning in ecstasy as she rode his
cock, as her hand slid down his back to take the cheeks of his ass. She
dug in her fingernails and helped him pound his rod home, and in turn,
Harry tightened his arms around her slim waist as she heaved and
whirled her pussy around on his shaft.

"Sunny! I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

In a frenzy then, she slammed her cunt to him, rocked and bucked her
crotch to catch up with the orgasm threatening to break within her
lover. Latching her legs around him as far as she could reach, Sunny
hunched her pussy with desperate speed.

But she didn't quite catch him. The knob of Harry's prick slowed in its
stroking, swelled and flexed. Then it thundered forth with a geyser of
hot jazz, with a roaring stream of boiling cum that flooded her entire
cunt from wall to wall. The cum continued to spurt from the head of his
cock, although in ever-diminishing jets.

Then her own climax came to a convulsive cresting, and she hammered her
heels into the cheeks of Harry's ass. Her nails dug into his spine and
she writhed madly upon the impalement of his cock. She felt the juices
squishing out, the dripping of his cum intermingled with her
lubrications, as it flowed around his imbedded prick and down the crack
of her ass. Sticky and steaming, it passed over the compressed ring of
her asshole and puddled upon the carpet.

Dropping back, her legs and arms sliding from around his sweating body,
Sunny sighed in completion. Hot waves of rapture kept rolling within
her well-filled pussy, but they were no longer the sharp-edged
slashings of her coming. Milder now, they thrilled her cunt and kept
her clitoris thrumming, and she didn't want Harry to take his hard
prick out of her snatch.

But he did so, backing his rod from the grasp of her pussy and spilling
yet more gooey sperm across the blonde hairs of her twat. Above her he
said, "Come on, Sunny. My sister might be in here any minute. We have
to put on our clothes and get straight."

Sunny sat up, but didn't make a move towards her clothes. "Your sister
has been watching us, Harry. She knew I was going to fuck you."

His face changed. "W-What? Betsy--"

"Still," Sunny commented, "I suppose we have to get dressed for now.
You won't be able to screw again for at least a few minutes. And maybe
we'd do better out in the backyard, or down in the basement."

Harry said, "I don't believe it--about Betsy watching us." He was
scrabbling for his pants, hurrying into them. Zipping and wiggling his

Sunny said, "Tell him, Betsy."

And Betsy said from where they couldn't see her: "I saw it all, Harry--
for as long as it lasted."

The boy went red, and got tangled into his T-shirt, trying to get it
on. Languidly, Sunny reached for her own clothes. "Told you, lover."

"But damnit--I--Dad's upstairs, so close, and--"

Not yet, Sunny thought; she wouldn't tell him about his father yet. The
shock might run Harry up a wall, especially when he discovered that his
dad was fucking his sister--and, incidentally, little Sunny Watson. But
Harry would adjust when the time came, which would be soon enough. He
was, as Betsy had described her brother, a horny kid; he wouldn't want
to miss out on any of the great ticking planned for him.

When they came from behind the couch, she saw Betsy grinning at them
from the kitchen archway. Harry said roughly: "Come on. Let's get the
hell out of the house before the old man comes downstairs."

There was a place in the Lorimer yard that was secluded, behind a
screening of rose bushes and the corner of a high hedge. They went
there, sitting on the manicured lawn and not looking at each other
until Sunny said, "This is silly. Harry and I fucked, and Betsy saw it
all. So what?"

"So it was a freaky thing to do," Harry said. "Dad could have come down
any second, and as for you, Betsy--are you some kind of freak?"

"No more than you," she said defensively. "I knew about it ahead of
time, dummy. Sure, I watched. I've seen your cock before, you know."

Sunny said, "Let's not fight. We have a good thing going here. Harry,
your sister and I talked it over before I screwed you, because we
wanted you brought in on--things around here."

He stared at her. "What kind of things?"

"Well," she said, "sexy things that Betsy and I are into. And other
people we'll tell you about later. Did you know that your sister wants
you to fuck her, too?"

Harry flinched visibly. "Hey, look--that's kind of a heavy trip! I

"Show him, Betsy," Sunny suggested. "He's kind of slow, really."

Betsy Lorimer took off her bandanna blouse,
and her fine young tits caught the sun, their hard nipples standing out
like ripe olives. "You've been eyeing my boobs for years, Harry. Take a
good look. Do you like them?"

Her brother whistled softly. "Yeah, but look--just because I think
you're a foxy chick, that doesn't mean I really thought about screwing
my own sister."

Betsy lifted her trim ass and slid out of her cutoffs. "You scared to?
I'm not."

"Hey," he said. "Dad might come out. I mean--look, not right here--"

Betsy slid close to her brother and put her hand on his crotch. "You've
got half a hard-on already. Let's get it up all the way and fuck, the
way both of us have wanted to for a lot of years."

Weakly, he protested, "But Dad--"

Sunny said, "Much as I hate to miss this, I'll go take care of your
father. I'll get him out of the house the front way, and take him over
to my house."

"Thanks, Sunny," the other girl said. "I'll bring Harry over sometime
later--after I tell him some things."

"See you then," Sunny said, and stood up. "Have a real good fuck, you

They were holding to each other when she left them to go into the
house, and as she climbed the stairs to Judd Lorimer's room, she
imagined that the brother and sister were already screwing.